Romantic Beach Wedding at Avillion Port Dickson

A beach wedding is the dream of many ladies prepping for their big day. However it is not all fun and games holding your wedding on the beach. It is important to plan ahead in the event of bad weather, there should be an alternative arrangement. Pick wedding attire that is light weight, comfortable and easy to walk around in.

The hotel received good reviews for organizing a beach wedding. They offer great beach wedding package and menu is mouthwatering. No problem with traveling to the location as there is an easy access to Port Dickson. Thumbs up to coordinator, Amir and the staff for creating a beautiful, romantic and smooth sailing event.

Some of the negative reviews about Avillion PD are their poorly trained and inexperienced staff. The technicians did not know how the AV equipment works. Trespassers are seen at the wedding because the management did not block off the event location as promised. There is extra charge for canopies which the client thinks should be included in the wedding package.

Celine Jong @ Dec 2010
Being a newly wed for over a month, I totally understand the stress that any soon-to-be brides & grooms are going through. If any of you here are planning for a beach wedding gateaway, my personal advice is that, stay away from Avillion Port Dickson... that is, if you dun want to risk having your wedding ruined. Here are my justification and hopefully I could also help you with some useful advice on outdoor wedding:-
1. Unprofessional Service - What would you do when you commit to a 5-star pricing beach wedding (RM110++ per head; RM4888++ for so called wedding package; other miscellaneous items such as canopy, projector, beverages etc. are charged seperately) but all u got in return was a bunch of unprofessional part timers comprise of college students and foreign workers? This is what happened on our beach wedding this 11th Dec 2010 at Avillion PD. These waiters/waitresses are poorly trained, they were all over the place not knowing what to do - language barrier (can't speak proper english and having problem understanding the guests), served the wrong dish to our vegetarian guests on the VIP table despite being told numerous times on what to serve, FORGOT to serve the hard liquor that we brought in and totally did not serve any alcohol during pre-dinner cocktail.
2. Poor and Unprofessional AV equipment & technician - Imagine somebody started figuring out on what to show on the big screen when your guests were seated and looking at it? You can see "Window 97" flashing thru the projector while the technician were trying to figure out the desktop. They couldn't give an explanation why their technician couldn't sort it out before the start of the function.
3. Privacy Issue - First of all, they changed our beach from the Tumasek beach to the Riau beach one month leading up to our wedding. We tried to compromise and my only concern raised was privacy issue, as the Riau Beach is connected to a long stretch of public beach. They assured me that they will block up the place with sarong partition, but on our wedding night itself, there were other hotel guests as well as the public tresspassing thru our wedding venue and no one did anything to stop it.
4. Canopy - Avillion PD pride themselves as a specialist in beach wedding, so it is only reasonable that the resort should have canopies of its own in case of unpredictable weather. However, we find it quite surprising that they actually outsource it from a third party and they marked up the pricing and charged it on us the client. The ridiculous part is, they would advise you to have the canopy on stand-by. So when we probed further on what happen if we have it on stand-by but the weather turns out ok and we dun actually need it in the end, the bottom line is.... they still charge it under our bill (yes, even if it may not come into use in the end). We were quite lucky on this, as we did check on weather forcast the day before and it indicated clear, so we took the risk and did away with the canopy.

The resort later admitted their faults and apologized to us. The banquet manager offered to waived off all beverages and corkage charges. We accepted the apology but still, it is not going to help with the damage that they did to our wedding. As we said to them, we can't have another one and tell our guests we're gonna do it better this time. They can't undo their mistake, they can only learn from it and stop ruining their clients' wedding in the future. They may make an effort to improve, or they may just treat it as another general feedback. We never know. So it's your call whether or not to give them a second chance if you are ever considering having a beach wedding.
hani @ Aug 2010
Let’s face it, a beach wedding, as simple and relaxing as it might seem, costs a lot.  However I found that Avillion, Port Dickson offers a great beach wedding package and with a menu selection that is absolutely mouthwatering. Since it’s located in Port Dickson, it meant easy access (just a bit of a drive!) for our guests who mainly would be coming in from KL. We got in touch with Mr. Amir Shah Osmand, the wedding coordinator who became responsible of putting everything together. From the tiniest little detail to the biggest thing, he helped us out with everything.  He also put things together according to our Alice theme and the staff turned a simple beach reception, into a complete fairytale Wonderland!
Thumbs up to Avillion and their staff for making our big day a beautiful, romantic and smooth sailing event! If you’re looking to have a beach reception, do take Avillion into consideration!

Danny and Jennifer: A beach wedding (Feb 2012)

beach wedding
This is how the beach wedding looks like. Very beautiful and lovely!
registration of marriage at beach
Decoration by Avillion & Javen Florist. The couple said "I do" on the beach of Avillion PD.
round lights like moon at sandy beach
Reception guests were enjoying the sea breeze. Everything went well despite the rain.

Stephen and See Wan’s Wedding (Oct 2011)

paper ball lamp hanging down a string beach
beach wedding reception
beach wedding arch
groom ribbon tie, baloon, flower wedding

Wedding of Hani (Aug 2010)

solemnization under wooden arch, paved aisle
Romantically decorated beach wedding. Solemnization under a wooden arch. The aisle is paved.
wedding romantic
Followed by a wedding reception dinner on the sand.
tilt wooden house, beach sand sun
Perfect location for wedding portraits.
wedding cakes blue and yellow eat me
Cupcakes courtesy of Avillion PD.

Avillion Port Dickson
Add: 3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel: +606 647 6688

Wedding Packages:
International/ BBQ Buffet: starts at RM110++ per pax
Chinese/ Malay menu set: starts at RM1100++ per table
Additional details

Outdoor Venues
  Tumasek Beach takes up to 500 people
  Riau Beach takes up to 120 people

Indoor Venues
  Pelita Ballroom takes up to 180 people

Map (Easy Access to Port Dickson):

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