List of Wedding Makeup Artists with Reviews

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KLANG VALLEY                                                        
prince tiara rose pattern
 010-220 7776 |   Website   FACEBOOK  
Nichole possesses a precious skill that could turn her brides into stunning oriental princess. Dec 16: Nichole is very professional and punctual. I love the air-brush effect on my face which enhanced the natural effect. she is very good in hair-do. my husband loved and praised the overall make-up.
ribbon sweet looking bride layered hair
 016-315 4903 |   FACEBOOK   2 sess FOC mom: fr RM1K
Her hairstyling is really artistic! Sharon puts a lot of effort into each bridal look from the eye makeup details to the hair creative design. With her skill in bringing out your 'undiscovered' beauty, you will look as sweet as honey. 
korean concept nice eye makeup
 012-605 1578 |   FACEBOOK   2 sessions: from RM1000
Strong proficiency in blending the skin color and creating sparkling eyes. Korean concept hair. Jan 17: Very good make up, foundation is light and you won't feel heavy at all! His service and knowledge is good! Definitely like his hair style and he will communicate with you before the actual day!
yellow dress white hair band JESS WONG - DRESS UP ROOM  makeup, hair + gown rental
 012-658 3303 |   FACEBOOK   2 sess: fr RM800
Besides providing you with nice and natural bridal styles, and you won't blow your budget.  Jun 16: Natural yet elegant make up and hair do for my wedding dinner. She has professional opinion for each bride. Jan 16: Jess and Vivi are super nice and skilled. Jess uses neutral tones so that the makeup looks natural and clean.
red bride charming S & CO. ARTISTRY BRIDAL STUDIO
 010-225 7374 |   Website   FACEBOOK   
[1] Aug 13: I was satisfied with all what she had done to me. The result was "Brillant" i can say. Furthermore, she is a very friendly MUA i ever met. You all definitely can find all her hard work through FB page via "Syezen Make Up and Hair". Im strongly recommend her who ever need a MUA on their big day.
 012-209 3929 |   Website   FACEBOOK   
She made it seemed so effortless, the awesome makeup and hair created by Raynis gave the bride a gasp. Sep 16: Truly impressed. Raynis is highly skilled and professional, made me feel totally at ease in her good hands. Punctual and timely! Oct 12: She uses high end products and I don't need to talk about her skill, OMG!
complicated multi curls rose hair JESSICA'S MAKEUP ZONE  
 016-201 0661 |   FACEBOOK    2 sess RM1.4K
She is a beauty professional who emphasizes on technique. Her clients are surprised how pretty they look after make-over. Jan 17: Super like the hairdo & make up done by Jessica was surprising the result, made me like a princess 😊 Thank u for putting so much effort and keep trying different type for me. professional service. 👏🏻 A very patient & lovely stylist girl.
 017-665 0363 |   Website   FB    2 sess fr RM900
Extremely meticulous in her work. Oct 16: she do her homework before the event, discuss with me what hairstyle i preferred. I really impressed your service. I strongly recommend her for those who are looking for their makeup artist. Jaimie Give u a big 'like' to ur service and skill.
double image wreath rainbow AMELIN LOK MAKEUP ARTIST 
 012-379 6625 |   FACEBOOK   2 sessions fr RM1000
Genuine, talented and creative. Feb 15: She is an absolutely lovely, and talented person who takes great effort to make sure that everything is done to perfection. Jan 15: Amelin transformed me into a such a beautiful Princess, i had random people come up to take pictures with me!
rose fringe classic KITT BRIDAL - AMY  
 012-943 0422 |  FACEBOOK  2 sess fr RM688
Providing bridal makeup and styling services in Seremban and Klang Valley, Kitt Bridal's Amy makes sure that the bride is as beautiful and stress-free as possible. She is able to create the luxurious, assorted complicated patterns or simple hair style. The makeup color choice is natural and soothing.
very pretty bridal makeup WENXY KHOR MAKE UP 
 017-565 0180 |  Website   FACEBOOK  2 sess fr RM880
She is a MUA who listens and works with her clients on obtaining the desired look. Wenxy emphasizes on the natural, soft makeup and clean dewy complexion with an elegant touch. I really adore her makeup technique in beautifying her brides' features.
new makeup style JOCELYN TAN MAKE UP 
 017-463 3335 |   FACEBOOK   2 sess fr RM900
The latest makeup style that brightens up your face with a little color play for an instant face lift. It will create a nice glow and warm feeling to your skin tone. The result is an ultra smooth finish. Jocelyn Tan can do just that.
clean, crisp makeup MONIQUE STARR MAKEUP 
 012-616 2890 |    FACEBOOK   
Clean and precise. Dec 16: Thank You to Monique from Monique Starr Makeup who was such an amazing and pro make up artist for my wedding day. I have seen her great work before this, I was more than satisfied! She delivered more than she was asked. Jun 16: I luv her makeup. very natural.
 012-555 3499 |    FACEBOOK   
Top MUA ranking by LookP. Vivi is a helpful & friendly MUA with amazing skill. Aug 16: Thanks dear Vivi for your great skills. Your magic hands did a very good work which is it changed the way i look. The make up and hair do was amazing.
bride looking up SUE CANTIK
 019-274 2947   FACEBOOK   1 session: from RM1300 
Feb 13: Incredibly pleased with the makeup. Fun personality. Made everyone laugh. kept me at ease which took away the stress. Listened to my request. Jun12: Hard to contact. Booked a year before wedding! Gorgeous makeup. May 12: Flawless makeup. Didn't like the hair. Famous MUA. friendly and humble. 

