Bridal Studio (BS) Package Details Sample

Generally wedding packages provide these items, but it varies in term of size and number. I was at the Mid Valley Bridal Fair 2011, almost all prices are at RM3988. The rest is your negotiation effort. You can also opt for fewer components or smaller products with a lower package price.

- PS Make-up and hair-do for the bride and simple styling for the groom
- Albums: 30 poses with design (18x24") + 20 poses full page 8R (8x12") - crystal or leather
- No. of Photos: 50 poses + 10 MV shots* (touched up soft copies with printable resolution)
- Framed photos: 24x36" (single photo or compilation of a few with design) + 10x15" (2 sets for the parents)
- Photos for distribution aka Jimui photos: 80 pcs 4R
- PS: 2 WG (outdoor+indoor), 3 EG (or 2 EG+1 kua*), accessories* for the bride, 4  coats+1 traditional costume for groom
- AD: 1 WG + 2 EG, accessories* (bride), and 2 coats (groom)
- Outdoor location: One location in Klang valley (entrance fee not included). The soon-to-weds usually drive the PG, MUA and (or VG) to the site.
- Photo Montage: 1 DVD slide show + background song of your choice
- Casing: briefcase usually leather

Other freebies:
- MV* DVD which consists of video clips taken during the photographing session. It depends whether the BS provides this service.
- Mini album (2R)
- Bunting 2x5' (1 or 2 photo of your choice)
- Calendar
- Guest book
- Photo frame
- Magazine that contains your pre-wedding pictures
- Car deco for AD
- Fresh flower hand bouquet

NOTE: Usually are not included. You either purchase yourself elsewhere or buy them from the shop.
ampoule and fake eye lashes
Nu bra, shoes (some shops may have traditional shoes), Tuxedo shirt

* MV shots - behind the scene shots which would be normally picked by the PG and album designer to create a better composition.
Kua - red traditional Chinese two piece wedding attire filled with blings, dragon/ phoenix/ flower embroideries.
Accessories such as necklace, earring, hair pieces, veil

Some useful acronyms:
WG: Wedding Gown
EG: Evening Gown
PG: Photographer
VG: Videographer

Price ratings: If the bridal package has the things listed below it's rated:
3$ - around RM3000
4$ - around RM4000
5$ - around RM5000
6$ - around RM6000
7$ - around RM7000
8$ - around RM8000 
9$ - around RM9000

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