Wedding Theme | Variations of White

I always wanted a white wedding, the color of purity most suitable for wedding. I love the color because a wedding decorated with white flowers and ornaments is the most stunning. Unfortunately it is not well accepted by the Chinese culture, hence we decided to go with some purple to brighten up the pale white.

corsage, white gown purple car ribbon
The all-white ji mui team + my cute little nephew, white-purple car decor and corsages
wedding theme- variation of white
church ceremony
White-purple floral arrangement for the church ceremony

white wedding
A white wedding - simply elegant
Creates a mellow ambiance

blue and white theme
Blue+white - not my cup of tea

green white
Green and white is always soothing to the eyes. Nice light green poms there.

White and yellow are perfect mix. Yellow is good color to enhance a pure white setting


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