In searching for a suitable Make-up artist (MUA), we usually find out about their:
  • Reputation - collect information from friends, forums, websites....
  • Makeup style - women have different needs and preference
  • Professionalism - you don't want to end up with a MUA who is unprepared, tardy, irresponsible...
  • Skill - bride who is not supermodel, like me, needs a specialist who knows what she/ he is doing
  • Price - if you don't want to blow your budget!
You may see varying comments from different people, some fancy the MUA's technique, some not so. If you think this list helps you, please drop me a note to help build the information. Thanks! Here's a list of the makeup artists in Malaysia. For more detailed information, just let me know.
  • Amelin Lok | Facebook | 012-379 6625 | - talented person who takes great effort to make sure that everything is done to perfection.
  • Amelia Tan | Klang | FB Page  
  • Ally Choong Makeover | | Tel: 016 318 1648 - RM800-900 for 2 sessions 
  • Angie Ng | - punctual, professional, price is above average, not so prompt correspondence, good result, clean, elegant makeup, RM1.5K for 2 sessions  
  • Ann Ong - 2 sessions RM800, very natural, does a great job, some say makeup is too light, not worth the money
  • Bellinese Beauty |
  • Bridal Glam (leekuen) |
  • Beauty Haven | 
  • Cally Tan | - Jan 14: Charges reasonably, friendly, satisfied
  • Carmen Makeup | Kota Damansara | | 6012-352 9230 |
  • Carmen Meng - Wedding Isle - 2 sessions: RM 900 
  • Cathy Lee - Simply Chic | - impressive portfolio, reasonable rates  
  • Cherie Lee Makeup |
  • Chris Fong | - 2 sessions about RM1000, amazing result
  • ChangeMe Makeup | | 1 morning + 2 evening sessions at RM850, ampoules+eyelashes included, accessories on loan basis
  • Cherry Au |
  • Chui Ling Siah | - Nov 12: Open to ideas, reasonable rates
  • Cindy Hor | - about RM750 for 2 sessions - Dec 13: professional and artistic
  • Cynthia Lim - Wedding Isle, started career in 1998
  • Cue're Cheah | 
  • Dominica by C - Cass |
  • Ellyn Make Up |
  • Ester Chun | - about RM900 for 2 sessions, friendly
  • Eye Do Makeup (Chung Chew Yen) |  - price is above average, good result, looked "made-up", fast correspondence, excellent service, great attitude and service
  • Felicia Ooi | 
  • Florence Wong | 
  • Genneve make-up | 
  • Grace Wang  - 2 sessions about RM1100
  • Hanna Liew - Absolute Gorgeous |
  • Hebe Leng | FB page - 2 sessions about 1K MUA for Belinda Chee, iFeel magazine, talented
  • Hikky - 76 Style | - more than a stylist and you can expect the best service and treatment from her
  • Jaimie Yap | | - RM900 for 2 sessions 
  • Jaslyn Foong |
  • Jeane Makeup |
  • Jocelyn Tan Make up |
  • Mabel Toh | - RM1200 for 2 sessions
  • Makeup Parlour |!
  • MakeUpURMine - Mary Anne |
  • Meoki Tong | - conducts make-up classes, punctual, experienced
  • Mae Foo |
  • The Art of Mae Atelier Workshop | | 012-268 1879 |
  • Merilynmc's MakeUp | 
  • Metamorf Gallery |
  • Michelle Touche | - versatile, dedicated , good but super expensive, 2 sessions at RM1.5K
  • Monique Starr Makeup |
  • Nicole Woo |
  • November Che | - RM1200 for 2 sessions, complicated beautiful hair 
  • Pauline Tan |
  • Queenie Chong Bridal Make Up | - RM850-950
  • Rachel Wong |
  • Rani Wi Professional and Bridal Makeup |
  • Raynis Chow Makeup Studio |
  • Regina's Make Up and Cosmetics | FB Page - Jan 15: RM1.2k for 2 sessions, MUA of Korean Artiz Studio, knows Korean makeup technique
  • Regine - Chingching Yes Makeover |
  • Remy Ngan- | - 2 sessions RM1.5K, attentive, punctual, non-stiff hairdo 
  • Sanny Mok Makeup |
  • Sanyu Chen | 
  • SharLey Sun Makeup Artistry |
  • Sharon Wei (Wedding Isle) |
  • Sheer Makeup - Shirley Swu |
  • Shinny Ong | - 2 sessions at RM970
  • Suki Ng | 
  • Susan Law | 
  • Suz Makeup | - Oct 12: Didn't like the trial but did a good job on the big day. hair was a little stiff.
  • Swan Makeup |
  • Teena Fung - Complete Makeover |
  • Timy | 
  • Vanz - Make-Up by Vanz | - from RM 880-1.6K, did a great job, did makeup for Dr Siti Hasmah, Chef Wan 
  • Vivien Ong | | E: | T: 013-3392480 - day and night (2sessions) at RM400  
  • Zen Professional Art Makeup and Nail |
  • Z'I Make-up Station |
  • Alagis Bridal | | Shah Alam | 012-210 3475 - henna, gold facial, hands threading and bleaching, accessories
  • Cassandra D'Silva - Velvet Bridal and Beauty | - Jan 14: She is a gem for Indian and Christian brides.
  • Femina Bridal  | Brickfields | | 016-6855560 (Rajes) - Mar 13: Thank u so much Rajes Sivagamy for the wonderful make up.
  • Geetha's Bridal | - Mehndi, makeup, attire tailoring
  • Gouri's Bridal & Beauty Parlour | FB Page - Sep 13: makeup is amazing, nice eyes, love the hairdo 
  • Jastina's House of Mehndi and Bridal | 014-362 2303 |
  • Laashya Gallery | Brickfields | - Makeup, pre-wedding photography, costume rental
  • Lavanyaa Globe Beauty & Academy | -  Oct 13: I just love the make up , saree dapping and the hair do
  • Rayneez Bridal and Beauty Studio | | Klang | +6010-293 0954
  • S-TEA Makeup | Puchong | 
  • Sulo - Colours By Sulo |
  • Swans Wedding | Amcorp Mall PJ | | +6016-639 6536 - Photography, planning, makeup
  • Zrestha Professional Make Up Artist |
    Mak Andam is the expert in traditional wedding practices, and essentials such as pelamin, bedroom decoration, and other required items. She/ he uses more classic makeup and styling technique like a super bright red lip and thick brows. However brides now are seeking more contemporary makeup artists who have modernized the bridal look to something preferred by them.
    • Amy Ameera | - Dec 13: makeup dia cantik
    • Anna Cherrie | FB Page - Feb 13: fr RM950 per session, Apr 11: Makeup sangat natural dan berseri, tahan sampai malam 10 jam.
    • Anna Ismail | - Feb13: Didn't miss any photos she puts up on her blog, she made me pretty, I was glowing, you'll be amazed. Feb 13: 1 session: RM500
    • Awin Seindah Wajah | T: 013 7702739 | | - RM700 per session, RM1300 for 2 sessions, RM1900 for 3 sessions, recommended MUA 
    • Ayang Kamell | - Feb 13: 1 session: RM900, Feb 11: Friendly, easy to work with, openly discussed about what I wanted, love the eyeshadow, truly satisfied. 
    • D Sadar Bridal | - 1 session fr RM350
    • Diyana Shukor | | | T: 0122847773 - RM450 per session
    • Eleena Lamat | 
    • Emma Pesona Studio |
    • Glamoresque by Etty Garib |
    • Ian Sham | - Nov 12: the best makeup artist
    • Munie Ahmad | - Sep 11:  per session for Nikah: RM350. Reception: RM450
    • Nuex & Syed Makeup Studio |
    • Nurin Makeover | - 1 session from RM650
    • Riaz Mazmiera | - Feb 13: fr Rm650 per session
    • Saidatul Nisa | FB Page - Sep 11: RM1250 per session
    • Salimah Samail | - Sep 11: RM600 per session incl. transport
    • Shahnaz Baharuden | 
    • Chris Ong | Tel: 0165581268 | FB page - amazing hairstylist, skillful, helpful, natural makeup
    • Debbie Foo |
    • Lynette Tee Make Up |
    • Moi Mee | | 2 sessions at RM538++, ROM at RM188++, punctual, satisfied with the result, stylish + elegant make-over, provides morning call, sweet lady, owns online store that sells accessories, nail tips, clothing, groom nails as well      
    • Cindy - makeupz | Ipoh, Klang Valley, Penang |
    • Sally Makeup | Ipoh, Taiping, Perak, Penang, KL | - 2015: 2 sessions at RM650
    • Vivian Liu |
    • Parimala's Bridal Gallery | 
    • Akma Sri Andaman - Jul 12: makeup memang superb
    • Aline Bridal Makeup Taiping (太平专业彩妝师) | 
    • Lemon Tree Studio | Taiping | FB Page - Bridal makeup and photography
    • Noor Razlinawati | Sungai Petani, Ipoh, Taiping, Penang |
    • Sazlees Bridal |
    very pretty bridal makeup WENXY KHOR MAKE UP 
     017-565 0180 |  Website   FACEBOOK  2 sess fr RM880
    She is a MUA who listens and works with her clients on obtaining the desired look. Wenxy emphasizes on the natural, soft makeup and clean dewy complexion with an elegant touch. I really adore her makeup technique in beautifying her brides' features.
    vintage bride EVA (EVANGELINE LIM) | GLAM AURORA 
     016-494 3380 |   FACEBOOK  2 sess fr RM600
    Top 10 MUA in Penang (by Tally Press) who is also a coach. Dec 16: Eva is a friendly person. Thanks for the splendid makeup! Jul 16: Really love the vintage chic style you created on my wedding day. felt so Audrey Hepburn. Love the makeup and hairdo, hand-made acessories.

