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Flexible, creative, adaptable; are some adjectives to describe her. She manages to work around unconventional facial features and make them beautiful in their own ways. Remy Ngan is skillful in creating a look which is comfortable to the eyes. You don't want layers of thick makeup masking your face on your wedding day. Her clients commented that she doesn't just cover the face but "paints" it like an artist. This requires detailed use of different color tones and concentration at the right place.

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After studying her portfolio, I have to say Remy Ngan's handiwork is delicate. The hairdo she produces is sleek yet it does not look fixated. The makeup appears rather light but the brides are absolutely shining in their Label:natural beauty. I particularly like the eye makeup; it's real, can't spot obvious thick, dark or unnatural lines. The eyes are well accented and the liner/ mascara/ shadow blended in nicely.

Remy is professional in her job, bubbly and nice in person - so say the clients.

Sample photos and slideshows:

Billy & Sharon's wedding day
MUA: by Remy Ngan
PG: Edmund Tham and Kenneth Wong

Edmund and Wenny's Wedding:
natural hair and makeup
PG: Edwin Tan & Eugene Kok (assistant)
MUA and hair: Remy Ngan

remy ngan
sweet bride
low updo
traditional chinese kua
bride reflection
mimi FB: Some glowing bridal looks created by Remy
last photo - Bride in an empire cut wedding gown - bride's comments below - bride's comments below

For more samples:

Actual comments and discussions:
@ May 2012 says:
"Remy is not just brilliant at her job, she has this bubbly, happy personality that you can't help but love. That somehow made the start of my wedding day so much more calmer...knowing that I was in good hands. And she truly made me feel beautiful - and I still looked like me! Remy working her magic! It was at least 2 hours long...and I'm quite fidgety. Good thing I had my sis and girlfriends nearby.  The make up was very natural; the hairstyle felt formal enough for a wedding but relaxed enough for me. I really liked the result! The hairstyle really stayed up the whole morning and afternoon, although it was not pulled severely off my face."
saltvinegar @ May 2011 says:
i loved Remy! I had 3 MUA's and she was definitely the best. Perhaps you've read on my blog cos i've posted it on this forum before. She just makes me feel relaxed and confident and pretty.
dorlisa @ 2010 says:
"Remy, she's professional, bubbly, creative and whats best of her is she knows how to handle my face. Why do i say that? Because i have engage w a few make up artist for my pre wedding shoot, they are not very skill in handlin my face features, or flexible i would say. A good make up artist should be good in playing her palette colors to bring out the beauty of ur face and enhance it and hide the flaws of certain features. I have a non-chinese face though i am pure chinese, high nose, but my flaw is my teeth is quite "forward", and my chin is quite "forward and short too. When i smile widely, my gums clearly show, so is really really bad if all these shown in the photographs. But Remy did a really wonderful and superb job in makin all these less obvious in my photographs. Of coz a good photographer will also do boost ur makeup too. :) She's creative in her hairdo, often opt w a more natural one than the "all tied up and stiff" hairdo."

lorrieseneca says:
"Remy make up is so simple but looking great. she is good and professional.She is really nice lady."
saltvinegar says:
"Natural make-up to hide my imperfections and unconventional facial features, beautiful yet simple  hairdo, what more can a bride ask for? It almost looks effortless. It helped so much that she had a great eye of aesthetics in general." 

Remy Ngan - Mimi Makeup
FB page:
Tel: 012 4387723
Add: C-3-17, Centrio Pantai Hillpark. no.1, Jalan pantai murni, 59200 KL
Rates: 1 session at RM900, 2 sessions at RM1.5K, touch-up and hairstyle change: RM300
Mustard Boutique's location: 35-2, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, PJ (sells clothes, bag, accessories...)


  1. Hey, thanks so much for providing all the useful information for my wedding prep. My head is spinning now .... btw, just to share Remy's bridal package. hope it helps the other btb.

    2012 Actual Day Bridal Packages

    Single session RM 900

    Two sessions RM 1200
    ( In a same day)

    Two sessions RM 1600
    ( In 2 separate days)

    Three sessions RM 1900

    Extended session RM 300
    ( Max 3hrs stay over for touch up n hair style changing )

    1. Thanks pinkpuppy! this piece of information is definitely helpful.

  2. The price have went up. its RM1,500 for two sessions in the same day.


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