Nichole PSY Bridal Makeup

Asian girls are alluring in a mysterious way. The task of playing up typical Asian eyes and facial features requires a little more thought. Nichole (with a 'h') possesses a skill that is precious, especially to us. With a twist on a classic, she is able to create a princess out of anyone. The result? a natural and stunning oriental beauty, who will definitely take the center stage on her wedding day.

Nichole was in Taiwan since 2007 where she did makeup freelancing with some of her Taiwanese friends before moving back to Malaysia in 2011. She took makeup and hair styling courses there in the city of Taipei. You can view her beauty certificates at her website: Certificates. Every bride has the right be the most beautiful girl. And there is no reason for that not to happen. Quoting the saying "There is no ugly woman",  you just have to invest on the right beauty and makeup application by a trustworthy artist. Nichole has been described as professional. Her work was given the thumbs up, the makeup was fresh, and gorgeous. She was able to produce the natural results requested by her clients.

Nichole PSY Bridal Makeup 

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You must be wondering how did she do that... let's check out her artistic creations.

Nichole is really talented at creating these amazing bridal styles. I think they are uniquely stunning. It is so addictive to look at because the hair designs and make-up are not what you normally see.