Jaya Palace (皇宫 ), Wisma LYL PJ

Type: Chinese Restaurant (owned by Imbi Palace Group)
Menu package 2016:  from RM828
Max capacity: 800 pax

Website: http://www.palacegroup.com.my/
Add: No. 12, Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7968 2000

Positive reviews: the food was not bad. enjoyed the food. the ambiance was not too bad. Lighting was ok.

Negative reviews: if you don't occupy the whole hall, you have to share with others. very cramped-up table arrangement. have to squeeze between tables during march-in. hard time dealing with the PIC, the service is bad. Wine glasses stack fell during pouring of champagne. Not friendly looking foyer for pre-dinner cocktail.

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Rating: 1/3 (33%)
lame couple @ Jun 2011: I attended a wedding there before. I think she only had like 20 tables so is sharing with other couples. It is right that when the couple march it, they seem like have to squeeze between the tables. The food was not bad BUT i heard from the bride, their service sucks! She having hard time dealing with them. Oh ya...when the couple wanted to pour the champange, the glassess that they stack, fall off..lucky is only like 3 levels so no glass broken. BAD
Sinejane @ May 2011: I attended a wedding there. Place seemed a bit cramped to me. Reason I say the place seemed a bit cramped was because the bride & groom had to almost squeeze between the round tables during the 2nd march-in. I don't remember how many tables they had, though. Foyer is not very friendly looking, though, so don't think you can have pre-dinner cocktails with a nice ambience, if you were planning for that sort of thing. BAD
Sinejane @ May 2011: I quite enjoyed the food. The sound system is OK for karaoke-singing. The ambience wasn't too bad, lighting OK, easy to see the LCD screen. GOOD

Yoon Fui & Janice – Reception
by Ken Lee - Basic Concepts Studio (Sep 2011)

wedding host table
jaya palace wisma lyl
chit chatting at the foyer of wedding
bride astonished, smiling
chinese restaurant wedding dinner

Mak & Elsa's Wedding Reception at Jaya Palace
by Grace and Mark (Stories) - May 2010

modern decor, ambiance
with red ribbon, white cake, 5 tier
pour wine closeup
father of bride holding mic

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