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To get hold of Sue Cantik for your bridal make up and styling, you have to book her well in advance. As described by satisfied customer, Syaliz who made a reservation with this highly popular MUA one year before her big day, it was not easy getting her. To make everyone she works with feel comfortable, Sue delivers exceptional customer service! Her helpfulness, friendliness and modesty are the reasons she is adored by every bride-to-be. On top of that, she was able to produce the results that not only met the client's requirements, but also garnered numerous praises.

@ Jun 2012
I nak igtkan sue kadang kadang memang susah nak dihubungiif u really really want her service, jgn give up call sue. or u can leave her a msg via sms. i tried to call her for almost a week baru dpt contact sue cantik. As usual, kalau sms, bagi tau tarikh, time, and venue ok. Baru nampak u serious. Saya book sue setahun sebelum majlis! tak silap i kalau u book sue, kene bayar deposit and its not refundable. And back in 2011 she charged more than 900 per session tak termasuk transport. Lepas tu service semua 1st class setaraf vvip!! Sue jugak amatla nice and humble!! Hari tu, ramai puji makeup cantik. Sampaikan pakcik kedai yang saya selalu tumpang makan pun tak cam saya. hahahaha. setakat ni saya memang tak rasa menyesal hire sue cantik. it worth every penny!!

green bride beige tudung
adjust the outfit
heaving bridal makeup for malay wedding

A different BTB, Nana testifies that she was incredibly pleased with her wedding reception makeup by the amazing Sue Cantik. She wrote in her blog about (again) Sue's awesome personality. The bubbly make-up specialist's natural sense of humor made everyone laughed. And most importantly the fun atmosphere took away the bride's wedding jitters. D-day arrives, and you have a few hundred things/ worries in your mind. You can imagine how wonderful it is to have a make-up artist who knows how to crack a joke or two to calm you down while taking care of your desire to look stunning. Sue listens to the bride's pleas and adjusts the bridal design conforming to the specifications.

TV3 personality and blogger (whenheproposedisaidyes) Yuyu selected Sue Cantik as her number one choice of MUA for her wedding. Sue did a wonderful job for her solemnization ceremony makeup. The face was absolutely flawless thanks to her base application and priming skill. Her shading and contouring technique made the bride's face looked slimmer. However the hair did not hold properly, it became disorderly after the 2-hour Nikah session.

The amazing thing about this MUA is her ability to capture my attention in finding out more and more about her experience, personality, popularity. Don't you think so?

Nana @ Feb 2013
For my nikah, my make up was a bit darker but I think that’s happened for various reasons (Powder, lighting & not having enough sleep etc) Take note bridezilla out there! Get your beauty sleep before your special day.. And dah memang kulit golap banyak complaint pulok:p But I was incredibly pleased with my reception’s makeup. He has an incredible personality and was absolutely hilarious. He was so fun to hang out with while getting ready and kept everyone laughing. He also kept my nerves at ease which was great because I was way more stressed than I thought I’d be. I can’t recommend him enough. We had so much fun getting ready for the wedding and not having to worry about anything but being pampered! Him and his assistant were fun yet very professional. I felt like I have known him for years! He listened to my desire and requests after i commented on my solemnization’s make up. He came on my wedding day and made me feel like a BRIDE! His personality is what makes him so perfect person to work with! Thank you, Sue Cantik 019 274 2947
May 2012
She did a wonderful job for my solemnization (except her hair spray didn't hold strong, so my hair serabai already after 2 hours, so yes... i hate my nikah hari a lot) . anyway, i looked slimmer on my solemnization day. As for my reception, not quite satisfied with her make-up service. the makeup was so-so. i didn't like my leper hair. and color on my face, not enough (i think) for a night reception. urgh. my cheek looked chubbier, and the shading at my jawline was not at the right place, so tak nampak runcing pun. :( Sue Cantik is a famous make-up artist. very very friendly and humble. Her rate is RM1000 per session. Foundation / powder / base whatever u call it, sangat best! flawless gila muka.

sue makeup
Nana's wedding. Before and after makeup by Sue. The bride's eyes were intensely accentuated.
flawless skin
Amazing skill of primer application to produce the flawless skin look
if you are up for it
getting married
TV3 news presenter/ host, is her name Yuyu Aziz?
styling meet your requirements
The makeup and styling that are able to meet the bride-to-be's beauty requirements.
getting ready for wedding makeup
full makeup
humorous mua in action
The super friendly, bubbly, humorous make-up artist in action. 

Sue Hamid/Sue Cantik Bridal Make-up
Tel: 019-2742947
FB page:
Rates: RM1200 including transport


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