G Hotel, Penang

Type: Hotel
Wedding Packages 2016:
from RM1188nett per table

Ballroom 1 and 2: Up to 250 pax
Grand Ballroom: Up to 500 pax
Sesame Restaurant: Min of 6 tables

Add: 168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Website: http://www.ghotel.com.my
Tel: +604 238 0000
Email: g4u@ghotel.com.my, kevin.cheah@ghotel.com.my (Sales & Marketing)

Positive reviews: Serves good food in right portion. Never gets disappointed. Decided on G Hotel for wedding venue after lots of research. Love the modern look. Ballroom is very nice without pillars. Foyer is big enough for guests to mingle before the reception. The environment is really good. Thumbs up and highly recommended.

Negative reviews: Heard comments that the food is not so good.

Rating: 3/3 (100%)
panda1020 @ Jul 2010: G hotel. Just right portion and good food. Been there quite a few times but never get dissapointed. even my parents also like it a lot. thumbs up and highly recommended.
winnie @ Mar 2010: We scouted around the whole Penang for a suitable wedding dinner venue. We didn't like some of the ballrooms that are too small with too many pillars because they will be blocking the guests' view so we did a lot of research and went to all the hotels for a look before we finally decided on G Hotel. The hotel is quite new in Penang and we love the modern look of it! The ballroom is very nice too without any pillars and the foyer is huge enough for guests to minggle around before the dinner. Even though we heard comments that the food there isn't so good but well, the wedding dinner is not just about food right? GOOD
pennykho @ Mar 2010: So far the comments that i collected from friends - G Hotel, Citibayview and RedRock serve good food. If you have no financial constraint, go ahead to G hotel, E&O or HardRock, the environment is really good. GOOD

Anfernee and Eleanor
by Vampches (Jan 2012)

best man giving speech
stunning bride pretty face
pouring of wine, stage view projector screen
girl in red white dress

CK Tan & Evonne's wedding reception at G Hotel
by ChunKeang Photography (Dec 2011)

bride groom dancing in latino dress
bottoms up wine
reception red color
g-hotel penang

Hoong Yet and Siew Ping's Wedding Dinner Reception
by sensephotoz (Jul 2010)

heart shape, pink fairy lights, napkin rolled tied with red string
wedding reception
march in wedding hall
food presentation, cutting cake

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