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Begin by gathering a list of potential Make-up artists (MUA) in your area, through recommendations or online research. Take note of their work, style, price and reviews. Try to look up wedding sites/ forums like:,,, I did my investigation to get a more comprehensive view regarding the most talked-about and well-received MUAs in the country. Feel free to have a look at the data I compiled. You can do so by selecting "MAKEUP ARTIST" on the right side bar.

From there, browse through their profile, portfolio and images on the official websites or FB pages if available. If it doesn't interest you, move on to the next candidate to save time. Jot down brief remarks about the aspects that attract you. Let me bring you through this process by visiting Yen Makeup's website ( Yen posted her most recent bride whose wedding happened recently and I already found something that I like! It's a smart strategy to keep the official website updated.

The first page usually shows the MUA's latest jobs

Types of sensational weaved braid hairdo

Study the before-after images.
The front hair created angles to even out the facial shape.
Yen increased the depth and dimension of the bride's eyes by application of darker shades near the lids.

chinese features to mixed look
What a glamorous transformation! From the narrow-eye Chinese features to mixed-Asian look (the one on the right) with dazzling eyes that pop... 

Pre-wedding photo-shoot style that matches the outfit and theme

Great technique to bring out the eyes, Yen gave the bride thicker upper lid lines, blended in several shades of brown up to the creases, filled the sparse brows evenly. The coral shimmer made the skin look dewy.

Add some notes and links to remind yourself about the noticeable values about the MUA. For example -

Yen Makeup
  • Hair styles: Unique and nice. Elaborate loose braids weaved elegantly. Love the modern hair style.
  • Make-up: Use different shades to enhance the eyes. Intense eye make-up that looks natural. Remarkable transformation. 
  • Inspiration for ROM: Delightful makeup. Simple, long gentle curls with mini front pompadour suitable for a more casual yet important day.
  • Hair Inspiration for dinner reception:

  • Inspiration for pre-wedding photoshoot:
makeup natural
Note to self: To call Yen for a chat at 012-613 7324.

Another very crucial aspect is the reviews about these MUAs. In May 2012, someone recommended Yen's good value make-up package on WEDresearch blog, as she was a satisfied customer. You may doubt the validity of the commenter as she signed it as Anon. In fact we cannot be 100% sure the authenticity of any comments even if they they are written using proper accounts. Throughout the years of finding information online, I tend to not look at the surface but dive into the details, that's what I call "conducting a research" I guess. That will be explained shortly in this post. Sometimes you have to rely on gut-feeling and experience identifying who's telling the truth and who's happy-client-impersonator or a spiteful competitor for that matter. Anon seems legit. She was not over doing it in hard-selling Yen and whatever she mentioned has also been brought up by the others.

good value for money price

Congratulations to CpMoon ( on her wedding! She was attracted to Yen because of her hair design, extra nail art service and affordable price. Her hair looked so amazing and real on her wedding that people asked if that was her genuine hair.

comment about yen makeup
CpMoon's comment on WEDresearch. Source
good skill comment about mua
CpMoon's comment on Yen's blog

The wedding forum/ sites to go to for feedback are malaysiabrides, and personal blogs. It's nice to know some quick tips to Google search what you want precisely. You can do a website specific search by using the "site:" modifier. Include the ("") to search for an explicit phrase. There are at least two MUAs bearing the name of Yen, the other one is Chew Yen. To exclude the word "chew", just add the (-) sign. If you want the results to show similar words of wedding like nuptial, marriage... use (~) in front. Examples: "yen makeup" -chew ~wedding yen make up artist
wedding reception blog yenmakeup eyes

look amazing
Yen meticulously working on the eyes to make them look amazing.

ranul @ Nov 2012
I would like to recommend Yen, my MUA for my big day...her website here: while i was searching for MUA for my wedding, i noticed all makeup almost the same, the diff is on the hair design...and I chose Yen because of her elaborate hair design..her price is reasonable too, including 1 set of nail arts ^^ On time, fast, efficient, friendly, very skillful in hair design...package is very affordable.
CpMoon @ Jul 2012
I booked Yen as my MUA for AD ^^ I was attracted to her service because of her hair design skill and the extra service (the nail art), at very affordable price ^^ The makeup trial was great, and she was quite accommodating to my fact, after the trial she didn't push me to book her or demand the trial makeup payment; it was me who initiate the booking confirmation, lol...I will update again after my AD...can't wait to be made up be her on my big day :)
Anon @ May 2012
Yen offers very good value for her make up package...i hired her as my MUA...see her service from her blog here: I am a satisfied client of Yen...
Compilation of testimonials on Yen
My hubby and everyone liked/ admired the image you created. Love the nice hair-do and make-up. Thanks for your help. you have magic hands and made me so gorgeous. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your work. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Excellent in hair-styling. Satisfied with your professionalism in fulfilling all the requests. MUA with affordable price.

Organize the information of your preferred candidates like this -

Yen Makeup (Tan Shin Yen, Celine)
FB page :
Tel (sms) : 012-613 7324
Email :
Deposit: RM500 to confirm booking
Trial Session: RM150
Booked dates:

  • Hair styles: Unique and nice. Love the modern bee-hive hair. Elaborate loose braids weaved elegantly.
  • Make-up: Use different shades to enhance the eyes. Intense eye make-up that looks natural. Remarkable transformation. 
  • Inspiration for ROM: Delightful makeup. Simple, long gentle curls with mini front pompadour suitable for a more casual yet important day.
  • Price: RM1200 for 2 sessions
Snapshot of Reviews: Highly recommended for the elaborate and lovely hair-do which is different from the rest. Her price is very reasonable which comes with a set of nail arts. She is accommodating to customer's requests and is not pushy. Best value for money. Clients love the makeup.


  1. love this post!!! i will share with Yen this, hehe...^^

    1. Glad that you like this post (where you're featured in) :)

    2. Very beautiful wedding dresses, I love it.

  2. would appreciate if you could help out with a lost for MUA in sabah and sarawak

    1. Hey Su,
      I have added the MUA from Sarawak. it's a small list now, will slowly include more. They don't seem to have a business website to showcase their work.

      Anyone has recommendations? The price is somewhat lower than klang valley.


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