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h&w studio
 012-648 1977 |   FACEBOOK  
Can make whatever font or artwork in polyfoam (or EPS Foam) according to the customer's request or customization. Very convenient. The ready-made decoration materials in the market might not suit every individual's needs.
 03-8740 7977 |   Website   FACEBOOK  
Dec 11: Amend pricing within my budget. Chose them because of the use of fresh flowers and new ideas for theme. Nov 11: Karen revised the theme decoration design a few times to fit my requirement. Thumbs up for their passion.
3D Polyfoam wordings by H&W Studio

Any comments about the decorators girls and boys?

  • A&E | - Dec 13: honest, talented and professional team
  • Adieadlan | | Adie Waridi: +012-294 3405 | | Adam Idham: +012-643 7718
  • am WED Wedding Planner | Kota Damansara | | | 03-61512232 - accommodating and affordable   
  • Aver Younique Wedding | Cyberjaya |
  • Belinda Yong | | Excellent Sense, Starhill Shopping Centre (+603-21419336) - Nov 12: very very experienced, easy to deal with, charges reasonably, don't be put off by her shop location 
  • Creative Lines | PJ | | +603 77104655 |
  • Deco Peoony | | - within the budget, with WOW factor 
  • Favors Essence | USJ 10 | |
  • Fleur De Lys | PJ | | 
  • Heart To Heart Weddings | | +603-9054 5132 |
  • Ideal Wedding Deco | | | T: 012-3229037 - reasonable price   
  • KL Wedding Ministry | Kajang | W: | E: | PogyManan: 019-2020 538, FaisRoslan : 017-289 1415 - dekorasi meja makan beradap, majlis pertunangan, perkahwinan 
  • La Memoria Wedding Event | | | Puchong
  • La Revee Event and Floral Decorations | | 012-347 8812 (Nick) |  
  • Memories de Wedding | 
  • Mint Events & Soirees |
  • Moments | - Apr 14: garden ceremony, the dessert bar as well as my memory corners, stage and ballroom decor was absolutely amazing
  • MyFlowers House | 8 Avenue, PJ | | |
  • Pax Floral Studio | - decoration, photobooth, florist
  • Paper and Colour | Meg Cheong | | | +60169391984 - very affordable, honest
  • Petals and Palette | - decor and florist
  • Ribbon & Bow | - invitation, favors, bouquets, corsages
  • Sprinkled With Style | | - wedding planning and event styling
  • Storybook | | Tropicana City Mall - the shop is closed and empty inside
  • Stephen Foong | | | 012-2362990
  • Tamarisk Floral Design | | - Dec 12: she is flexible, creative and works within ur budget
  • Wishing Tree |
Indian Weddings
  • Femina Bridal | | 016-2529142 (S.S. Nathan) - Wedding planning, decor, makeup, etc, Mar 12: Turned the venue into a Rajesthani palace and garden that captured the Rajesthan life. it enveloped the venue with luxury and grandness.
Malay Weddings
  • De Classaflora |
  • Adi Putra Decor | - Nov 15: did an amazing job on the pelamin 
    • JW Design Wedding Decoration | | JB and Klang Valley 
    • Mazzo Di Fiore | | JB - Weddings, Events, flowers, etc.
    • Tina Florist and Decor | | Skudai - Wedding flowers, decorations
    • Figstreet | - Jul 12: Their concepts are very unique and extremely Indonesian Chinese style. 
    • Floral Magic Flowers & Gifts | - TheWeddingBureau SG Score 4.8/5 (out of 25 reviews)
    • Floralsense | Penang | |
    • Cherish Events and Weddings | | Ipoh - Dec 11: The venue has been transformed according to the theme and didn't feel familiar at all. Haide Hooi, started off as a florist 15 years ago. Her floral arrangements are exceptional. 
    • Kisha Mega Events | - Wedding decoration, theme, event management, sound system, etc.
    • Sarah Annabella | 
    • Seven Days Flower | - Apr 15: Professional
    • Gana Creations - FB Page | - Hindu/ Indian Wedding, modern, Western decor, mandap, etc.
    • Kerongsang Emas | - Apr 12: One of my friends kahwin and ambil khidmat dari mereka. That time tengok, the jobs really make me awe. The price not so budget la but u will be fully satisfied. 
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    h&w studio


    Can make whatever font or artwork in polyfoam (or EPS Foam) according to the customer's request. The ready-made decoration materials in the market might not suit every individual's needs.
    Stage decoration and wordings by H&W Studio

    • Weddings by Events Horizon | | Kuching - Jan 14: pulled it off perfectly. Wedding decoration was awesome.
    • TheWedPlan | FB Page | KK - Wedding planner and decorator
    • Kisha Mega Events | - Wedding decoration, theme, event management, sound system, etc.
    • Noneycraft Blogspot | Changlun | | 019-590 4415 - Pelamin, gubahan hantaran, photo booth guest book table, berendoi, candy buffet. Sep 14: Pelamin memang awesome, simple tapi cantik


    1. please add this to the page as well

      Kuala Lumpur Wedding Ministry

      they cater around KL, Ipoh, Kuantan and seremban as well :)

    2. try this too:

      she is flexible, creative and works within ur budget =)

    3. Hi I had engaged service from belle notes. You can check it out more about their service. I will post up some comment when we have more discussion or after the wedding end. Thank you.

