Jaya Palace (皇宫 ), Wisma LYL PJ

The food is really good. Worth the price you pay for as the food is cooked with good ingredients, scallops are big. Reasonably priced Wedding banquet. Dishes served during wedding banquet were hot & warm, fresh & tasty. The banquet hall setting is pretty nice like Hotel with chandelier. Service is good too. Some people find the place and arrangement of the tables rather cramped up. It is cozy though. 

Jul 2017
Thanks to Imbi Palace Group (Jaya Palace Branch) to make my wedding very successful. The manager (Ms.Yuki) is very helpful and assist me to solve all the issues. The food is nice and the manager is very skillful to control the environment at high tide. Highly recommended.

Mar 2015
I personally picked Palace Group because the menu were one of the most 'worth' because by paying such amount.  Many would think that the place is small but to me, what's most important is the place is decent and not too cramp but yet cozy.

Feb 2015
Had a friends wedding. Restaurant was fully booked with 2 weddings running concurrently. Surprisingly food was actually really good considering how busy the whole restaurant was. So was the service.

Jan 2015
Attended Wedding dinner. Food is delicious! Be careful of man who'll trick you into valet parking.

Jul 2015
The 9-course dinner at Jaya Palace was quite impressive. I loved the large dried scallop inside. You don’t usually get ones as big as this from retail shops unless you’re willing to pay a hefty price tag. There were also two pieces of fish maw inside, a classic Cantonese double boiled soup with premium non-controversial ingredients.

The banquet hall after renovation in 2014 (the new floral carpet instead of the older stripe carpet, also they wrapped the pillars with mirrors to make the room look bigger. The pillars were shelving for little teapots previously):
Aug 2014
They had a major renovation this year to accommodate more tables for wedding receptions. Now they can hold up to 70 plus tables after the renovation.

http://sixthseal.com/2015/07/yee-leng-wing-feis-9-course-wedding-dinner-jaya-palace | Jul 2015
1. Palace Four Season Combination Platter
2. Double Boiled Soup with Cordyceps Flower, Scallop & Fish Maw
3. Steamed Estuary Grouper Fish (Loong Tan) w/ Fungus
4. Braised Sea Cucumber with Pork Knuckles & Mushroom
5. Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken & Mushroom
6. Special Fancy Pastries/ Sweetened Soya Bean with Gingko & White Fungus

https://simplybenji.com/2013/03/06/reeno-phoebe-wedding-day | Mar 2013


Jaya Palace (皇宫 ), Wisma LYL PJ

Type: Chinese Restaurant (owned by Imbi Palace Group)
Menu package 2017:  from RM988nett per table
Max capacity: 800 pax

Website: http://www.palacegroup.com.my/
Add: Ground Floor, Wisma LYL, No. 12, Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7968 2000

Source: sc.com

Older Photos:

by Ken Lee - Basic Concepts Studio (Sep 2011) | http://basicconceptsstudio.com/blog/?p=2026
chit chatting at the foyer of wedding
chinese restaurant wedding dinner

by Grace and Mark (Stories) - May 2010 | http://stories.my/wedding-of-mak-elsa/
modern decor, ambiance
with red ribbon, white cake, 5 tier

Ref: panoramio.com, sc.com

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