    • Angela Kang | 016 4328618 | - Dec 12: RM 350 for 1 session
    • APT Academy | T: 04-2270333  - Seline - natural and radiant makeup
    • Cindi Lim Pro Makeup | |  FB page 
    • Joan Tan |
    • Joie Khor | – Dec 12: RM 350 for 1 session. I like Joie's makeup alot. 
    • Jully Ooi - Jully Image Studio |
    • Nat Makeup & Hairdo | - Feb 17: I felt stunning with the natural make up and perfect hairdo. 
    • NYX Makeup Academy |
    • Sam Khor | 012-4575 5528 – Dec 12: RM 380 for 1 session, Sep 13: I really love her so much! She is a perfectionist.
    • Tammy Chai | 012 5584142 | - experienced, honest, excellent skill  
    • Sabrina Hashim | | 012-454 2204 - Bridal makeup at RM250 per session
    • Kitt Bridal | FB Page | 012-943 0422 / 012-697 0437 | - 2 sessions from RM688, nice hair patterns, natural makeup style
    • Adlynn Beauty & Bridal Centre |
    • Cindy | Passion Bridal | 06-7619968 - Mar 11: Engaged MUA Cindy from Passion Bridal shop- the cheapest in town. They charged me RM120 + a pair of eyelashes (exclude hair accessories and ampoules). She is great!
    • Jeslyn Hiu | Seremban | | 016-356 8483 |
    • Hazel Lee | 012-258 1927 | 
    • Jane Chin Makeup |
    • K.K Rathiga Bridal | 016-3287189/ 016-3288189 | W: | E: 
    • Sharon Qian | 
    • Vivian Cheok - Jan 15: MUA at Passion Bridal Selection, strongly recommend
    • A Touch of Blush |
    • Irene | Perfect Beauty | | Batu Pahat, Johor 
    • Kelly Ng Sock Hui | JB | works at Keda Z Photography | - did amazing job    
    • Icey Lee | | +6012 790 7877 (M'sia) / +65 8199 6880 (S'pore) - 1 session for SGD300 
    • Beauty Inspired - Amelia | | Tel: +6019-2296818
    • Chris Lim |
    • Jula Juli Bridal | - Bridal makeup and wedding planning
    • Vivian Lin |
    • Nicole Tan |
    christina ng makeup THE BEAUTY MAKER - CHRISTINA NG         2 sessions fr S$600 
     +65-9099 0942 (whatsapp/SMS only) |   Website   FACEBOOK 
    Sep 13: Even we are late, but u can managed to done the makeup job. We all look pretty and pretty. My mother look youngest & elegant. And my husband keep praised me very pretty >< Thanks again for THE BEAUTY MAKER made our days pretty!
      • Angel Chua | - "deaf” makeup artist based in Singapore
      • Rina Sim | E: | Samples - SGD500 for 1 session  
      • Cherry Au | - Oct 12: She won our hearts with her professionalism and heartwarming personality.
      • Cleo Chang |
      • Liren Neo |
      • Kate Tang |
      • Fionna Lau | - 1 session for SGD250, 2 sessions for SGD59
      • Aiko Makeup Academy | - Jun 14: She did a perfect makeup and hair for me
      • Eva Ang | 012 9219131
      • Agnes Yan | 019 9500698
      • Yen (Tan Siok Yen) | | 013-9220336  
      • Nurul Suah | +6-012-900-2019
      christina ng makeup THE BEAUTY MAKER - CHRISTINA NG
       012-360 9978 |   Website   FACEBOOK 

