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La sposa is foreign language which means "the bride" in Italian.

Lasposa faces a common issue of maintaining consistency in service delivery. For example the brides attended by SA Daphne praised her friendliness, patience and enthusiasm. Great service from Fiona and Alvin. On the flip side, SA Sophia has been described as fierce, not smiling and not genuine. Almost all BS received complaints about service; handling of gowns, time management, politeness, keeping promises after payment....and so on. The difference is how severe the problem is. If it's regarding details of the package, then you have to set your expectation properly before making a deal. The BS will usually decide for you if those terms have not been discussed before. A prepared and polished negotiator is the winner here because you can get a superb bargain with special mutual agreement. Just remember to put it on papers.

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MUA Candy is friendly, nice and the girls were satisfied with her makeup. A few ladies were positive about PG Kwong's skill and they liked his work, more than the other PG Wilson. Lasposa has a big selection of gowns, there is no segregation of VVIP collection, you can select all the gowns in the shop as long as it has not been booked by another BTB. Besides the gowns are in good condition.

Kah Fui & Emily Pre-Wedding 
Kah Fui & Emily Pre-Wedding 
"Behind the Scenes" video followed by the Photo Slideshow by Lasposa Bridal Gallery (2012)
Photographer: Kwong

Photos by Kwong:
la sposa bridal gallery
photoshoot with nature
wedding photo
luxurious wedding photo stairs
Photos by Wilson Ching:
pre wedding photo
pretty bride
train moving wedding photo
mural vandalism pre-wedding photo

Sep 2017
Limited choices and if u're an M size.. It's a bit hard 😅
Positive comments:
The team including Candy's make up; dressed up many looks that suited me perfectly. Also accommodated in speaking English to my fiancé. Look for Daphne, awesome SA! Very helpful, friendly and bubbly. I'm a happy bride from Lasposa :D Awesome service, great bridal photography, love the skill and simplicity in capturing beautiful moment by Kwong. Highly recommended Luv my wedd photos taken by Wilson n Lasposa got very friendly staffs such as Daphne n Fiona! Extensive wedding gown choices. :) the manager and staff are quite helpful and friendly....especially Alvin and Fiona. good service.

Negative comments:
lousy service. promise a lot under deliver. They made mistakes with my package -- lost a lace gown, slipped up with the pre-wedding shoot date and was slow on delivery. It's less than a week before the wedding and I don't have a damn cheongsam!
Mar 2012
If you can bargain well, you can find that they can accommodate some reasonable requests but as usual you'll need to think through and bargain in each and every step of the wedding process. They have 2 photographers Kwong & Wilson and 2 MUAs, Candy & another one. Personally, I find Kwong's photos looks nicer compared to Wilson. But unfortunately, during our first PS with Kwong...he showed us some attitude issues like he wasn't co-operative on some shots that we want and in some pictures, my husband's leg was distorted. Some indoor photos especially the first few shots are not really up to my expectations as well. He wasn't very friendly but during the 2nd PS, his mood seems to be better and he seemed more co-operative. As for the MUA, Candy is nice and friendly, in fact friendliest in the BS, but you have to communicate with her what you want to get the desired effect. Out of all of her hairdo, there was one that I dislike. Overall, Kwong did teach us how to pose sometimes, but he did not bother to capture my best facial angles during my first few indoor photos that I relied heavily on Photoshop to slim my face (I'm not fat). Out of 300 over photos, it wasn't hard to choose 50 for the album.
The evening gowns are OK and quite nice. However, the wedding gowns are really lacking of choices. The SA wasn't really happy that I complained on their lack of gown choices but thankfully in the end, she did managed to save some gowns that are up to my expectations for me. So if you can't find anything, you have to ask. The SAs are not always friendly except for the precious one or two of them. Daphne seems friendly but I was not served by her throughout. Make sure everything is in black and white in the invoice. For RM3,688, I managed to negotiate for 2 albums of the same size (20x15 - landscape and portrait each) and other basic packages."

Feb 2012
I have taken my photo at lasposa and just choose the photo. Frankily speaking... The outcome of the photo is not very good, and i can easily choose 50 photo..u know what i meant. And, one thing, i want to highlight here is, their after sales service is super bad ! Me and my husband sitting there from morning till afternoon to choose the photo...and no one comes to give suggestion."the outdoor gown is actually choose by the make up artist, and it really look horrible to me. I look like pregnant with the super ugly gown!!!!  "they might bully those customer whomdon't dare to voice out the unsatisfactory! Also, my SA is sophia. Please do not take her ...she is super fierce and never ever has a smile on her face. Imdo not think lasposa gown is beautiful.. All their gown is quitenold fashion and those nice gown is putting down stair, only for sell!

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