Noble House (阳城酒家) Imbi, KL

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It's getting more and more expensive to wed these days. The last time I checked NOBLE HOUSE's wedding package started from RM718nett per table (2011), now it went up to more than RM1k for the non-weekend & public holidays slots.

Noble House is a Chinese restaurant under the Oriental Group with the most awards namely - "One of Asia’s Finest Restaurants", "Top Ten Best Chinese Cuisine Restaurant". Customers of this wedding banquet venue complimented their fine food. The dishes are unique and the ingredients relatively fresh. The wedding dishes comes in good portion, that's a very important aspect for the elderly. Clients were also satisfied with the service especially the master of ceremony who created a jovial atmosphere for everyone attending the wedding. In term of banquet setting, the halls are semi-modernish, light and classy. Service quality was excellent too.

The downsides are the maximum capacity is only 30 tables so it's not suitable for big weddings, and you can also spot a couple of pillars in the hall. Arrangements of Wedding Dinner Tables on the 1st Floor are too close to each other and need adequate spacing so that the guests can sit more comfortably.

couple kissing on stage
Jacques and Julie's Wedding Reception at Noble House Kuala Lumpur (2012)
Photo by Wiliam Goh (
host table wedding
noble house wedding cake
Loo & Evonne Wedding Dinner at Noble House in August 2011
Photos: Searching Photography

Dorlisa's Wedding (her comments are at the COMMENTS section)
noble house restaurant
Stage view of the hall with some pillars @ NOBLE HOUSE
Back view of the hall
wedding food
Steamed Glutinous Rice Hong Kong Style
wedding food
Unique dishes from the Noble House kitchen:
1. Roasted Crispy Shatin Chicken with Sea Clams
2. Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with Salad Prawns
3. Fried rice with Bean Sprout and Teochew Spicy Sauce
4. Double-boiled Honeydew with White Fungus

Nov 2017
Arrangements of Wedding Dinner Table (1st Floor) to close to each other....need more spacing and i feel more comfortable anyway that is my opinion Tq
Oct 2017
Been here for wedding dinner. Food taste quite nice!
Mar 2016
We enjoyed being a part of a large Chinese wedding banquet here. The atmosphere is well suited for large gatherings and the service we recieved for the many courses as well as food quality was excellent.

Noble House Restaurant 阳城酒家 by Oriental Group of Restaurants

FB Page:
Add: No.19, Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03- 2145 8822
GPS: 3.144780,101.719944

Seating capacity: two halls (120 pax and 300 pax) and other private rooms

Banquet Menu 2018/19: from RM1168nett per table


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  1. personally, i like the food and ambience....although there are few pillars, to me it is not really a big problem as the pillars are 'thin'...the major problem is you have to climb up the staircase leading to the function rooms, which i think is very inconvenient to old folks and disabled people...i think they should at least build a lift to avoid accident happen...

  2. I'm interested in Noble house too. will go check it out next weekend.

  3. Walao... Checked Noble Banquet and Noble House, both already booked. Have to book one in year in advance! Don't have the dates that I want. Currently I'm looking for banquet halls, modern, something like this. Oriental Group of restaurants get better review in term of service and food. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Eve, may I know which date are you looking? I plan next year October but yet go to check with any restaurant yet!

    2. Hi siauchee1210,
      My dates were 7 Sep and 15 Sept, but is full. It's available on 28 July, but my bf's mom wants it in September.

  4. I have always wanted to book Noble House for my wedding reception. Unfortunately, it's booked on my preferred dates.

  5. It's food is the best of all the weddings that I have attended. Nice portion and very unique.

  6. Agree with all of the comments, very nice food with good portion.

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  8. I plan to to there for site recce.


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