       2 sessions: RM688 (+groom makeup +2 facials) 
      [1] Sep 12: Chris thanks so much for making me a beautiful bride last night. I loved all the 3 makeups! Super Love!!! [2] Jul 12: Thank u for making me so pretty!! my hub say im so pretty yesterday :)

      • Ambridge Cottage | FB Page - Apr 10: The accessories provided by Eric were so classy and elegant. His makeup skill is unquestionably good. 
      • Mentari Kreatif |
      • Secret Hair & Make Up Salon (Kash Gan & Joey Tan) | - Apr 13: The sista and I booked Joey from Secret Hair and Makeup Saloon to get our hair done. She did an awesome, awesome job. I super like!
      • StarBizz Makeup Academy - Nini Wong, Juan, and others |
      • Missizss MUA |
      • Arinna Shams | - Dec 12: Kak Arinna Shams bukanlah famous MUA, tapi dia sangat kreatif dan berbakat. Hasilnya sangat memuaskan hati, lagipun harganya sangat berpatutan. She is very friendly to me.
      • Eqien Yusof |
      • Jank Latif |
      • McNA Touch | - Jun 12: B2B dari Kuala Terengganu mesti kenal dengan MUA Kak na, dia sangat femes. Harga sangat berpatutan.Saya sangat2 suka dengan hasil beliau.
      • Nik Nor |
      rose fringe classic COLOR MAKEUP - FANNY   REVIEW  | Sungai Petani and Penang 
       016-428 5618 |  FACEBOOK  2 sess fr RM700
      She will make you a beautiful bride on your BIG day. The use of makeup colors is comfortable and perfect for your face. It is important to know the right density and style suitable for each individual, Fanny is able to achieve just that.

