Ah Yat Abalone - Avenue K

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The first time I get to savor a proper, big, real abalone was when my sis gave us a treat at then Ah Yat Abalone Swiss Garden Hotel. It was indeed a fulfilling meal with quite a hefty bill. The abalone was so succulent and the sauce so flavorful, I thought one piece wasn't enough.

It didn't strike me to have wedding reception there until I got an invitation for one. I imagined it must be super expensive. However this is not really the case. The menu set starts from RM638 per table (with an abalone dish). The food, tip top. I loved the stewed whole abalone with mushroom and the fried rice with abalone sauce. The prawn wasn't that tasty, it's probably the cooking style which I find unappealing. The banquet hall was not very big and the tables were arranged rather close to each other, not much walking space. I have no complaints about the service which is what you can anticipate from a standard Chinese restaurant.

yummy dish
smaller whole abalone
red table chair covers curtains
photos from: sylviaymy.blogspot.com: Ah Yat @ Avenue K

Actual comments:

@ Dec 2011: "Overall the food was nice and became even nicer when it came to dish number 3 -  the Abalone dish! I was more captivated by the GIANT mushroom i had on my plate!”

skye @ Mar 2011: "they are famous for their nice good yummy abalone. I had the ones in KL and simply superb ! As for ambience, no need to ask LOL !"

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant
Add: M6, 7, 8, Mezzanine Floor, Avenue K, No. 156, Jalan Ampang, KL
Tel: 03-2166 3131

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