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Updated: Jan 2015

The consistent food quality offered by Oriental Pavilion Chinese Restaurant at Jaya 33 is its main attraction. The food has always been very delicious compared to other restaurants. People can't stop talking about the superb dishes they tasted during weddings. It has a large stage and the hall is spacious with a few pillars. The ambiance is the typical modern Chinese Restaurant design, not bad but lacks privacy. It charges 50% for food tasting, but with enough bargaining and tables booking, you may get it free (other benefits as well). Located at Jalan Semangat in PJ, the place is center to the residents in that area, if you are from elsewhere, there may be a problem finding it. You can park at Jaya 33 shopping mall or the Plaza 33 next door. Accommodating staffs and good service are plus points.

taking photo reception
http://dexxy.net/2012/08/alvin-esther-wedding-dinner: Wedding Reception

wave grey chairs tea pots

Oriental Pavilion

best dim sum wedding

Wedding Menu Package 2015: from RM999nett (weekend and pubic holidays) per table
Maximum capacity: 600 pax (biggest banquet hall) and 8 private rooms
Car park for 1000 cars

Website: http://www.orientalrestaurants.com.my
Add: P1-04, 1st Floor, Jaya 33, No.3 Jalan Semangat, Section 13, PJ, Selangor 
Tel: 03-7956 9288

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Nov 2014
Oriental the environment not bad but you need go bargain for free tables or benefit or cocktails before wedding during the wedding fair. food for me, not bad as it had their own specialty but Oriental will charge 50% for food tasting.
I had mine dinner banquet at Oriental Pavilion Jaya33 50 tables. Bargain hard, and eventually Oriental gave us FOC for food tasting.
Aug 2014
We have always loved this place. Many friends have had their wedding dinners here and the food has always been very good. We ended up having our wedding lunch here too - and till today, friends still talk about how good the food was
Jun 2012
Had my wedding dinner there – food was absolutely delicious, staff were accommodating.

Stefan and Janet's wedding (Feb 2012)
stefan janet wedding
The newly-wed names on a giant doughnut

garoupa, lingzhi mushroom, tiger prawns
Four Variety Seafood Platter
Pan-Fried Garoupa Fish with Pamelo Sauce
Braised Lingzhi Mushroom with Beancurd Skin & Vegetables
Poached Live Tiger Prawns in Basket

glass window panel, carpeted chinese restaurant
The spacious banquet hall


  1. Oriental Pavilion offers spacious environment for wedding dinners. It has a large stage. and food is good too.

  2. Have recently attended a friend's wedding dinner here. The food is quite good, compared to the other restaurants I've been. However, as there were quite a number of tables at the dinner, the table arrangement is extended to the other side of the room, which I think is a bit odd unlike a normal hall.
    I'd still consider this place since it is easy to find and parking shouldn't be a problem here.

  3. Attended my best friend's wedding on September 2012. As i'm from East Malaysia, I found this place wasn't that easy for us to locate as this Restaurant was located in a mall that is not really well-known. On that day, there are another couple having their reception there as well..So, is kind of mess up when guest start arriving. But, the place was really well maintained with good atmosphere. One thing I need to say is the Food. IS superb! The mall got unlimited parking too (But need to pay i think). If this place can be easily located for west Malaysian, I would recommend this place for wedding reception ^_^

  4. Attended few weddings here.

    Food - good (way better than oriental banquet@sek19 PJ - same group)
    Ambience - typical chinese restaurant
    Service - acceptable

    listed as 1 of my choice :-P

    the only problem to me is the seating capacity. Was informed that the restaurant caters 55 tables. can add 5 more to make it 60 but additional 5 will be in a room separated from the hall.- looks odd


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