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Favoring Label:natural look and intrigued by wildness in makeup, Carmen Meng, the Senior Makeup Artist at WeddingIsle can be the MUA (Wedding Acronym) for your upcoming special day. She uses brands such as Bobby Brown and Mac. She is quite a popular MUA as the tracking results show she is widely "searched" and web surfers are interested to find more information about her.

I think her style is Label:classy. She does beautiful hairs as well. You hired Carmen as MUA before? Your comments will be of great value to the struggling BTB's who are hunting for their best option.

carmen meng makeup
Makeup-hairdo that adds a bit of personality to the look (Feb 2012)
Pre Wedding shoot of Keith & Sabrina in Melaka
Make up and hair-do: Carmen Meng, Wedding Isle
Gown & Cheongsam: That Special Occasion
floral accented updo
Pure and clean makeup, floral accented updo's
gold chain, very chic fresh face make-over by Carmen
nice eye brow

bird cage veil beads necklace (Dec 2010): Wedding of Joanne and Matthew
PG: Jon Low
MUA: Carmen Meng, Wedding Isle
WG: Pretty In White 

Other Samples:

lame couple @ May 2012 says: 
"The trial not bad, she is friendly. I am not a make up person so really big diff on me, which at first don't really get used to it. Since my hubby said nice, so sign up with her. Plus it is not those heavy make up and like blue or red eye shadow. "

Carmen Meng - Wedding Isle Gallery
Add: No. 30, Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 12, PJ
1 session make up and hair do - RM 500
2 sessions of make up and hair do - RM 900


  1. Any other clients of Carmen Meng would like to comment? Her make-up style attracted me at first sight. Thought it's interesting to find out about her approach. I prefer modern and "sophisticated" look.

  2. Any idea how much Carmen charge for 2 session of make up? Thank

  3. I also wanted to know. Carmen, how much do you charge for one time make up?

  4. I have engaged her for my AD make up. Can view pictures on my blog.


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