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The most talked-about wedding emcee is of course Mr William Lee. Be it forums, feedback on wedding websites or blogs, there is so much mentioning of his name. So I guess naturally he is the person I am going to write about and introduce to you people. As usual I would do my rounds of surveying and examining his work. He speaks very professionally without the "uh" and "err" pauses in between. The words come out natural, they do not appear to be pretentious. Impressive delivery of message as well.

Due to his popularity he would have been booked up to 2 years in advance, so confirm him fast. He may not return your calls as he is extremely busy and he is expensive too. If you are looking for someone to coordinate the wedding day, William Lee is also capable of over-seeing the events for you. I have selected a couple of videos which showcase his talents in hosting wedding events in English and Mandarin.

The bride and groom cut the cake accompanied by William's words and soothing voice during the wedding:

William Lee emceeing the pouring of wine ceremony in Mandarin and English:

Wedding cinematography which shows him conducting the vows and pledging ceremony in English. You have to fast forward to that part, which is a short section:

For his spoken English, here's a clip of William as an emcee for the ISQ 2011 Award Presentation. You can listen to the usage of words, pronunciation, clarity and intonation:

He shows his wittiness as the host in the AVEVA World Summit 2011 at Shangri-la Singapore (English):

It is wise to always refer to feedback of past customers. While we cannot trust every comment 100%, they serve as guidelines for couples to source for the perfect vendor close to their needs. In a nutshell, William Lee is great, everyone likes him, he coordinates the wedding event coherently, is entertaining and funny at the same time. There will be less excitement if all emcees use a similar set of script in every wedding. William stands out in the way that he surprises his clients, in a good way. He also provides suggestions to create a more memorable celebration for the groom and bride.

He obviously know how to market himself as he has a website complete with his resume supported by clippings of him in action and testimonials by his clients which are all available for public viewing. He speaks English, Cantonese & Mandarin. Highly recommended to those with guests from a variety of background.
He also doubles up as 'coordinator' if you require one. This may interest those who do not have a wedding planner but needs someone to keep things organised at the night of the wedding banquet. He will be the timekeeper, planner and coordinator for the banquet, leaving the couple and the family and friends free to enjoy the evening without needing to run around and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
Do note that due to his popularity, he is :
(1) expensive
(2) busy therefore may not return your calls
(3) booked almost 1.5 to 2 years in advance. So do plan early if you intend to engage his services.
But then again, if you view his work online, you will agree that he may be worth every penny.
AnnMarie @ Apr 2011
Yes William Lee was great. He basically helped me to coordinate everything... all my guest like him and as well as the live band. They got many business after my wedding :).
sherylp @ Feb 2011
Yes as John recommended William, he is really a great emcee. I just had my wedding last Saturday. He has done a great job!! He gave us lots of suggestion and made our night a memorable night. He also gave us a surprise agenda without us knowing it and it was really great!!! Definitely no regrets engaging him as our emcee. He has coordinated our night very well and it went smoothly without failed!!! Thumbs UP!!!
Rachel @ Sep 2010
We get to know William on one of our friend wedding, we found out that he is very good in coordinate the whole event, therefore we decided to engage him as our emcee during our big day and yes he did a very good job.
doodlestudio @ Jul 2010
It was yet another heartfelt entertained wedding, with William Lee being the emcee for the whole day has got the ground laughing away!
Sherylp @ May 2010
I have also engaged with William Lee as recommended by my dear friend childish_gal. His charges now is rm1.5k. He is really hot nowadays!

With experience as RTM2 TV Program Host, Speaker, Emcee, Trainer, Translator and AiFM Radio DJ, William has sufficient exposure and knowledge to get the wedding event in control with his pleasing voice. He is also a Program Producer, Event Planner, Event Coordinator and Voice Artist.

William Lee - Professional Wedding Emcee
Website: (this site may be harmful)
Tel: 016-996 5784
Email: or

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