Photoshoot, Sun rise/ set by the beaches of Pangkor

Located off the coast of Perak, Pulau Pangkor has the best beaches in the west shore of peninsula Malaysia. The most beautiful beaches are Nipah Beach and Coral Beach. Drive up north from KL for about 3 hours to Lumut town, then another 30 minutes of ferry ride will take you to the island. Why the trouble? First of all it's not as far as traveling to the east coast, the scenery is beautiful, something you can't find in the polluted beaches nearby, and on top of that it is pre-honeymoon for you and the fiance.

pangkor laut resort
Top: Jim Thompson Boutique, Pangkor Laut Resort
Bottom: Uncle Lim's Chinese Restaurant, Pangkor Laur Resort

Photos by Stories' Grace taken around the Pangkor Island Resort:

pre-wedding portrait in pangkor
The beautiful beach, coconut tree, hut and the lovers. Everything is at the right place.
beach photoshoot
The sun set by the beach creates a very romantic mood.
dutch fort
One of the places of interest in Pangkor, the Dutch Fort
fishing village pangkor photo-shoot
The scene of a suburban fishing village and boat
sun rise photo-shoot wedding
Captured the sun rise with the couple sitting on a jetty, beginning of another wonderful day.

Photos by Derek Chai at Pangkor Laut Resort

Jim Thompson Boutique and contemporary bridal gown. Uncle Lim's Chinese Restaurant and traditional cheongsam.
Brilliant shot of the resort


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