Types of Wedding Dress Neckline

For the style of neckline, you generally need to consider the width/ length of your neck, bust size, shoulders and how modest you want to look. Besides that you want it to go well with the cut of your dress as well.

Bateau neckline/ boat neck 
wedding dress
Wide neckline that follows the curve of the collarbone to the very tip of  shoulders. This style is recommended for brides with smaller bust and any lengths but well-proportioned neck.

In May 2004 Danish Crown Prince Frederik married Mary Donaldson, an Australian girl he met at a bar during the Sydney Olympics. Mary's dress was a creation of designer Uffe Frank. It was made of ivory duchess satin with a simple fitted bodice and bateau neckline that just touches the shoulders before descending into the 3/4 sleeves.

princess mary, victoria beckam bateau neckline
Bateau neckline: Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Funny Face", Princess Mary's wedding and Victoria Beckham
Off-the-shoulder neckline #off-shoulder
Sits below and not covering the shoulders. This shape is bad for wide shoulders. It will flatter a full chested bride with thick neck and proportionate shoulders.

Designer Georgio Armani fashioned Katie Holmes' custom-designed wedding dress which was styled with white Valenciennes lace in an off-the-shoulder neckline and a slim silhouette. It required more than 350 hours of work by hand sewing on the Swarovski beaded crystal embroidery. Power couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were married in Nov 2006.

ann katie
Off-the-shoulder neckline: Katie Holmes and Tom's wedding and Ann Hathaway in the movie "Bride Wars"

neckline of strapless dress
Without strap; straight across, with slight curve or #sweetheart shape. It is suitable if you have a wider neck and straight shoulders. Good choice for busty brides.

Renee Zellweger wore a pearl-colored, form-fitting, strapless, mermaid Carolina Herrera wedding gown on her marriage to country singer Kenny Chesney in May 2005. The dress is perfect for sand-and-surf beach wedding. The ceremony was held in the Virgin Islands. Sadly, they had their marriage annulled four months later.

Victoria Adams wedded English soccer player David Beckham donning a #A-line, strapless, ivory colored silk Vera Wang gown. Also known as Posh Spice of British pop girl group the Spice Girls, Victoria poses with her signature sophisticated stare.

victoria, renee, avril
Strapless: Victoria Beckham's, Renee Zellweger's and Avril Lavigne's weddings

Modest Neckline (with sleeves)

religous wedding high neck, sheer covering
Covered, high-neck, sheer net or lace. Recommended for thin, long neck, small bust. Other factors such as modesty for religious ceremonies or disguise of scar on the upper body will result in brides picking a covered neckline.

Leaving behind a successful acting career, Grace Kelly married Monaco's Prince Rainer III in April 1956. The antique Valenciennes rose point lace decorated upper bodice, high-necked, long-sleeved wedding dress, designed by Helen Rose was worked on by 36 seamstresses for 6 weeks. Grace Kelly really looked princess-y on the fairytale wedding day and had since become a great inspiration to modern brides.

Kate Middleton wore a classic lacey wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen fashion house. The gown had a V-shaped, sweetheart neckline with long sleeves, a bodice which is narrowed at the waist and padded at the hips.

Inspired by Grace Kelly, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of billionaire Donald Trump worked together with much-sought-after celebrity designer Vera Wang in creating her wedding dress which was overlain with delicate #Chantilly lace. It has a modest but elegant bateau neckline with elegant elbow length sleeves to follow the Judaism Orthodox practices. Ivanka married Jared Kushner, son of a real estate magnate and head of the magazine New York Observer in Oct 2009.

sheer covered with sleeve wedding gown
Modest lace: Princess Grace's, Princess Kate's and Ivanka Trump's weddings
Reference: preownedweddingdresses.com

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