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Faye's in Jalan Loke Yew was previously Love Vision (there is a Love Vision in SS2 PJ as well). Anyway, all of them are under the same roof, Touch Wedding Group. There is no doubt about Faye's PGs' professionalism. All the brides were very thrilled particularly with Hanz' photography skill. One common problem seems to occur in BSes; the segregation of VIP, VVIP, super VIP, designer gowns... and what not.

I've heard a lot about SAs at BS (nuptial initials) misleading BTBs into upgrading their gowns from what's provided in the purchased package. If you want newer, better quality gowns, you have to top up. As mentioned by noni below, she has been misguided and ended in the section where all the attractive designer gowns are. The section she can pick from is only limited to the SVIP corner which is quite limited in their selection.

Have a read about previous happy and disgruntled customers' review about Faye's Bridal below. You may have a better idea about what you would expect. Some brides walked away very satisfied. It all depends on whether or not the BS could meet your expectation. Nevertheless be prepared to be wowed by their amazing and unique photography craft.

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Photos courtesy of Fayes Bridal

Jul 2013
I tried A LOT of dresses before finally finding the perfect one at Faye’s Bridal House, at Jalan Loke Yew. We ended up taking a basic bridal studio photography package (which we were sure we didn’t want) with them too because it makes more monetary sense than just renting the dress alone. I was pleased with their service and quite enjoyed the pictures from the studio shoot :)

ms_loke @ May 2010 says:
"We felt that the make up artist was not prefessional in performing her task. She put so thick make up on my fb face, as for mine it does not enhance my feature, all i see was just thick and white on my face. I did confronted her on the make up, she told me it's supposed to be like this. We went PD for the shooting,she wasnt very helpful too in helping us on the 'prop' like throwing the veil, etc. Lots of the time, the photographer have to ask her to come over to help. When come to payment (after the photo shoots), she requested us to pay for 100%. Yes, it's our fault that we did not negotiated for partial payment initially. So, all brides to be, remember to put in your receipt that you want partial payment. the photographer, Hanz was great. he was really professional. but the make up artist, Eliana or consultant, May was that 'friendly to deal with'. So, if anyone of you are going to LV, Loke Yew, do choose for Hanz and please becareful with the make up artist and consultant that was just mentioned." 

natalyn @ May 2010 says:
"Hanz was also my photographer, he was really patient n nice... thankfylly idin hv a problem w my MUA though i did feel a bit over made-up but my MUA did try to listen to me la.... iwas also one of those blur enough to give full payment upfront, finally when we did photo selection n they told us wat we'll be getting it wasn't really wat we signed up for leh... in tat aspect i reli felt cheated, end up we top up coz d initial package was reli 'lau ya'."

bluepanda says:
"Hi all, I am a bride from Faye's Bridal House...I do agree that Hanz is great and professional...My MUA also great, sales consultant also great...I think the most important thing is that communication is definitely needed before they take your photoshoot. Tell the PG, MUA and sales consultant on what is your expectation...Overall, I am happy with my photoshoot, gowns and makeup"

bbs.mylovingu - about Faye's Bridal (translated version)
e Zero 123 @ 2011 says:
"I just finished my wedding photographer and makeup artist are good, we are very satisfied. . . Tomorrow to go to the photo selection. . . My makeup artist Angie, the photographer is Hanz."

noni @ 2011 says:
"I have signed up package with Faye's too. Photo-shooting was ok, the photographer (Kenneth) is good, very creative & fun. We were quite doubtful when we first met him, as he looks too young to be a professional photographer, but he proved us wrong. I myself who love photography is very impressed with his works."
"Most critically, if you package include Super-VIP range gowns, make sure you are also given the chance to view VIP range. Mine was super VIP range. The S-VIP range gowns are placed together with designer range at 1st floor, while VIP range at ground floor. Their S-VIP choices are quite limited, the consultant kept letting me try on the designer gowns (of course without telling me the truth first). When I finally chosen, then only she told me those were designer gowns, & we are to pay additional for each designer gowns that I chosen. We have to pay RM300 per piece of designer gown...our initially attractive package became not so much attractive anymore, with RM1K extra. I felt cheated & fed up!"

SY & KY Wedding Photo Montage by Faye's Bridal (2011)
PG: Hanz
MUA: Ching Ching
Sales Supervisor: Florence

Faye's Bridal House (Touch Wedding Group) 
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fayes-bridal-house/128638683842136
Tel: 03-9222 9968
Email: fayes.bridal.house@gmail.com
Add: 62G , Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm , Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Ampoules at RM75 (3 bottles)
Fake eyelashes at RM30

My rating of Faye's:
                                    Service: 3
                                    Photography: 5
                                    Make-up and styling: 4
                                    Gown: 4
Price range: 3$ (Price list)
BS Rating

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