Grand Palace 皇宫酒家, Pavilion KL

Grand Palace 皇宫酒家 Pavilion KL (Palace Group)
Type: Chinese restaurant
Capacity: 500 pax (50 tables)
Wedding Package 2016: from RM828

Add: Lot 6.39.00, Level 6, Pavilion 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2143 1128 

Positive reviews:  Ambiance, tables, chairs, service, sound system are ok. 2 big projector screens.  Nice ambiance. Suitable for small/ medium size wedding. Satisfied with service. Nice settings by the restaurant. Attended friend's wedding, food is nice, the service is good too.

Negative reviews:  
Service of attendants: Service is poor, spilling wine on customer without apologizing. Servers are not tidy and not trained. The service is lousy, dishes served inconsistently time to all tables. Speed of dish is slow and inconsistent. 

Wedding planning: Change of menu without prior notice. Annoyed with the managers, placed our names a few months back but they said we haven't. 

Environment: Two pillars but not really blocking the view. No partition separating wedding and walk-in customers.

Rating: 3/8 (38%)
wong @ Jul 2012: Services are sooo poor here. I experienced the server being so clumsy, knocked down a wine glass and spill it over the plate and my friend's pants. Didn't even bother to apologize just kept on doing his task. When finishing, didn't even change the plate with wine out. Just walked away, continue doing his job. Hairs not groom doesn't look hygiene at all. The servers were not well trained so they didn't know what table manners to follow. Serving soft drinks without ice. Who drinks soda in room temperature? I left the place for 15mins when my glass was empty. When I came back, my glass was still empty. SERVICE is the key to every restaurant and they failed to deliver.  BAD
wing2207 @ Mar 2012: Wedding supposed to be happy but turn out to be disastrous and spoilt my mood due to the restaurant wants to earn more after locking down customer with deposit and not fulfilling their commitment.
Jz like KFC i-city, giving u vouchers for chicken but go there no chicken! The only difference is this not even a voucher but a paid deposit! We agreed on their menu and paid deposit on Aug 2011 but when we called today to make appointment for food testing only the PIC told us the change of menu! Last year they promised the menu for 2012 will valid till Dec 2012 but today they told us term and conditions are subject to change without prior notice! Pls help to spread and don't get conned.  
jess_kitkat @ Mar 2011: - atmosphere and ambience are ok
- table and chairs setting are ok, nothing grand
- got 2 big projector screen i.e. one at the stage and another at the side of the restaurant. sound system is ok.
- service is alright. the waiter changed our plates few times.
jess_kitkat @ Mar 2011:  got 2 pillars almost in the middle of restaurant but did not really block the stage view. no partition separating wedding tables and walk in customers. my friend has 28 tables, so she occupied the front portion of the restaurant. they have about 6 tables for walk-in customers near the restaurant entrance, and 3-4 tables in small VIP rooms at the side, still open for business. They used 2 flower stands to separate the wedding tables and normal tables. speed of each dish is kind of slow for the first few dishes. after the 3rd or 4th dish, they started to serve 2 dishes at once, forcing us to quickly take the remaining food of the previous dish or we told the waiter to transfer to a smaller plate. food taste normal, nothing to shout about. from the 1st till the last dish, I dont find anything so tasty. Not only me, all my friends also think the same. BAD
leongal @ Feb 2011: i am really annoyed with the "captains" or managers there, we have placed our name few months back, then came back, they say that we did not do so, and another person has booked it earlier, then we say, we can pay deposit immediately for the day; knowing that our number of tables are low - they rejected us, saying that the other person is paying the deposit soon.
uli @ Jan 2011: Yes! We've made the right choice of the restaurant! Nice ambiance and suitable place if you plan to host for small-medium size wedding reception. Me and hubby are so satisfied with their service and offer as well. Nice settings by the restaurant. GOOD
suevian @ Oct 2010: attended my fren wedding dinner there this year may. Food is nice, the service is good too. GOOD
Change @ Aug 2010: Overall the food average good but the service is lousy. Dishes served inconsistently time to all tables. BAD

Wedding of Uli at Grand Palace, Pavilion

carpet, modern, big chandelier
dim lighting, romantic classy
wedding cake has a bouquet of flower as topper
before wedding starts
wedding at grand palace pavilion kl

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