Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort

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Me and my FH (Wedding Acronym) paid a visit to the resort only to come upon a not so attractive wedding venue. I don't think I will have my wedding there, me being ambiance-conscious. It was late in the afternoon, tired and hungry we decided to lunch at Oriental Pearl Chinese Restaurant there. The food is pleasantly delicious. They serve pork-free food and it would have been an ideal locale for our wedding as we have quite a fair bit of Muslim friends to invite. They have been telling me not to serve them ayam kari, sotong masak merah or daging rendang because they want to eat Chinese food in a Chinese wedding!

You can either hold your wedding in the available ballrooms having food from the Chinese Restaurant or the resort.

More than 45 tables is required to book the Perdana ballroom which I think looks quite pretty with high ceiling and grand chandeliers. Comparatively, Tropicana Golf Resort's ballroom is newer looking and more modern. The other function rooms according to comments from BTBs need additional decoration.

ballroom wedding
malcolmmusic.blogspot.com: Perdana Ballroom
electric piano, microphone stand
ceiling  square panels
Perdana ballroom: beautiful high ceiling
so bright wedding
photo by pandakeong: Perdana ballroom

tai thong chinese restaurant, scenery surrounding
Primitive looking entrance of the Resort and photos at the bottom are of Oriental Pearl restaurant

More photos of wedding held at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort:

Actual comments and discussions:
Itscheryl @ Nov 2012 
I just attended a wedding yesterday at bukit jalil, the ballroom is good enough for 50 over tables, the service was a bit bit slow but they get to you eventually. their washroom outside was a bit smelly.. i didnt want to go in the 2nd time. Car park is abit far to walk if you are not early

sassy_chiq @ Apr 2011 says:
"Dropped by for a visit. The PIC and manager were friendly. Ballroom is nice but function room, really need some deco (hire a professional decorator) to spruce up the place. Or else, it's like a seminar room with not very nice walls."
kathyfoo @ Mar 2011 says:
"I attended my friend's wedding which held in Langkawi Room, Pearl Oriental Bkt Jalil Goft & Country Resort. There were not much decorations you can do with this hall as it is quite a small square area with one facing stage. How may table r u planing? Coz if it's 20-30 table or above, try ask for the walk-in area =) The ambience is much better. I had mine at the walk-in area =) the only thing is there will be pillars blocking some of the tables. Compare to Langkawi Room, no pillars but only can fit less than 20 tables."

smallkucing @ Mar 2010 says:
"Good thing about this restaurant is thatthe waitress very "seng muk". Without having to be told, they automatically bring a set of baby bowl and cutleries for me. Mamarazzi simply adore the staffs here. Kacang habis liao and they are very happy to refill. And they also give us a lot of serviette. the dishes comes out so fast geh. Very good. Prawns were very fresh and sweet."

Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort
Add: Jalan 3/155B, 57000 Bukit Jalil, KL
Banquet enquiry: +603 8996 1841
Website : http://www.berjayaclubs.com/Jalil/
Email : jalil@berjayaclubs.com
Take a view at the ballrooms and their capacity: http://www.berjayaclubs.com/jalil/FoodBeverages/Banqueting/Venue.aspx
Perdana ballroom's capacity: 600 pax (banquet)

Oriental Pearl Chinese Restaurant (Tai Thong group)
Tel: +603 8994 4811
Set Menu: http://www.taithong.com.my/download/wedding_menu.pdf

The Chinese restaurant serves pork free food

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