      • K-ling Chuah (Jenny) |
      • Noor Razlinawati | Sungai Petani, Ipoh, Taiping, Penang | 
      • Gwen Wong  |
      • Jeffie Jeff | Kota Kinabalu | | 014-658 8197 - May 11: The hair and make up artist/celebrity in town. Did a trial, make up was a tad too heavy, but looks amazing in photo.  
      • MUAH |
      • Carolyn Leong - Makeup Design |
      • Eirwen Kho | Kuching | FB Page – Dec 12: RM 550 for 2 sessions. Highly recommended by forumers and my PG. 
      • Euphoria Image (Makeup Artist) |
      • Genneve make-up | Kuching |
      • Mei Ling (Pearl Studio) | Kuching | 019-8774404 - Jan 14: Impressed with her skills. natural style, experienced, RM450 for 2 sessions incl. transport. Nov 14: She is very organized, passionate about her work. asked for a photo of the gown to start thinking about the look to match. friendly.
      • Joanne Cheng | Kuching | 016-8886293 - Dec 12: RM 680 for 2 sessions 
      • Krystal Wong (Mee Huat Bridal Co.) | 084-334197 | Sibu, Sarawak - Dec 10: Like the trial make up with very natural touch up and she's willing to share lots about cosmetics too. A very easygoing MUA with good art and reasonable rates. Apr 10: MUA service from Mee Huat Bridal Co, Sibu on my AD. m satisfy with her natural make up. However, u must allocate about 2 hour per session for ur make up & hair do.RM200 for one session. Transportation: RM100
      • Li Sian | 016-8858987 – Dec 12: RM 600 for 2 sessions 
      • Xindee |
      Updated: 2015


      1. Hi,

        We are a group of KL/Selangor based professional make up artists.
        Can we have the honour to be listed in your MUA list as well?

        Our page:


        1. Hi there, thanks for providing the info. Added.

      2. I engaged camelia for my Bali pre-wedding and actual day. Her make up is natural and with positive attitude. My mum and the bridesmaid happy with her make up too, you can refer her latest porfolio at =)

        1. Hey Lisa, thanks for the feedback. you looked very elegant in the photo.

      3. Hi, I also one of the bride who engaged camelia for my ROM and wedding actual day make up sessions recently. I am very satisfy with her make up skills and passions to her works. I really admire her excellent make up skills especially in covering my dark eye bags on my actual day as I was lack of sleep before my wedding. I do recommend her make up services to many of my relatives and friends before and they do agree her talent in make up skills. You may also refer to my latest wedding actual day photos at

        Thank you!

        1. ksteeng: thanks for the valuable comment. I see that you're a wedding planner as well. Nice accessories you have there. I'm sure other brides can learn alot reading your experience.

      4. Hi, do u hv any contact for any good MUA in Kuantan?

        1. Hi there, I've added some MUA in Kuantan to the list. however I'm not sure about their current reviews. Eva Ang received some good feedback but that was some time ago. Some photos here:

          Any Kuantan brides would like to comment?

      5. hi,

        you may have more details for Ally Choong at her FB

        She actually based at PJ too but doing for seremban also.

        1. thanks, info updated. you're a client of hers? any comments about her?

        2. ya i am 1 of her client,can refer to my photo at her page

          she has a magic hand make my day so special...i like my natural
          yet elegant look!!!
          she is punctual,listen to what i need & give some advice.
          recommended!!! And she has great hand in body art.

      6. Yen offers very good value for her make up package...i hired her as my MUA...

        see her service from her blog here:

        1. I took a look at her website. there's no mention of the rates. Do you mind sharing? What's her range for 2 sessions? Any other Yenmakeup's clients would like to comment?

        2. Hi....I am a satisfied client of Yen...

          She charged me RM700 only for 2 makeover with 1 set of nail art...

          but that was last year, not sure if she has increased the price...

      7. Hi..pls updated my price to RM800-RM850 for 2 session^^
        Thanks a lot^^


        1. Hi Yen, updated. Does it include nail art?

      8. Any recommendations for MUA in langkawi?

        1. Try De Cut Salon Langkawi

        2. Hi, This is Lorraine, I relocated from JB to Penang, I will be able to Langkawi.

      9. Hi, I hired Gene Lim last year for my bridal make up. She is a consumate professional, very punctual & friendly. And her skills are amazing! Transforming you to look your best while still having a natural style. The only potential downside is she is so in demand, she is often not available if you book her too late. I booked her 1 1/2 years before my wedding just to ensure I get her as my MUA.

      10. Hi Pretty,
        im a makeup artist from KL, can we have the honour to be listed in your MUA listing?

        my page is:

        Thanks a lot :)

      11. i engaged M/s Jaimie Yap to do my makeup and hairdo for my company annual dinner m. I was very happy with her skills, moreover she is a friendly & professional..I received alot of compliments on my makeup and hairdo from my colleagues...thanks to Jaimie


        1. This comment has been removed by the author.

        2. Hi Sue, thank you for your support.

          It was a wonderful event, the makeup and hair style together with your dress made the makeover match well with your company party.
          I sincerely look forward to create another makeover for you and your friends.

