The Raw Note - Wedding Live Band that Hits the Right Note

The Raw Note Wedding Live Band is a musically-versatile group that entertains in varied repertoire of Pop, Jazz, Latin, R&B, and Funk. Established in 2009, after years of performing experience, the band has no problems providing for their clients' wide range of demands specific to the event flavor or theme. The vocalists typically perform English songs, however they are also accustomed to crooning in Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese or Hokkien (Chinese dialects). Most of the songs have been re-arranged, re-written by their talented musicians. They even create their own compositions.

Watch how vocalist, Debbie works it, interspersing the suave Jazz rendition with a bit of Pop added to her personal style. She expresses and controls the tone according to the song's riff. Classically trained pianist Chris is able to harmonize any contemporary tunes with his proficient keyboard performance. Sharil's beautiful saxophone-playing is the best companion of a wedding band for a romantic event. The smooth guitar execution by Joel adds the sentimental element and to keep the beat going, Kit on drums fills the rhythm delightfully.

The Raw Note 5 piece Wedding Live Band (English and Mandarin Songs)
Singer: Debbie Su
Keyboardist : Chris
 Guitarist : Joel
Saxophonist : Sharil
Drummer : Kit Wong

The Raw Note 4 piece Unplugged Live Band 
Mostly English with Cantonese and Mandarin (Duet)
Singer: Debbie Su
Keyboardist : Chris
Guitarist : David Patrick
Percussionist : Small

The Raw Note 2 piece Wedding Live Band
Singer: Debbie Su
Keyboardist Cum Singer: Chris

The configuration of The Raw Note Wedding Band can consist of a female vocalist, a keyboardist cum bassist, a guitarist, a saxophonist cum flutist, and a drummer or a percussionist. It can be adjusted to be in a form of:
  • 2 pieces wedding live band (Female vocalist + keyboardist)
  • 3 pieces wedding live band (Female vocalist + keyboardist + saxophonist OR guitarist)
  • 4 pieces wedding live band (Female vocalist +keyboardist + saxophonist + guitarist)
  • 5 pieces wedding live band (Female vocalist + keyboardist + saxophonist + guitarist + drummer OR percussionist)

The Wedding Team                                                                                                 
debbie, chris the raw note
From left- Vocalist: Female Debbie Su
Keyboardist: Chris Soh/ Male Vocalist
Drummer: Kit Wong
Saxophonist: Sharil
Guitarist: Chern Yau

Their performance garnered good reception from the people who hired them as well as the audience who viewed their act before. It's understandable, possibly the most versatile live band heard locally, the comment says. The multifaceted band can sing any languages well-suited for guests from varied background. The team dynamics manifest itself through their chemistry working together. Proven to be a crowdpleaser, you can rely on the group for a truly melodious night where all your guests can enjoy to the fullest. The singing is impressive, and the musicians are really talented. From playing soothing background music to any upbeat dance-oriented tunes, the Raw Note Wedding Live Band is the most reliable entertainment source that you can engage for your wedding.

Aug 2013
We really love the versatility of what their vocalists’ voices can do! From the latest radio hits, nostalgic oldies, swingin’ jazz numbers, groovy RnB songs, and all-time popular rock songs, they are able to present them at the best you could expect. They have more than 8 talented front-lines with different type of voice ability for you to choose from, and they definitely have all the top musicians from the scene as their back-lines! One thing that is really convincing is their affordable price where professional, polite and patient customer servicing attitude comes along together. That really makes the whole package worth more than it! We were actually kinda worried about the music volume (as some of us will think that having a band playing on the stage while having dinner will be quite noisy and annoying) but we were surprised that they actually adjusted the volume of the whole performance to a very ear-friendly level where we can hear every bit clearly and still be able to talk without yelling at each other! After the whole dinner, Joanna’s guests claimed that they were really impressed with The Raw Note’s performance!
Nov 2012
THE RAW NOTE is possibly the most versatile live band I've seen and heard. They can sing in any languages (english, cantonese and mandarin). I would call them if I have guests from varied background.

The Raw Note strings quartet is a musical ensemble of four string players (usually two violin players, a viola player and a cellist). The string quartet is one of the most prominent chamber ensembles in classical music. Imagine the string quartet playing at your garden wedding providing sweet music to the guests on a uniquely decorated lawn.

The Raw Note String Quartet
1st Violinist : Nik Shareena Rosny Binti Mohd Rosly
2nd Violinist : Fadilah Kamal Francis
Violist : Ayeshah Binti Hassan
Cellist : Abdul Rashid Iskandar B. Abdul Rani

The Raw Note 7 piece Jazz Band, Singer: Stephanie Pianist : Kam Jun
Bassist : Fahmi
Drummer : Amir
Saxophonist : Syafiq Trumpeter : Arif
Baritone Sax : Farin

The Raw Note 3 piece Girl Band
Keyboardist : Grace
Guitarist : Melissa
Singer : Frances

The Raw Note
FB Page:
Tel: 016-207 0957
Contact Person: Janice

Other services: Sound system rental, emcees, dancers, magicians and clowns.

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