Noble Banquet (阳城客会厅), Bukit Bintang

Noble Banquet 阳城客会厅 (by Oriental Group of Restaurants)
Type: Chinese Restaurant
Capacity: Max of 600 pax for events that require a private setting
Wedding Packages 2016:
RM1288nett per table

For below 20 tables:
RM888 (Only from Mon-Thurs) nett per table
from RM988 (including Fri, Sat,Sun & PHols) nett per table

Add: 235, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 2145 8822

Positive reviews: Good food, flavorful with generous ingredient. Pleasantly surprise with the quality of food. Good ambiance. Hall with no pillars. Only one wedding a night. Good service. The service is hotel standard, change of plate for every dish, frequent top up of drinks. All other venues are way below the standard here, hotels included. Would recommend others. 

Negative reviews: Cocktail area was a bit too small.

Rating: 4/4 (100%)
momentspix @ Aug 2012: Noble Banquet in Jln Imbi, KL is good in terms of food and ambience. Inside has no pillars and they only cater for one wedding in a night.  GOOD
everydayfoodilove @ Jan 2011: The wedding dinner which was held at Noble Banquet used mainly yellow and white as the theme. Double-boiled Shark's Fin Soup with Chicken- A very flavourful soup with generous ingredient. It included shark's fin, chicken, mushroom and bacon. Smoked Farm Chicken- Delicious, moist and tender Smoked Farm Chicken infused with beautiful smoky flavour. Fresh and succulent prawn cooked in the simplest way. The original flavour of the prawn was maintained well. GOOD
qiqi @ Sep 2010: I attended a wedding dinner in Noble Banquet 2 weeks back, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food and service provided. The menu is probably custom made, and more expensive than the menus I could see on the website. My favourite dishes includes the starter (cold platter presented beautifully), individual soup, steamed giant garoupa (i hate steam pomfrets or deep fried garoupa), deep fried soft shell crab served with steamed buns (replacing prawns), dessert - 'ma lai kou' and glutinous rice ball with black sesame filling. It's definitely one of the best wedding dinner I've had, in terms of food. The service is hotel standard, change of plate for every dish, frequent top up of drinks, area for cocktail was a bit too small, but then again, usually restaurants don't even cater for that. If the quality of the lower end packages are also equally good, then I reckon it must be one of the best wedding dinner venue in KL and would recommend others to book this restaurant since most of the other venues i've been to are way below this standard, hotels included. GOOD
change @Aug 2010: Noble Banquet Ambience good and Food Good. GOOD

Kim Seng and Su Yin's weddingCK
by enshahdi (Mar 2011)

entrance ancient china
english and chinese charaters
imperial palace door
receive guests
spot light stage light chair covers and ribbon
chopsticks and gold mat
pouring of wie to tier glasses
wedding party

Choon Lit and Kammy's Reception
by Click4loves Photography (Oct 2011)

noble banquet reception hall
seated on the host table
gold cover

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