After 1 year and 3 months (since Dec 2011) of productive research and blogging journey, WEDresearch now has its own domain WEDRESEARCH.NET. The old link (at blogspot) will be redirected to the new one automatically. However it's a good idea to bookmark the new URL henceforth. There shouldn't be any major issues. If you encounter problems, do let me know at

Thanks to your visits, WEDresearch is extremely proud of its daily page views stats of 4,787 and monthly page views of 143,610.

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 Alexa Traffic Rank: 237,453 Malaysia Flag Traffic Rank in MY: 1,561

Sadly the individual post's Facebook LIKES has been reset to a big ZERO. Here's calling out to all my devoted readers (and passers-by) to help click on the Facebook LIKE button if you find any posts helpful, nice, beautiful, inspiring...
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Thank you. Terima kasih. 谢谢. நன்றி.

I would love to know your thoughts here... are there any topics you wish to be in this wedding portal? You're engaged, what would be your first steps toward matrimony? Share with us your feelings, how are you going to actualize the wedding plan you have in mind. Do you need assistance? Post your ideas, experiences, inquiries, scribble on the COMMENT section and I will try to respond (to the questions) as much as possible or write a new blog post for it.

In order for WEDresearch to grow, the site needs to garner more "exposure" like social media sharing. At the bottom of each post is a bunch of SHARE icons (email, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Google+), when clicked, it brings up a screen for you to share to your friends in your network.

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I hope I am not asking too much. The more "popular" this blog is, the more it could expand in terms of development of new features and research material.



  1. Thanks for the info sharing. I am planning to hire a live band. notice most weddings they perform jazz kind of music. Feel that is the same and nothing new. I want something different and fun. Still looking for a good band that is very versatile and can adjust to our request.


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