Planning Your Wedding Venue

Westin KL luxe elegant wedding
Choose the right venue that allows you to setup the decor designs that are luxurious yet cozy. Westin's Grand Ballroom's state of-the-art lighting, complete with hand-blown crystal chandeliers, provides the perfect touch for an elegant entrance. Its outdoor space makes a wonderful rustic-luxe wedding ceremony.
Lakesight Galleria exposed walls
Couples these days love a venue like this which is full of character and comfort with minimalist design. With exposed walls and top to bottom glass facade, Lakesight Galleria radiates rustic and industrial charm. Decoration ideas for this contemporary event space with brick walls and concrete interior are endless.
Lakesight Galleria exposed walls
A modern venue created based on the current demand for comfort, love of nature, outdoor and water minus the mosquitoes, worn-out infrastructure, and heat. Bayswater at KLCC's air-conditioned hall of see-through walls gives the illusion that you are in a floating pavilion next to a beautiful garden.
glass facade
From indoor fully air-conditioned garden wedding venue with floor to ceiling glass facade, to a floating pavilion on a lake, there are many options to choose from - English or Asian Themed, Man-made beach or conservatory. Garden wedding venues are usually small, suitable for a more intimate event. 
exclusive table arrangement
With sufficient budget, you can choose from the list of the best luxury hotels in Kuala Lumpur, each its own design and specialty such as more unique menus, architectural lighting, grand decor, hotel staffs are trained to be sensitive to the customers needs, which is your pick?
A List of wedding banquet, ceremony, celebration venues. This is for you to have an overview of the available options in a bigger picture before delving into the individual details.
advance venue search
You can access the wedding venue full list search with over 200 wedding venues, more than 500 reviews and increasing. Search by venue type, location, outdoor options and wedding package price in the whole of Malaysia. The list comes with wedding package quotations (not all), capacity and other details.
garden wedding chairs ribbon
Label:Garden wedding is lovely and presents a cozy atmosphere for your guests to chill. It usually attracts the interest of young, modern couple who wants their big day to be a unique one. While the local climate is not the best condition to hold an outdoor wedding, there are ways to get around it.
multicolor led hall
This page contains pictures of many beautiful and unique wedding venue options for your consideration. Click on the thumbnail and you will see a collage of more photos to have a better idea.
ballroom convention centre
Midlands Convention Centre has a cozy ambiance, is pillarless, and gorgeous looking is similar to a hotel ballroom. The hall is equipped with intelligent lighting, state-of-the-art sound system, four projector screens, 60 x 23 feet stage with moving heads, fog/ bubble machine. It has its own parking lot. 
small weddings
Small weddings are more cost effective. You can go for a venue of your dreams, whether it is a place with an exotic view, a romantic resort tucked away on a remote island, or the restaurant with the most mouth watering dishes.


  1. Dear future brides and grooms,

    I attended a garden wedding recently at the Glenmarie Golf and Country Club in Shah Alam. I would say, that the outdoor setting was nice however the setup and arrangement of guests tables were not appropriate for a wedding. They placed the couple, the family and the stage in the gazebo (which has pillars) while the rest of the guests were seated around the pool area. This arrangement made it difficult for guests to view and listen to the speeches and video presentations. Most guests were busy mingling with each other as the speeches were going on.

    I would suggest if any of you were to choose this venue, then you need to have a clear live projection for guests outside the Gazebo to view whats happening on the stage.


  2. Anyone have any experience in inquiring for wedding banquet through wedding fair? Would it be cheaper or more freebies? What is needed to pay attention during negotiation?


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