Bridal Information Hub - Part 2

Earlier I urged visitors of WEDresearch to share their personal experience by commenting on the posts (Bridal Information Hub - Part 1). There are more and more people adding comments as "Anonymous". Here's a small request, would it be ok to provide a name or simply a nickname by selecting "Name/URL" at the "Comment as" section?  

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You then enter your first name, initials or nickname/ cybername such as "prettyWoman". Leave the URL blank.
Press "Continue". If you have a personal wedding blog or website of your own, you may also add it under "URL". That way, I'm able to identify the individual and will not be confused. Now I'm not sure if the person who asked the question also provided some information. If you have a google or other accounts which can be used (LiveJournal, WordPress...) by all means select those.

Secondly, I'm inviting more BTBs, ladies, guys, whoever it is, who find the information and research data offered here beneficial, please help provide us a piece of new knowledge or a link to your beautiful photos. You can also drop a comment on the respective vendor post.

Thirdly, what topics would you like to add? Give me a little description on your subject of interest and I will start a post with the WEDresearch'es review, which will be open for discussion as well. 

Join our community on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to share information in a group where people who have the same interest gather -

My name is Le Ann, I will be the coordinator. I will make sure that the information of the same topic be in one place and not scattered everywhere. Let me know what is good and should be continued, areas of improvement or any other suggestions and wedding food for thought.



  1. First of all, thank you for the information, it's really helpful! I regretted not getting a makeup trial for my wedding actual day. I thought it would be alright as the MUA was recommended by my friend. My advice is, even though the makeup looks nice on other ladies, it may not look good on you. You can also have the chance to change if the hair style doesn't suit your taste. Try first.

  2. Thanks for your comment weeleng.


Please share your experience. It will save BTBs time and effort finding their perfect vendor, also keep them from repeating the same mistakes. Select "Name/URL", enter your name or nickname (If you don't have any of the accounts listed).

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