      12. Any recommended mua in ipoh?

        1. Found her on forum

        2. Is loraine from ipoh? May I know which forum u got it from? Tq.

        3. Hi, check out Moi Mee. She got some good comments.

        4. I saw it on Cari forum

      13. Hi, I just got married in october and would like to recommend my makeup artist, Chui Ling. During the trial we discussed what I wanted and she did the day and night looks for me. She's friendly and open to ideas. On the day, she was actually early for both sessions. Her rates are reasonable too.

        Her link:

        The next day, I had a dinner and used the services of another makeup artist, TY, who did the makeup for my mum and sisters on my wedding. Very natural and reasonable also.

      14. Hi,
        I personally know this make up artist and think that she does great job giving a natural effect. Price is very reasonable too.

        Very punctual and friendly, always makes effort to satisfy her clients. Location is Damansara Perdana.


      15. I had used Desmond as my make up artist. He focuses mostly on bringing out your eyes for the makeup and he did a great job making me look as natural as possible. His hairdos were great as well. He was polite and punctual and even contacted me before the wedding to make sure all the details (time, venue etc). Even when my mother had requested him to do something extra for her hair (though i originally did not hire him to do hair and makeup for my mother), he was willing to help her as well without demanding any extra charge (he helped her after my makeup was done). His price is very reasonable.

      16. Hi there,
        Mind to ask, Can we have the honour to be listed in your MUA list as well?

        We are penang island based makeup artist,
        do covering outstation assignment too.

        Kindly check out my blog for more information

        Cheers & thanks

      17. 1 MUA at Malacca that i highly recommend.
        Juan- also teaching at STAR BIZ make up centre. She is currently a teacher at the centre and at the same time , she also provide her profesional service under the the company she work with.

        1. Hi Cass Lim,
          Do you have any contact or info for the MUA at Malacca which u recommended? (Juan from Star Biz)
          Appreciate your reply.

      18. Le Ann, do you have any info on Jess wong- Dress up room, services? Anyone here who has engaged her? Pls share.

        1. You can check out the blog post I wrote on Jess here: There are some reviews about her.

      19. Hi,
        This may not be a very suitable questions, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on trial makeup? Is it necessary (especiallly with the MUAs listed here)? I'd like to try, but at the same, feel it increases my expense...

        1. In my opinion, trial is important. Many MUAs are good, but not everyone's style suits your preference. If you don't like the styling during the trial session, you can still change it.

          If you are not particular person, I guess you could skip the actual trial, opting for more higher definition photos to grab a better impression of the makeup results. I believe generally the MUA with lots of praises by former brides is safer with lower chances of things turning bad.

        2. Hi Iris

          I agreed with Le Ann. Trial makeup is important. Everyone mua have their own styles.
          Some of the mua offer to waive part of the the trial makeup fee on confirmed booking :)

      20. hi , do you have any good recommendations for MUA at Alor Setar? or Penang ?
        besides Angela as she is already booked on my AD.
        kindly share :)

        Thank you!

        1. Maybe you can try:

      21. Any recommendations for good MUA in Johor Bahru? Thanks for sharing :)

        1. Icey Lee -

          Good service and reasonable price:

          She does makeup in Singapore and JB.

      22. Hi,

        I'm the MUA, Susan Law. It's great that I'm in your list of Wedding Makeup Artist. By the way, I'm no longer update in

        Can you help to update my contact info? Thank you very much.

        Susan Law
        6019 2368111


      23. Hi Le Ann,

        I would like to recommend a MUA based Kampar & Ipoh.

        Vivian Liu
        Shop: PRO Beauty & Makeup
        Mobile: 017 5349181
        Tel: 05 4650120
        FB: vivan liu bridal makeup

      24. Please do add Make-Up by Vanz ( she did great job for my makeup last year performance and now I am appointing her again for my wedding to come... She did make up for Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and Chef Wan as well... rate for wedding package range from RM 880-1.6K.

      25. I engaged Syezen Liow as my MUA too. I was satisfied with all what she had done to me. The result was "Brillant" i can say. Furthermore, she is a very friendly MUA i ever met. You all definitely can find all her hard work through FB page via "Syezen Make Up and Hair". Im strongly recommend her who ever need a MUA on their big day.


      26. Hi Le Ann,

        I am a freelance MUA.

        "I want to look natural.Please don't make me look white.I don't usually wear much make up."

        The above preferences or worry-list goes on. These are the usual statements I hear before I start my make up. I have been a make up artist for more than 5 years now. My work includes everything from makeover for one of the most important day in a woman's life to any other occasion that calls for a great look :) I also do henna /mehndi art work and various saree draping styles.

