Wedding Photography Inspiration from Mario Testino

Photography should be an art form limited only by your imagination. Be inspired by skilled innovations from famed photographers such as Mario Testino. He picked up a camera for the first time at 24 of age and shot to fame as one of the most celebrated photographers in the fashion industry. Testino has captured many of the world’s best known people, shot for magazine covers, such as Vogue and Vanity Fair and was noted for taking some iconic snaps of the late Princess Diana.

mario testino
Mario Testino created some enduring images of Diana
He has covered the official shoot of the historic moment when Catherine Middleton and Prince William got engaged. 

vanity fair cover, prince william
Prince William and Kate's royal engagement shoot by Mario Testino, formal and cuddly shots, it graces the cover of Vanity Fair

Wedding is the time when two people celebrate their love history (and herstory) together. You create the perfect memento by capturing photos with your selected attire, proper make-over, shooting location and style. With the advancement of technology you can have your treasured memories stored digitally creatively, in photo albums or other forms of print.

with firemen and bride
bride model act cool
Some photoshoot ideas, you need quite a team of extras :)
In group photo, have some assortment in positioning; some standing, hugging each other, seated or squatting in different angle, instead of lining the people up like a class photo.

inside car, prairies, halo flower ring, coutry side wedding
Kate Moss' Wedding day coverage by Mario Testino
simple sexy wedding dress
Left and center: Jamie Hince and Kate's wedding. Far right: Mario Testino and Kate Moss

I've always loved this Burberry romantic fragrance ad shot back in Oct 2005. It was able to portray the elegance of life's simple joy. From getting angry with your bf for being late to a simple walk down a quiet street, you just have to be imaginative. Add a few details and voila! you have your pre-wedding collection.

featuring Rachel Weisz and Ioan Gruffudd photographed by Mario Testino Burberry London featuring Rachel Weisz and Ioan Gruffudd photographed by Mario Testino

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