The BanQuet Restaurant (三川楼), Kuching

Unfamiliar with the wedding venue choices in the cat city (Kuching), Sarawak, I had to perform a more thorough search for the available and popular options there. I came across the Banquet Chinese restaurant located at the Third Exchange Commercial Centre. This contemporary structured restaurant is a pleasant venue for your wedding reception or engagement party. A stand-alone building with its own waterfront esplanade and lush landscaping, the Banquet is one of the most preferred locations for wedding events. The biggest hall could accommodate up to 55 tables. 

Its team of creative chefs is there to impress you with their vast menu of Chinese dishes. They change their menu selections from time to time to ensure that the re-visiting customers get a taste of their new flavor and scrumptious delight. The wedding food is yummy, their dessert especially. Couples were happy with the portion being served on the wedding reception. Generally the feedback has been positive, and the encounter with this restaurant was usually a pleasant one (other than the dummy cake)... I love the arrangement of the ceiling down lights that look like a bunch of pretty stars.
I have been curious how different is the wedding food in the east. I have been to Kuching and savored the kolo mee which you can find practically everywhere. How about food at wedding banquet? Similar cooking method and taste?

Jul 2010
Decided earlier on that we would do a bit of DIY work on the cards, coz the free card design that was provided by The Banquet was nothing to shout about…and the mom has refrained me from choosing from their nicer designs and topping up $$ for it. She says, it’s gonna end up in the bin also anyways…no need to waste this kinda $$. True, but still…can’t stand having cards that look too ordinary le. So what we did was to buy nice pretty ribbons to line the backbone of the card and an angel stamp puncher (only $2 from Daiso…it’s a steal!) to add life to the front of the card.
didi @ Jun 2010
The Banquet has become one of the most popular restaurant for wedding receptions. Last week, I have attended another wedding dinner here. I can't remember how many times have I come here for wedding dinner. All I can say is A LOT! Each time I'm here, the menu are different. I must say, I salute their creativity to create different types of set menu for occasion like wedding receptions.
The food was yummy, but we didn’t get to eat much...
Compilation of forum comments @ Apr 2010
Before that we hard the portion isn't big thus I keep on remind them and we are happy about the portion on that night =) Both HB & me like Banquet's dessert. For the dummy cake set provided by Banquet .. mmm if for the old one really not that nice and they only give you a small slice of cake to cut. Maybe you can get them to send you the dummy cake set's photos for you to choose =) I'm having my wedding dinner at The Banquet. Actually you can negotiate the corkage for the beer to RM10, coz that was what they gave my parents when they asked. Venue chosen is The Banquet Hall, I prefer the environment there. I have pleasant and happy experience with them.

fit up to 55 tables
Prefer the environment there. The hall could fit up to 55 tables (550 pax)
different type of wedding food yummy Creativity in creating many different foods. The food is yummy too...

pouring wine glass, love the food
treasuredlovenotes: she likes the food

walking into reception hall red carpet
Busy at the reception area. Bride and Groom walking into the reception hall.
stage, vip table, orange golden table cloth
The banquet hall, stage and host table setting
band playing guitar at background
The older version of the dummy cake provided by The Banquet restaurant is not that nice
dance floor wedding Dance floor is open!
bathroom beautiful
The Banquet: Bathroom, and other areas

It is a sweet and simple venue for a minimalistic wedding celebration. The design is not too fancy nevertheless this place is special and modern in its own way. You are entitled to a list of banquet benefits such as complimentary invite cards, dummy cake, champagne glasses stack, the usual stuffs. Not sure what are the terms though, have to check with them. The invitation cards are nothing to shout about - rather ordinary looking.

can add ribbon diy
The ordinary looking complimentary wedding invitation cards from the Banquet - can be made nicer with a simple ribbon.

The Banquet  三川楼

structure and design
The modern looking restaurant structure and interior design

Add: Sublot 29, Third Exchange Commercial Centre, Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli, Kuching, 93250, Sarawak
FB Page:
Tel: +60 82–451 414
Fax: +60 82–457 414
Sales and Marketing Department:
Tel: +60 82–451 414 / 453 144
Fax: +60 82–457 414
Email (General):

The restaurant serves halal food (certificate presentation)
Wedding menu 2017: from RM 498.00 +6% GST (Per Table)

BanQuet Main Hall – 55 tables
BanQuet Garden – 22 tables
BanQuet Rafflesia – 9 tables
BanQuet VIP Room – 10 tables
BanQuet Heliconia – 20 tables

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