Planning Your Bridal Make-up, Hair and Beauty Regimen

Her clients found her through researching online as well as friend’s recommendations. And the girls were satisfied with their pleasant encounter with Nichole PSY Bridal Makeup. As described, she is a makeup artist of great responsibility. The outcome was spot-on impressive and natural. She will turn you into a striking princess.
His signature hair style is the most sought after Korean concept hair. Soft curls, the modern loose braids, classic low tie-up, Desmond Makeup + Hair realizes the importance of hair on the entire appearance. You will be amazed by his simple elegant style and strong proficiency in blending the skin color evenly.
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For a super natural make-up, look for Jess Wong - Dress Up Room. She is extremely talented in creating a beautiful pair of sparkling eyes which will affect your overall appearance. The make up blends in so well that you can be yourself; comfortable and real.  
A list of wedding make-up artists and hair-stylists with reviews, contact details, websites...
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It does not matter if you choice is the fine misted airbrush makeup that provides a flawless yet natural coverage or the traditional makeup with its broad array of products, Raynis Chow Bridal Makeup Studio will definitely amaze you with their technique.
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Gather a list of bridal makeup artists online and by word of mouth. Browse through their profile, portfolio, samples of before/ after photos. Compare the quality, reviews, price, etc. Here's a sample of a recommended MUA Yen Makeup. Read More...
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Good makeup is natural to look at and it makes you more attractive. With the combination of slick complexion, sparkling bright eyes and feminine lips, Sharon De'Beauty will make you look as sweet as it gets. Pair with adorable hair styles, it will take years off your face.
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Jessica's Makeup Zone uses various elaborate techniques to create the desired bridal look. She works with creative lines and dimensions for the hair to stand out. To make the eye makeup look more natural, Jessica uses earthy tones and three-dimensional eye contour.
Every woman has her own attractive qualities. It is important to know how to bring them out. Jaimie has a flair for detail-observation and being sensitive to her bride's features. Being versatile and skillful in different styling; grand, casual, themed wedding...she builds a look tailored to each bride. 
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The latest makeup style that gives you the right intensity to look glamorous on camera yet comfortable to look at on the actual wedding day. It is a combination of tricks and skill. Jocelyn accentuates the eyes and face with matching colors, fills the gaps and uses tones in different layers.
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Look at the [Types of bridal hair]; some prefer it curled, straight, fringe, brushed-back, up or down. Consider your wedding dress when deciding a particular style. Steal ideas from the [Celebrities].
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Makeup, hair and beauty are an important part of your wedding. Pick the style that fits your wedding theme, location, event and one that you are comfortable with. Get in here for the types of makeup/ hair design inspirational images.
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When you have all eyes and cameras focusing on you all day, you want to feel confident in your own skin. Schedule your [Label:Beauty] regimen accordingly to avoid unnecessary stress in the last minute; Exercise, facial cleansing, diet, hair care, [Underarms Treatment], etc.
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The bride will look exceptionally well groomed with nicely treated [Label:Nails]. Your beautifully colored nails will be captured in close-up shots such as during the exchange of rings. You can go for the UV Gel that doesn't chip for 2 weeks, natural French Manicure or fancy Nail Art.

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