Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh (民眾酒家)

Pusing Public (Mun Choong - 民眾酒家)
Type: Chinese Restaurant
Wedding Package: from RM488+ per table (6% government tax)
Capacity: Up to 55 table (First floor), up to 40 tables (Ground Floor)

Add: No. G 57-65 Jalan Verasamy Ipoh (Horley Road) 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel: 05-2419348, 05-2410306, 05-2533428

Positive reviews: Serves really good, delicious food in huge serving. Flavorful and rich in ingredient. Taste quality is better than the restaurants in KL. Very consistent in the food. Famous for wedding banquet.

Negative reviews: Four weddings can happen at the same time, there will be confusion when the couples made their entrance. Singing war (karaoke) during reception. Super lousy ambiance, very china style.

Anyone with tips or photos to share, feel free!

Rating: 3/4 (75%)
eiling @ Jul 2012: No need for glitzy weddings in 5 star hotels or gigantic restaurants as a simple restaurant like here serves really good food. It must have been an auspicious date as there were 4 weddings held at the same restaurant. Now imagine the confusion when every couple made their grand entrance and exit. Then there was this singing war going on. We have uncles & aunties belting out Hokkien songs on the upper floor and my friend has a band singing downstairs. My trip down to Ipoh to attend Su Ann's wedding was so worthwile and that I marvel at every morsel on my plate. During the whole night, I was saying "wah how come the chicken tastes so smooth and silky?" It's Ipoh chicken la... Isn't that what Ipoh is famous for? (no pun intended). The prawns were big, fat, juicy and succulent. Most of the dishes were delicious and I enjoyed it from the Four season platter to the crispy pancake dessert. Now I wonder, why can't wedding dinners in KL give me this kind of taste quality and why do I pay more ang pow for less delicious food? Go figure (I told myself). GOOD
petitchef @ Apr 2012: I can tell you that no doubt about it this is the place famous for wedding banquet. The food is large serving and it?s delicious too. Fried Glutinous Rice with Mandarin Sausages. Flavourful, and rich in ingredients. GOOD
Blumarooz @ Oct 2010: Restoran Public (Pusing) - best food but super super lousy ambiance (very china style) BAD
j2kfm @ Mar 2010: Mun Choong has always been consistent in their food, even during wedding dinners, or festivities. GOOD

Design of the hall which has a few pillars


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