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Wedding and Portrait Photographers Asia (Malaysia) (previously

WPPA mission is to support all members in achieving excellence whilst promoting professional standards in the local photography industry.

WPPA encourages, promotes and maintains the highest standards of competence in both the reproduction of photographic images and in the conduct of photographic business enterprises.
Certified Professional Photographers in Malaysia:
  1. Abby Choo | Victoria Wedding Gallery | Selangor
  2. Alex Tan (Alex Tan Artworks) | Penang
  3. Alfin Chong | Felicita Wedding | Johor
  4. Ariffin Mohamad Husaini (Pixquizit Photography) | Sarawak
  5. Ashadi Rashid (Ashadi Rashid Photography) | Selangor
  6. Bayz Beh | Bayz Creative Photography | Penang
  7. Brian Hiew | Brian Hiew Photography | KL
  9. Chong Wai Hong | Fabulous Moments | Selangor |
  10. CK Chau | CK Chau Photography | Johor
  14. Frederick Yap | Frederick Yap Photography | Melaka
  15. Galvin Gan | Taipei Bridal Palace | Melaka
  17. Havic Lim | CJ Bug Production | Penang
  18. Irene Yap | Irene Yap Photography | Selangor
  19. Jackson CCS | Jacksonccs Photography | Melaka
  20. Jen Siow | Jen Studio | KL
  21. Jeremiah Moa | theShots | Sarawak
  22. Kevin Leong | Kevin & Kim | Penang
  23. Lance Keah | Demomentz Studio | Ipoh
  24. Lawrence | Lawrence Studio | Selangor
  25. Leonhart Yong | KL
  26. Maxixen Lim | Meremint Photography | Johor
  27. Michael Tan Horng Yuet | ME Gallery | Penang
  28. Mike Piong | Melaka
  29. Mike Tan | Penang
  30. Mohamad Ridzuan | MRBAR Photo Works | Penang
  31. Nick Chong | Sabah
  32. Nick Ng | Ngrafie Photography | Johor
  33. Ong Min Ho | Jet Fynn Photography | Ipoh
  34. Peter Lai | Prestige Photography | Sarawak
  35. Ray Eoh | RayEoh Photography | Penang
  36. Ryan Chan | L.A Studio | Sabah
  37. Sean Tan | Sean Tan Photography | Johor
  38. Simmon Cheong | Simmon Cheong Photography | Melaka
  39. Terence Koh | Melaka
  40. Terich Teh | Demomentz Studio | Ipoh
  41. Timmy Khong | JAC Photography | Penang
  42. Victor Tong Kah Choon | Cash Studio | Selangor
  43. William Liew | William L | Ipoh
  44. Yeoh Zhi Ding | Yzding Photography Studio Johor
  45. Yii Poh Leong | Vincent Yii Photography | Johor
  46. Z Han | Z Han Photography | Johor


  1. Hi there,

    I'm writing on behalf of a group of clients (I'm obviously one of them) that have had bad experiences with 'Fabulous Chapter', in particular their main photographer, Kenneth Tan. This company is notorious for giving empty promises and ignoring their clients once
    they have collected the money and did a half-ass job.

    First of all, let me just say that there is no doubt from a photography point of view, these guys are good, but in terms of customer service, there are none worse......I speak from my own
    experience. Recently, one of the members in our group told us that they've been waiting for their wedding photos for more than a year now
    and still have not receive them (they also waited 8 months for their pre-wedding photos despite the 2 months dateline). There are countless stories like that from their clients and the general consensus seems to be the same with every client of theirs - mostly dissatisfied. To make matters worse, it is impossible to get in touch with the company, as mails, FB messages and calls are often ignored completely. They know they can get away with it because honestly, when you get to that point, as a client, what can you really do ?

    I believe it takes more than raw skills to be a professional. The way that 'Fabulous Chapter' handles client is unprofessional in every way. I guess the experience is not so 'Fabulous' after all.

    I think your organization should take into account the quality of your members, not just in terms of photography skills, but how they conduct themselves in the business. It's people like this that give the industry a bad name

    A wedding is a once in a lifetime special occasion and you want to make sure that the company you appoint appreciates that as much as you do. Unfortunately, we made a bad choice.

    I for once will definitely not consider using this company in the future nor can I recommend them to anyone. Don't be fooled by what they offer on the surface. Look hard enough and you'll definitely find tons of better photographers out there, for a more reasonable price too.

    We just hope that other people will not fall into the same trap.

    You have been warned

    1. hi,
      thanks for the descriptive comment. It will definitely help the current btbs in making a smarter choice. I'm going to bring out the message that there is such a comment, but the final call is still up to the to-be-weds. nonetheless this is going to raise the red flag. I also did a search and found this comment on
      "Next I found Kenneth Tan whom I think shoots pictures fabulously. So I dropped an email to request for quote, that was replied promptly. Agreeing to the charges, I arranged a meet up with Kenneth via his wife/gf/assistant Alice. On the day itself they cancelled and promise to re-schedule. I had to follow up week after week for meet up as my fiance works overseas and comes back once a while, I need to fit into his schedule as well. No response. I posted a comment on their website saying " I love his work but wish they will not ignore emails. If not keen on work just say not keen. Not professional to leave people hanging" (not my exact words but the content is same). Right after that posting I got sms from Alice (at 12midnight) to ask to meet at 11am the next day. Do you all think that is professional? People make plans, hence the purpose of a calender or a PDA. How can you ask someone to meet the next day when u send it midnight? It only shows you don't really want to meet up. Anyhow I said i can't, she replied next day noon for meet up day after which I was also busy. Never to hear from her again.

      Curious to her sudden prompt sms to meet, I checked their website and I got the shock on my life. They edited my comment!!! They kept the good work and summarized my negative part to one line, "speed to response can be improve". What credibility does that give to people? So from now own when I read "good" comments posted on people's website I really take it with a pinch of salt. "

      I think it's time for some wedding "professionals" to realize that (if this is true, trying to be diplomatic here :) ) this is more than just business, it's one of the most important occasion of someone's life.

      btw, we are not WPPM. the dissatisfaction of their member should be raised to:



Please share your experience. It will save BTBs time and effort finding their perfect vendor, also keep them from repeating the same mistakes. Select "Name/URL", enter your name or nickname (If you don't have any of the accounts listed).

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