      1. Belle notes. Interesting. I like the way they displayed samples of each wedding on their website. So which theme did you pick? fairy tale, garden of eden, oriental, glamorous...

    4. Interested with the belle notes decor as well. How's the event turns out on your big day? Can share?

    5. H&W is giving away 5 sets of wedding backdrop (wordings). However it's only eligible for couples whose weddings are in Nov or Dec 2013. Share this promotion to your friends!

    6. try out A&E!
      very honest, talented and professional team!

    7. I'm thinking of acquiring Belle Notes service to decorate my wedding dinner at Sin Choi Wah since they are situated very near to the restaurant. Has anyone tried with them? Would love to have a review on Belle Notes

      1. Thomas, here's a review about Belle Notes Wedding Hut: Review in Chinese or the Translated version

      2. Heard that their service is bad. Not sincere to deal with couple. Think twice before appoint them.

      3. Review of Belle Note :

      4. Review of Belle Note by a bride :

        我的婚期是上个星期六, 12月20号。

        12月18号, 星期四8点多, Bellx Noxx 老板娘YY, SMS & Call 来要我星期四,最迟星期五, 婚礼前,一定要付完“全数”。

        Booking 的时候,我已经给了50%定金。

        听了,我自然很生气。 这种到底是什么婚宴布置vendor!
        从12月15号开始,我们都忙不停,准备guests lists,准备这和那,那有时间去付钱,因为我们以为星期六见到她才给也没关系吧。
        她call 我的时候是星期四8点晚上了,还有一天就是我的大日子,你要我无论如何在星期五都一定要给钱吗!?!我们还有很多事情要安排的。

        YY她也是说: 不可以,根据她们列的 Term & Condition,一定要婚礼7天前, 付清。

        1 - 我们不满意无理的payment term! 还没做完就要先给完所有的费用。(10% 也不能hold )
        2 - 在我们最忙的时候,打来追钱。 这种婚礼的vendor,有没有职业道德?不会站在顾客立场想,只会要钱。
        3 - 她亲口说,不能付清剩下的50%,她们不开工!

        一轮电话听到这样的要求,我和老公心里当然都不爽了。 = 什么都是她们说完咯 =老公就告诉她,你们不要开工,就cancel, 然后盖了电话。

        Bellx Noxx YY 再也没有打来。
        过后我就收到她的SMS, 说她们cancel 我们的布置了,之前给的50% 是不会退款的。

        我奉劝大家要book 这家公司,看清楚美丽老板娘的正面目。
        = 50% 定金sms 来说不退了
        =最可恶是,她敢敢cancel我的婚礼布置! 老公电话说的,她YY也没问我,就SMS来说CANCEL!


        这样,我唯有打电话向朋友求助,告诉她Bellx Noxx 的问题。 朋友也觉得她们很无理,婚宴都还没开始,就要新人付完100%费用。
        而我们欠她们的,只不过RM2000. RM2000 怕我们没钱给吗??? 还是你的公司要倒闭了, RM2000 都cover不到?!

        朋友帮我找其他布置公司。 晚上11pm,我们找到了Memories De Wedding. 谢天谢地。 这布置公司蛮出名的,后悔当初做么我没定这家,
        被Bellx Noxx Facebook 里美美的照片吸引着,跑去定Bellx Noxx.

        朋友这么快帮我找到这家布置公司,因为之前她的婚礼是她们做的。朋友推荐过我这家,就不懂做么我不听, 搞到现在我多付了。

        Book 另外一间布置公司, 我们要给布置费 + 之前给 Bellx Noxx 的50% 定金拿不回,我比别人给多了50%!
        是不是Bellx Noxx 没有职业操守,婚礼前2天8pm cancel 新人的婚礼。 是要等好戏看,我们什么都没有吗?


    8. Hi. Just to inform that I went to Story Book at Tropicana City Mall last weekend. The shop is closed and empty inside.

    9. I used for my wedding decoration and they did an absolutely amazing job. They helped set up the garden ceremony, the dessert bar as well as my memory corners, stage and ballroom decor as well.

      My Photo Booth was also done by Goh Kel Li from Visual Storytelling (Nigel Sia).

    10. Also I'd like to show you the awesome Slow-Mo video Kel Li and Nigel from Visual Storytelling put together for me while running my Photo Booth for the night:

      It's super fun!!! It was meant to be a surprise for us.. and.. we absolutely love it. :)

    11. I can't find a suitable category. I would also like to introduce my Dessert vendor. Decoration was done by my decorator but Melting Moments by Kah Yie concocts the most delicious dessert, as commented by my guests. I had macarons, biscotti and rocky road marshmallows and the last two are pretty unique desserts at a wedding and that was a big hit with my guests. I also had The Mad Alchemy serving coffee to my guests.

      We wanted a Coffee/Cafe themed wedding hence the coffee! I didn't think he would pour a latte art for all 150 cups of coffee served that night but Chung Lern from The Mad Alchemy said it was SOP! (Standard Operating Procedure!)

      Here are the links:

    12. Hi, not much info about MemoriesDeWedding in this website?
      by the way, i google and found the contact : 012-219 2336
      FB search : "Memories DeWedding"
      Any portfolio to view more of the work?

    13. Hi, please add in Seven Days Flowers from Ipoh, Perak. They are professional and a lot their client are very impressed with their design. Go check out their facebook page. =)

    14. please add as well


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