Dynasty Dragon Seafood 皇龍海鲜大酒家 | IOI Mall Puchong

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I was attracted to this restaurant when I walked pass previously with my hubby (we registered for marriage but no ceremony yet) by the lifesize terracotta warrior model guarding its entrance. After being seated, we noticed most patrons were elderly, hmm... and the hall looks modern'ish.

ioi mall chinese restaurant modern
The front section

After ordering our dessert, I then sneaked behind the yellow curtain to the back which was not filled with people. The wall color is darker and and it has round ceiling shapes decorated with chandeliers.

red ceiling yellow table chair covers
Back section: I saw two projector screens, one at the stage, another one on the right side

The back section is used for weddings but you will still have to share a common entrance with the walk-in customers, unlike venues with private ballrooms. There are two non-obstructive pillars at the corner, which are covered with mirrors, pretty smart idea. You can expect average chinese restaurant service. The food is delicious. Has anyone attending a wedding here? Do comment yeah. Click here for a list of other wedding venue alternatives compiled comparing the wedding packages pricing, service and quality.


mythrino @ Dec 2010: "I am considering this restoran too, cause it is much cheaper compare to Tai Thong. But my dad say the food is bad, he attend wedding dinner there once. Also some of my fren say the food is not good, the decoration wise is nice and grand, not sure about the service, never been there.”

Daniel Lee @ Nov 2010: “Please DONT waste your money there! I cant comment about the food, but I can say about their bad attitude towards customers. My Band performed there once early this year. One of their managers (makcik age, looks like a man) has severe menopause prob...and was sarcastic towards the couple whenever the couples asked for help. We performed in the bigger hall...but there's no proper hall separation. The Small and big halls are separated by a thin curtain only!”

The design is of simple contemporary+oriental flavor. Click here for wedding menu packages. Price range: RM668-1398 per table.

Dynasty Four Season Combination
Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat
Roasted Chicken with Mango & Pamelo
Steamed 'Patin Fish' with 'Hakka' Style
Baked Prawn with Soya Sauce
Braised Twin Mushroom & Vegetables
Mini Glutinous Rice
Sweetened Sea-Coconut
Sweet Fancy Duets

weddding banquet, arch with branches
http://www.dynastydragon.com.my - the banquet all set up for wedding reception

Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant 皇龍海鲜大酒家 | IOI Mall Puchong
Address: Lot ES18, ES19 & ES20, 2nd Floor, IOI Mall, Batu 9, Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel : 03-8075 0326 / 0327 / 0328
Website: http://www.dynastydragon.com.my/en/branches-2.php

Capacity : 90 tables
Business Hour :
- Monday - Saturday : 10.30am - 10.30pm
- Sunday : 9.30am - 10.30pm

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  1. I agree with Daniel. Please don't waste your money there. My sister had her wedding dinner there recently (Sept 2014). My comments with 2 words: Disappointment & Unsatisfactory. (1) Dish portion - I went for dish testing with my sister before the actual wedding dinner, dishes are enough for 10 pax. But, dishes served on the actual wedding dinner day is very small. When my sister returned to office, her invited colleagues mentioned that the dishes are enough for 6 pax only. This is such an embarrassing situation. Earlier, my mother mentioned to her friends that my sister had make payment for reservation at Dynasty Dragon. Her friends commented that the dishes portion are very small. During the dishes testing, I commented and asked the manager on duty if the portion of the dishes is the same on the actual day. The manager said in confidence and promised that the portion will be the same on the actual day. I take it as true and believe that there are improvement which is contradict from what my mother's friends had commented. I finally believed my mother's friends comment on the actual wedding dinner day. I feedback to the same manager on duty but no action was taken, instead she insisted that the dish portion is the same. (2) Services - Waiters are not well trained. (a) Waiters placed dishes very roughly on the table during serving. (b) Drinks - The package comes with free flow drinks but waiters seem to be avoiding to serve guest with drinks. I wonder if the waiters are instructed to reduce drinks serving. Again, my advice is don't waste money there. It's embarrassing because your guest might think that you take the cheapest set menu. But, reality is that you spend a lot for such a disappointing dishes and unsatisfactory service.


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