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*******Vogue Collection has been taken over by Korea Artiz Studio on 17th February 2012*******

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I have been researching about BS'es in Malaysia and found numerous constructive advices from fellow BTBs. Collectively, you will be able to filter out the non-appealing ones and focus on the aspects you care about the most. Hereby I give you the research outcome and two cents worth of my review (References).

                                1♥ : horrendous
                                2♥ : barely making it
                                3♥ : average - nothing to shout about
                                4♥ : better than average, special in certain ways
                                5♥ : good overall
                                6♥ : EXCELLENTE!! 
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Vogue Collection Wedding Gallery

*Please take note that Vogue Collection has been taken over by Korea Artiz Studio on 17th Feb 2012.

I was first attracted by Vogue Collection at my colleague's wedding (2011) after watching the photo montage projected. I love the EG (Wedding Acronym) his wife was wearing, well I didn't examine it closely + it was dark during the dinner reception. However at one glance, it was pleasant to the eyes. Vogue brides have been praising enthusiastically about their photography technique. They are very good at bringing out and exhibiting the romance in every couple. Specifying the exact PG you want is a smart thing to do. PG recommended: Wing.

I would advise you to go to the shop and talk to the SAs or manager to test the water before getting involved. Pick the SA who clicks with you, afterall she/ he will be the person you interact with during the whole process of WG selection, date arrangements and negotiations if there is a change of plan. It would be sad if you end up a disgruntled customer due to the service quality. Here are some comments from BTSs on forums, take them with a pinch of salt. Everyone has different expectations and the experience may vary depending on situations. I eliminated the comments made older than 2010, they may not reflect the current circumstances.

Photo sample (2010): Very romantic pre-wedding photos by Vogue Collection. (Note: This video also contains some casual shots taken by other PG)

Forum discussions:

Vogue Collection:
76 Jalan Ss 2/24, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47300
Tel: +60 (0)3 7875-9199
                                    Service: 2
                                    Photography: 4
                                    Make-up and styling: 3
                                    Gown: 4
                                    BS environment: 3
Price range: 4$ (Price list)

lying on boat
the Vogue Collections

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