Cyberview Resort and Spa

Type: Hotel
Garden wedding: yes
Cindai Ballroom: Up to 4000 pax, 40 tables
Min: 20 tables
Garden banquet: Up to 150 pax

Wedding Package (2015): from RM1688

Add: Persiaran Multimedia 63000 Cyberjaya Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: (603) 8312-7000

Positive reviews: excellent space, no parking issues. Environment is more relax. Guests will not have problems finding place to stay. has one of the nicest views of a lake in town. good location to use mist fan because it's windy. The décor of garden ceremony and banquet was perfect. Beautiful, romantic and cosy hall. guests were amazed by the setting. credit goes to the environment. 

Negative reviews: Far from KL. The bad thing is the food.

Remark: for garden weddings, extra arrangements needed for bad weather, cooling system, mozzies, mud and so on.

Rating: 3/3 (100%)
phg7878 @ Dec 2011: Cyberview has excellent space and no issues with parking etc. The environment is much more relax. Furthermore there are hotels nearby so your guest have no problem finding a place to stay. The only thing is that it is far from KL. GOOD
amphe @ Mar 2011: Cyberview Lodge Resort has one of the nicest views of a lake in town. And bout the negatives, there are many ways to combat this especially if you know your way in organising events. Mosquitos - Get plenty of natural mosquito repellent plants/'fragrant' lemongrass spray/tub. These are good for any outdoor events. Rain - fully covered tents with doors and wooden basses so no one will sink into the mud. Heat - same as above, they have the fully airconditioned ones. Or make sure that it is a windy day (Cyberview is good with this) or make sure you have those mist fans places stratigecly across your venue. GOOD
MeBride @ Apr 2011: tHE decor of the garden ceremony asd well as the banquet was perfect.  Cyberview resort has a very beautiful hall which makes the environment very cosy.. AND romantic.  That nite, we had only praises on our wedding especially the garden ceremony by our guests... Thye are amazed on the setting and environment.  The bad thing i can say is the food.  But both of us don mind actually as all the credit goes to the environment.  If you want good food, you seldom get from hotels.. you may get good food at restaurant.. thats how ME AND my hubby thinks. GOOD

Guna & Shaleena's Wedding at Cyberview Lodge Resort
by Alexmoi (Aug 2012)
It was a Hindu-Muslim, inter-cultural wedding with the Indian wedding ceremony held at Cyberview Lodge. They had their akad-nikah sometime back. Then a western wedding reception at the magnificent ballroom. I was blown away by these incredible images taken by Alexmoi.

outdoor wedding garden
in front of pond decorated with flower bed
white chairs and purple blue ribbon strips tied
wedding ritual
fil giving speech
bride intrigue, groom smiling
wedding hall purple dim romantic lighting

Jasmine and Francis Wedding Photos
by Grant Corban (Jan 2012)

flower girls saree
perfect garden wedding ceremony
outdoor wedding crowd gathering to witness solemnization
pastor say vows
bride holding paper containing vows
wedding ritual
cyberjaya kl
stage is wooden floor
versatile entertaining audience
stand up from seats


  1. Dear Le Ann,

    I've sent you an email to I would appreciate your immediate attention.

    Thank you.

  2. Awasome!!!Wedding decoration is amazing...Beautiful couple.Thanks for sharing and the post.

  3. Went to my cousin brother wedding at Cyberview Lodge, also have a Garden reception prior to the dinner, the garden ceremorny is nice where they decorated you and your wife name and place on the small pool right infront of the garden which is really romantic.

    Hall wise decoration is also good cause it's huge and pillarless, PA system ok, Food presentation is nice, portion is good but food wise is just so so for the price paid i guess, per table was more than 1200++ so to justify the food is not so worth it but if ambience is what you looking for then this is a good place.

    For those do not want hassle of playing many games when collect bride can book 2 room there, the husband take a buggy with few buddy in few buggy go to collect bride from another side of the building so is funny LOL

    Another bad part is also very far and remote lol

    By : Kelvin

  4. The venue is beautiful. really enjoyed the ambiance and the garden is really well kept. But the food wasn't that great and the portions were really small. Service was not that great, had guests complain that the waiters did not keep refilling the empty glasses (had a lot of leftover wine bottles!). The coordination for the wedding by the hotel was not done very well eg during wedding rehearsal we had to wait for some time for the AV tech to come and switch on the sound etc for us.

  5. Was at a wedding here recently. Good food and the pillarless hall is a plus point. The garden reception was lovely.

    for details call :-
    no tel : 017 3593075
    email :

  7. Went to visit Cyberview Resort and Spa last year. The Chinese package is from RM1688 onwards. But the place didn't look very nice to me.


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