Holiday Villa, Subang

Type: Hotel
Garden Wedding: Yes
Capacity: Vintage Ballroom (1000 pax), Victorian Ballroom (400), Classics Ballroom (500), Ivory Court (170)  

Wedding Packages 2016 :
Chinese/Malay/Indian menu: from RM1188 nett per table

Add: 9, Jalan SS 12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: (6-03) 5633-8788
Email :

Positive reviews: Nice foyer. Victorian Ballroom is the best ballroom. The entrance was nice. The garden is beautiful with Victorian vintage style. Victorian ballroom is excellent and classy with majestic chandeliers and hand painted ceilings overlooking a lake. there is a garden with Victorian statues and decor leading to the ballroom, where the pre-dinner cocktail is held. Jaw-dropping beautiful!

Negative reviews: The hotel front desk, parking lot look horrible. Food is normal. service with "take it or leave it" mentality! Sound system can be annoyingly loud. Watch out for mosquito. Low ceiling.

Rating: 5/7 (71%)
skye @ Jan 2012: One thing i didnt choose this place for my wedding last year was because of the whole ambience. Other than the ballroom the rest like hotel's front desk, parking looks absolutely horrible for a hotel status. Driving in, i see lots of toilet bowl at the carpark area (not sure if its still there or not after so long but i heard it was there for a long while) BAD
daniel @ Jan 2012: Our 6 bands perform very regularly there for let me add some comments.
- The food is the usual hotel fare. Nothing surprising or amazing. As you know...the usual.
- Service is average...and they have that 'take it or leave it' mentality towards wedding couples. Ouch!
- The ambiance is perhaps its strongest point. Nice foyer...but watch out for the nyamuk2!
- Sound System is loud but can be annoyingly loud. Perhaps it depends on who the technician is on duty that day. 
nadia @ Nov 2011: Victorian Ballroom - This is the best ballroom I've ever been to! sangat cantik+ada garden tepi ballroom tu which they'll block for ur event. The ballroom itself can fit in 390pax at a time, but they'll give u Victorian 2 as well which can fit 100guests. Even the garden/courtyard boleh letak guest tables! So I think Victorian ballroom+courtyard+Victorian 2 can fit approximately 600pax. Just nice for a buffet-style reception like mine!! Cantiknyaaa. *nangis* The entrance best woh!! Boleh buat theme Greek Goddess terus :p And guess what! The garden pun sangat cantik! Its very victorian style+ala2 vintage gitu. GOOD
sassy_chiq @ Apr 2011: Yeahh Holiday Villa Subang is nice. EQ is nto bad after deco but my vote goes to Holiday Villa Subang! :) GOOD
skye @ Apr 2011: Didnt like holiday villa's parking area and low ceiling ballroom tho ... but for the price consider not bad already GOOD
daniel @ Apr 2011: HOliday Villa's Victorian Ballroom is excellent. GOOD
evelynn85 @ Jan 2011: Can i suggest to both of you holiday villa at subang?they have a Victorian ballroom which is very classy and their price is 1188++ per table.their can provide those facilities you mentioned above. they have 6-8 grand majestic chandeliers and all hand painted ceilings overlooking a lake.the layout of their ballroom is very nice. the ballroom has its space on its own. your ballroom starts from a main gate. its like a secret garden with archway and garden plants and a victorian statue. from there they will light tealights for you along the way till you enter the ballroom. then you will come to a victorian porch/garden where you can have precoctails there. then from there beside is the main ballroom. when i went over to that place my jaw totally dropped. its soo beautiful. GOOD

The Wedding of Arif & Natassha - Akad Nikah and dinner reception
by Grace, Stories (Sep 2011)

akad nikah, purple red carpet
grand chandelier perfect decor
cheperon bersanding
Other Photos
wedding reception cocktail party location
Foyer at entrance for guests reception
before tables and chairs
Victorian Ballroom before wedding setting
holiday villa golden affair wedding
The fantastic grand looking Victorian Ballroom
greek garden
The garden leading to the ballroom
with greek statues
A courtyard which can hold a wedding party
wedding reception, real



  1. toilet bowls in the parking lot? Oh my! does anyone know if they are still there? the garden from the entrance to the grand ballroom sounds very very captivating. I will surely pay a visit!

  2. thanks for sharing...

  3. Attended cousin's wedding earlier last month which had held at the Victorian Ballroom. The guests was about 350 people but somehow felt very crowded. To walk around the ballroom is a bit difficult. Food was average but the ambience does felt romantic. :)

    1. It's for those who have soft spot for AMBIANCE.


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