        == Specialisation: Indian & Christian Brides

        My details:

        6012 2000425

      27. Hi, If you are in Malacca and looking for makeup artist. Do visit my makeup & photography studio in Ayer Keroh. preferable to make an appointment before meet up. We provide bridal makeup, modeling makeup, event makeup and also classes for personal makeup session. I did makeup for any skin type (chinesse, malay and indian) according to my client's request. I also provide free consultation session before proceed to trial makeup & actual day makeup.

        here is my page:
        here is my blog:
        or you can contact me directly at +60166448180

      28. Hi. Do you know any good MUA in Terengganu?

        1. Hi shikin,
          I added some entries under Terengganu. Hope it helps.

          -Arinna Shams | - Dec 12: Kak Arinna Shams bukanlah famous MUA, tapi dia sangat kreatif dan berbakat. Hasilnya sangat memuaskan hati, lagipun harganya sangat berpatutan. She is very friendly to me.
          -Eqien Yusof |
          -Jank Latif |
          -McNA Touch | - Jun 12: B2B dari Kuala Terengganu mesti kenal dengan MUA Kak na, dia sangat femes. Harga sangat berpatutan.Saya sangat2 suka dengan hasil beliau.
          -Nik Nor |

      29. Hi

        I am a freelance Make up Artist, can you please add me in the list. :)

        My service price range is RM850-950

        Here is my page :
        Contact No: 0126887572

      30. hi there.....we do provide professional indian make-up for all occasions in IPOH too.....can we be added to the list too.....PARIMALA's BRIDAL GALLERY on facebook.....thank you...

      31. My selection was Cindy Hor (, a professional make-up artist who has vast experience in bridal & commercial make-up. I did trial make-up with a few MUA because I have tan skin tone but when I did the trial with Cindy, I immediately liked the make-up so I signed her up for my actual day make-up and hair-do. The main reason is because her make-up is natural looking. She is very patient, outgoing and funny so I enjoyed my make-up & hair-do sessions with her. She also can create the hair-do that you want and she is very good with braids style. Another reason for selecting Cindy Hor is that she have a team of MUA and was very helpful for me because all my bridesmaids needed to get their hair and make-up done around the same time as me. All my bridesmaids were very happy and complimented on their make-up and hair-dos as well, that Cindy is professional & artistic. I would certainly recommend Cindy Hor! :)

      32. Hi All,

        I engaged Cally Tan (based KL) as my MUA in Ipoh. She charge very reasonable and very friendly.
        I'm very satisfied with my make up & hair do.
        She's very hardworking girl that she went to Taiwan to learn make up skill few months ago.
        Here's her fb page...



      33. Hi Lee-Ann,

        Please check out Cassandra D'Silva from Velvet Bridal and Beauty. She is a gem for Indian and Christian brides. 017-3110 3972

      34. Hi all,

        Has anyone got any experience to share with Rynee Tan as MUA?

        I hardly found any comments or testimonials about her on the Web. Appreciate if someone could help.... Thanks.

      35. Hi,
        I am Sabrina Hashim, a freelance makeup artist based in Penang.
        I would love for you to post up my info on your page. Thank you :)

        Sabrina Hashim . Dinner and event makeup rates at RM80. Bridal makeup at RM250 per session.
        Call / What's apps for enquiries at 0124542204. Facebook page: . Instagram: sabrinahashim_mua .

      36. Hi anyone familiar with or have any comment bout MUA Venus Ng that based in Perak? Am considering to use her service on my wedding.

      37. hi everyone..any good recommendation for make up artist in Kuching???

      38. hi everyone, any good MUA in sibu, sarawak?

      39. Hi ELJY
        Rynee Tan is considered as one of the top MUAs.
        I think her makeup, grooming is quite eye-catching.

        Recommended MUA in Kuching and Sibu - refer to the comments:
        Mei Ling (Pearl Studio) | Kuching | 019-8774404 -
        Jan 14: Impressed with her skills. natural style, experienced, RM450 for 2 sessions incl. transport.

        Krystal Wong (Mee Huat Bridal Co.) | 084-334197 | Sibu, Sarawak -
        Dec 10: Like the trial make up with very natural touch up and she's willing to share lots about cosmetics too. A very easygoing MUA with good art and reasonable rates.

      40. Hi...any good recommend makeup artist & hairdo in Johor Bahru? I am currently no idea on who are the professional makeup artist to engaga for my next year Jan wedding...any idea ? Thanks you...

      41. Hi Le Ann,

        I used Remy Ngan from Mimi Make Up as my MUA. She and her assistant Veron did a fantastic job. They gave me a trial session about two weeks before my wedding. They were very punctual as well. I like her style because she enhances who I am and doesn't try to create me to become something else. A lot of the other MUAs out there run the risk of making one looks a bit "ah lian". So if the brides out there are going for a classic look, please consider Remy Ngan. I had about 8 other family members and bridesmaids who had their make-up done by their team of make-up artists.

      42. Hello, do you any recommendations of good MUA in taiping? Thank you.

      43. hello ~~ any recommendations at Bentong? thanks !!

      44. Hi Le Ann,

        I would like to recommend my MUA from Kuantan, Aiko from Aiko Academy ( She did a perfect make up and hair for my wedding (both day and night).
        I m really happy with her Professional Service and I got so many compliments on my amazing make up and hair.

      45. any good recommendation of MUA in KL with a reasonable rate?

        1. MUA with reasonable price:,,,

      46. Hello everyone...

        I'm a Professional Makeup Artist based in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah.

        Contact No : 016-8818101 (erynndeanza)
        Email :
        FB :
        website :

      47. Hi, I would like to recommend makeup artist in Kuantan
        Ms. Aiko Cheong
        Contact: 016-203 1437

        She was the mua for my wedding in September, and she definitely did a fantastic job. Recommended for future brides looking for a good MUA in Kuantan area.

