Eastin Hotel PJ

Type: Hotel

Capacity: 470 pax (Grand Ballroom)

Website: http://www.eastin.com/kuala-lumpur/weddings/
Add: 13, Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7665 1111
Email: info.pj@eastin.com
Positive reviews: a lot of parking. No obstructing pillars. Just refurbished their banquet halls. food is good, been to quite a number of wedding there. reasonable price. happy with the good service, SA was Arlene. guests were happy and gave good feedback about the reception. the decor from the hotel was very good, fresh flowers. Well-trained attendants. all dishes were served hot and in big portion. Good food.

Negative reviews: None yet

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REVIEW RATING:  4/4 (100%)
Felicia @ Oct 2012: I went for a wedding dinner at Eastin, PJ last year and the newly refurbished ballroom looked absolutely amazing (in person and in the photos)! Parking is plentiful, the dinner was good, only the waiter for my table seemed a bit rushed and inattentive which I suppose can happen when they're busy.  GOOD
Joanne babe @ Aug 2012: Hotel like Eastin in PJ will be good. Whole lot of parking for one hotel only.  GOOD
Andrew @ Feb 2012: me and my wife started surveying for a reception venue. Our few filtering criteria was we wanted to have it in a hotel and if possible, we wanted a banquet hall with no obstructing pillars. We want our guests to enjoy the night with good a view of everything that was happening that night. Luck was once again on our side as Eastin Hotel had just refurbished their rooms and ballroom not too long before we enquired. I've been to Eastin Hotel for quite a number of wedding dinner so I know that the food was pretty good. Prices were still reasonable and better yet, its located in PJ.  GOOD
Happybride2011 @ Nov 2011: Yes, like everyone...me and my hubby book the same package RM888++ back in June 2010 from the bridal fair @ MV too. We took 30 tables, Ballroom on our big day. Our wedding dinner just over last October 2011. It was really great and my SA was Arlene. We were really happy with their good services and  everything turned out within our expectation. Everyone ( my guests ) were happy and with good feedback during our wedding dinner reception which make us even happier. I think i would like to share with all of you. 3 main points that we would like to share. (We actually ask personally on each table abt the hotel services & food) :-
1) Decoration - We did not spend extra $$$ to hire a decorator to decorate the ballroom as the ballroom itself was great already. We go with the standard hotel decorations. All flowers were fresh flowers. Decorations was within our expectation and we were really satisfied! :) You may check out their fb page on their pictures.
2) Waiters - Well trained, clean and tidy. During our night was 1 waiter per table. Feedback from guests - Waiter service were good and very fast serving dishes. :)
3) Food - All dishes were served hot. Portions were big. Feedback from guests - Food were good. :)  GOOD

by GalleryCK (Apr 2012)

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  1. I had my cousin's wedding dinner in Eastin in October 12 and the food was BAD! It was a 3 course western dinner. Started off with the soup which was bland. Then the Chicken which was dry and tasteless. When the waiters were clearing the plates, there were sooo much chicken left uneaten. And the dessert was so so. Also, when a relative asked the waiters for some tomato sauce / ketchup to try to redeem some flavor from the chicken, the waiters gave chili sauce and soy sauce saying that they didn't have any ketchup / tomato sauce. Which hotel in Klang valley doesnt have ketchup? And serving western food? We all ended up eating KFC after.

    1. Those interested of Eastin western reception, do have to take note...make sure the hotel is more equipped and ready for a proper 3 course western meal.


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