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White House Wedding (closed)
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Add: 1, Jalan SS2/86, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7874 6126

Positive reviews: To buy the gowns, pricing is surprisingly cheap. They range from RM799 to RM1699 for the bridal gowns (most made in China). The bridesmaids dresses range from RM100-200 and some evening gowns at RM499. Love the white gown with flowers at the chest lining which looks elegant.

Negative reviews: Not very extensive selection of gowns,  quite a lot of faux cubic zirconia (artificial/ synthetic cubic zirconia which is a type gemstone similar to diamond) on the bodices, which some brides may not like. 

bridezilla @ Jul 2012
Main aim - look for a dress. We were met by a Steven Cheong (whose name card says Operation Manager), a somewhat quiet and reserved character who took us upstairs on our request to see the gowns. (He probably thought we were spies, but what the heck, can't you see the ring on my finger?!) Not a very extensive selection from what I could see. Most of the gowns were A-line strapless tube tops with beaded bodices and an assortment of skirt materials - creamy thick satin, can can. I quite detest those layered skirts that remind me of anything except how I want to look like on my wedding day, so about half the selection is out. There were about 7-8 metal rows, and on my estimate of about 10 gowns a row, you've got about 70-80 gowns upstairs? And about 60% was white. Some use quite a lot of faux cubic zirconia on the bodices which again I don't quite like (and herein is the disclaimer - views expressed are the author's opinions and you can't kill sue murder fault anyone for having an opinion) Pricing? Surprisingly cheap. They tag the sale prices onto the gowns (which I initially mistook for rental prices!) - and they range from RM799 to RM1699 for the bridal gowns (most made in China). The bridesmaids dresses range from RM100-200 and I saw some evening gowns at RM499. Selection quite limited though.
mala @ May 2012
I love the white gown with flowers at the chest lining. It looked so elegant when I saw one of my friend wore it on her wedding day ! =)) They certainly do have a taste in their selection of gowns especially those simple yet elegant kind of gown.

shanghai pre-wedding photoshoot
Pre-wedding photoshoot in Shanghai, China. Bride wearing a lacy #ballgown.
night view shanghai
Night shooting in Shanghai
crystal beads cameron highlands
#Empire cut wedding gown with crystal beads. Photo taken in Cameron Highlands.
at dessert pre wedding
Green and yellow tones
sexy yellow wedding shoot gown
Dress with a plunging neckline
photo post processing
Some photo post processing
spanish veil
Spanish lace veil

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