        Regards, ivy

      48. Hi, Im looking for a make-up artist for a shooting project, not for wedding, interested can call me at 0123157133 or drop me a mail at


      49. May I know if it is very common for MUA to have more than one clients on the same wedding day?

        1. I am not sure if it's common, however if the other job interferes with your session then it is not a good idea. Usually the MUA is required until all the makeup+hair is done. If she/ he has to rush to another client then the result might be compromised. If they don't clash I guess it's fine.

      50. Angela was okay only. A bit pricier compared to others, but I opted for her based on reviews and some friends also used her. The make up was okay. A bit disappointed when she did not tidy/shave my eyebrows, reason being she was afraid that she would accidentally cut me. And I felt that she wasn't generous on the concealer. As for the hairdo, I chose the high bun and was surprised that she did not use anything to support the inside of the bun, so my bun was just my original hair, and it was soft and it had to hold my veil... Imagine the stress. The dinner hairdo wasn't as neat as it should be. There were still a few strands of hair which she missed. Maybe she was in a hurry, I don't know. Overall Rating 4/10. Still need improving.

      51. Hi,

        May I know any good MUA in Taiping?

        1. I have updated the MUAs on the Perak (Ipoh and Taiping) list above. Some Ipoh MUA are willing to travel to Taiping for free.

      52. This comment has been removed by the author.

      53. I used cally tan as my MUA for my pre wedding shoot. I found her to be reliable and responsive. I would share my desired look w her and ask her opinions on the dresses and she was ever ready to advise. She was also one of the MUA who agreed to meet up although she was only doing my prewedding makeup. 
        During the shoot, I told her she need not change my look for each dress cos it will only take more time but she insisted. And that told me that she really cared about her work. 
        Her pricing is reasonable and I was really satisfied with my look and how patiently she followed us around.

      54. I had the worst experience ever with sam khor mua from penang. Not only did she not turn up for the makeup and hairdo, she even tried to cover it with anothwr excuse.

        Everyone makes mistakes, i can understand if the alarm missed. A simple sorry and making it up to me would be good enough. Covering her mistake with another excuse is just downright wrong.

        In my opinion, i think she has committed the worst sin ever a mua can ever make. Responsibility, reliability and professionalism is at a big ZERO.

        It is really dissappointing to have sam khor as my mua as she had good reviews. can you imagine the stress I have to go through In the morning? Presed for time to get ready and without make up artist / own cosmetics / hair do tools..I ended up doing my own hair and makeup And it looks like crap.

        Although she did apologize and tried to make it up to me, later, I just feel I cant trust her anymore. not only did she ruin my morning, my day , she also ruined my photos. ������

      55. Hi all,
        Good day. I looking for MUA in Kangar, Perlis. Or whoever MUA that is willing to travel to kangar.
        Thank you.

      56. Hello all
        Does anyone heard of Gelly Wee make up studio? mind sharing experience with them? ^^
        I have been following them for quite some time in fb. From her portfolio i noticed that her makeup is elegant and nice

      57. Hi, May I be added in your list of MUA please.

        My name is Asha and I am based in KL

        Fb page:

        Mobile contact: 6016 3937536

      58. Hi,
        Can you advise where can find mua not too expensive bcoz just for relative.

        1. Hi, you can try: Vy Makeup (Ivy Chong) - 012-608 8806 | |

      59. looking for good MUA in Sibu, I ask for 2 and both not available

      60. hello peeps, i am angel chua "deaf” makeup artist based in singapore, Hope to see you for my service. have a nice day!

      61. Hi i wanted a makeup artist for a personal makeup for a reception.. I need it at ipoh as the event will be held at ipoh.. can you recommend any affordable makeup artist.. Thanks

        1. Hi I'm yamini from Rayneez bridal do check out our work on fb

      62. Hi, are there any MUA based in Langkawi? I'm looking for MUA to do mum's and bridesmaids (x2) hair and makeup for my wedding.

        1. Not sure about Langkawi. Here both of them do Penang. You can try.
          Fanny | Color Makeup-
          Wenxy Khor Makeup-

        2. U can try to contact k-ling chuah 0164691314

      63. I am looking for Hair and Make up artist for a north indian bride in langkawi - Any recommendations?

        1. Hi Sonam, not very sure about Indian MUA in Langkawi. Maybe you can try Wenxy.

      64. thanks to this website, it helps alot alot in easing our preparation! especially when there is a direct link to the selected fb page, it makes the whole process so much easier and time saving. TQ for the great effort! ;D

      65. Hi There,

        My wife is a full time MUA does hairdo as well for a reasonable price,

        Link,details and photos below:-
        Kindly PM or whatsapp us at +6016 233 7334

      66. Hi! Greetings from Pro Makeup Artist Malaysia.

        Our passion for makeup is what makes us strive to offer our clients the best services when they book a makeup artist with us. We offer an extensive range of makeup services including Malay, Chinese, Indian, Korea and Arabic bridal makeup. Enclosed is the link to our website:

        Hope you can include us in your MUA list. We look forward to your positive response. Cheers!

        Best regards,

      67. Showcasing and Enhancing Your Natural Beauty.

        Please visit:

      68. fb zita hamzah. A professional touch with sweet & natural look. Reasonable price. Do contact 012-3997944..Kl, Selangor & N9 area. Highly recommended.


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