Wedding Reception at Sin Choi Wah Restaurant (翠华楼)

Updated Dec 2014
I have gotten a few email requests for a research review of Sin Choi Wah restaurant in Bandar Menjalara Kepong. It had quite a reputation for its good food in big serving. However it has been receiving mixed reviews of late regarding the food. Be impressed by the restaurant's 3-storey big structure. There are ballrooms and halls of different sizes suitable for private weddings. Also for that reason more than one weddings can be held at the spacious location. Guests could get lost there. Arranging the signage in both English and Chinese would provide a better direction for your guests who are from various educational backgrounds to locate your reception (if you were to book this venue). | May 2013
red carpet round square ceiling lights
dragon phoenix centrepiece
chandelier projector stage
3d big stage
big arch restaurant

mega big building mighty big sin choi wah lighted up at night
mixture of golden red The large hall is semi contemporary designed with mixture of golden red
stage chinese style
Projection of the to-be-weds' names
Brides were mostly very pleased with the quality of food and the banquet hall's ambiance. However the service rendered by the PIC was in question. The restaurant does not put the groom and bride's names up the back of the stage as it is not in the list of services provided, is that true? Alternatively you can display the couples names using a software projection similar to how Desmond and Tabby did it above. You may also need to fork out extra cash for some personalized decorations and setup.

You can expect good quality sound system, if you plan to have a live band play on your wedding day. I have heard several people saying they have live band quality system. Parking is not an issue.

May 2014
The ambience is very sophisticated dining experience. In fact, there were 3 wedding lunches today. The sound system is also quite good here. Some of the dishes taste fantastic. The scallop with celery was so tasty. The steamed sea grouper with soy sauce is just so-so. The flesh is too hard. The winner - the braised mix vegetables. The gravy is very thick and tasty.
Jan 2014
Wedding dinner. Food sucks. Portion is very small. Presentation wise looks very cheap. Food served way too slow too. 2 more to go at 11pm

Dec 2013
Wedding dinner. The shark fin soup and fried rice is too salty.

May 2013
Bad food. Scallop too soft, pork more skin & fats than meat, fish is rubbery, glutinous rice is too dry. I ain't having my wedding here!
Oct 2012
I recently attended a wedding at Sin Choi Wah and the food was great.
Sep 2012
I was there for my colleague's wedding. This is a huge place and they have rooms of different sizes suitable for small intimate or big grand weddings. Food is fantastic. The service is pretty standardized what you can get from a Chinese restaurant.
Jul 2012
Wedding dinner in Sinchoiwah Restaurant in Menjalara, Kepong. My expectation wasn’t so high as I had eaten here a few times. I only liked the Roast Chicken. The other dishes were average and not memorable. Unfortunately the management have chosen to use plastic/melamine tablewares as opposed to porcelain ones which are more classy. However, the setting of the restaurant is really nice, and it’s quite a new building. Parking is convenient and free, thanks to Tesco located opposite the restaurant.
May 2011
The whole big building belongs to the restaurant itself? I’m impressed. Normally I don’t get the opportunity to dine as such BIG place. There were several weddings being held at the same time. Everything (from the directions and wedded couples’ name) was in Chinese, but fortunately enough – I recognize the faces on the wedding photo and that led me to their wedding hall. The Steamed Pomfret Fish with Soya Sauce. The fish meat is delicate – mixing it with the sauce creates a luscious taste.

brocolli pastry glutinous rice, steam fish, cold and hot platter
Tasty dishes in generous portions
hei charater wedding wedding cake cutting at Sin choi wah
dummy cake Yvonne and Melvin's wedding at Sin Choi Wah

Sin Choi Wah Restaurant

huge place for reception

FB Page:
Add: 22, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara Kepong, 52200 KL.
Tel: +603-6280 3355, 03-6277 3377

Wedding benefits and conditions for min of 10 tables:
chinese menu min 10 tables

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  1. anyone of you gorgious ladies have your wedding at Sin Choi Wah recently? i heard the food is good but a little bit worry about the service that's all.

  2. I was there for my colleague's wedding. This is a huge place and they have rooms of different sizes suitable for small intimate or big grand weddings. Food is fantastic. The service is pretty standardized what you can get from a Chinese restaurant.

  3. i never attend any wedding there.. but because i live at kepong area i will pass by the place when i go home. when there are wedding especially the peak month/day... u can see alot car park outside.. i suspect this is because the restaurant got 3 level and can hold a few newly wed couple at the same time...
    i don't expect to see my guests dress nicely and have to park along the roadside... worst if it happen on a raining day...

  4. parking is not enough in the building itself. you need to park at tesco to attend wedding in this restaurant if the day is a good day and the restaurant are full with at least 5 different couple at the same time.

    Suggestion: to go early, get a parking in the restaurant if you can.. or else park at tesco and walk over. finger cross that day didnt rain.

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  6. Any couple interested in booking Sin Choi Wah Wedding Banquet on 18 Nov 2017, kindly personal message whatsapp +011-38137888.
    On 18 Nov 2017, the restaurant is fully booked if you call to inquire directly.

    Reason : Considering to hold my wedding in hometown instead for the convenience of my guests.
    Hence, looking for a couple to take over.

    Thank you.


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