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A bride is more confident when she knows she is in the good hands of a skillful makeup artist (MUA) - beauty expert Carmen studies her bride's skin tone, facial features and texture carefully before designing the wedding make-up/ look. Her style is about creating timeless and eye-catching beauty which depends very much of her creativity in shaping the features. Every woman wants to look and feel perfect for her big day. With Carmen Wong's expertise, there is no problem for you to transform into a glamorous (drop dead) gorgeous star of the day who resembles the models on fashion magazines. She is a true artist.

Carmen Makeup has launched Air Brush makeup from USA to all brides. You will enjoy a FREE upgrade if you sign up the package now.

Benefits of Air Brush Makeup :-
1) Cover and soften skin blemishes, age spots, wrinkles, pimples, pigmentation and redness.
2) Makeup look sheer and fresh without cakey feel.
3) Allow natural blending with your own skin without blocking your pores.
4) Long lasting incredibly water resistant. 

The colors blended naturally and she looks fresh!


looking up the camera, hairband
Carmen carefully contours the face to make you a timeless beauty
everyone can be superstar from makeup
Nothing is impossible. Everyone can look like a super star!
close up camera ready makeup
Bridal look that is camera-ready, even close-up
pretty face, elegant hair
The result: pretty face and elegant hair
malay wedding style
simple dress
holding flower, bride

Customers from abroad (Singapore, Australia, etc.) who come home to Malaysia for their weddings, those whose hometowns are across the country, in the suburbs, away from or located in the Klang Valley seek Carmen's professional makeup service to make their special day a memorable one. Planning a wedding or finding the fitting MUA (especially from another country) is a challenge. The girls can only rely on reviews from former clients (if they exist), browsing through the MUA's previous work, communication by email or maybe phone, and occasionally words of mouth.

Let's look at some feedback about Carmen Makeup. Sharon from Singapore said the great makeup and hairdo by Carmen made her look so pretty and sweet. Her clients love her work because it makes them beautiful. Happy bride Grace Lim CS commented that she loved the natural makeup and the western hair-do which was simple yet elegant. The styling removed the tiredness from her complexion bringing out a very fresh look. Carmen was always around to touch up and adjust her attire. The big romantic curl had a slimming effect on her face, produced the princess bridal image she requested. The efficient MUA only took 20 minutes to change a style. She was professional and charged reasonably.

different location bride
Testimonials of Carmen's satisfied customers from different locations
natural fresh bride makeup
Carmen's technique in creating natural, fresh and fine-looking bride
closeup covering head cloth
yellow dress, and wedding gown
green white flower hair
Attractive bridal hair

Bride: Grace Lim CS (Wedding on Dec 2012)
Makeup and hair: Carmen Makeup
Florist/ decorator: Elegant Scent
Photo and Videographer Jayz Yong from Picture Creations

Jul 2014
She was my MUA 2 weeks ago. She did an excellence job. Highly recommend her to any future brides. Thank you very much, Carmen Bridal Makeup
Gracecslim @ Jan 2013
First of all, a BIG thank you to Carmen who make me a gorgeous bride on my wedding day. She help me to make up for 3 of my reception dinner and of course wedding actual day. A lot of my guests ask for her contact from me..
In the first wedding reception, she make me a more natural look make up and western style hairdo. i love the braid hairstyle, simple yet elegant. All my friends from local or oversea guai lou love my make up and hairdo.  
On my actual day, we start make up at 4.30am. and she is so punctual, she reach my house at 4.25am, before i am ready. my skin was in a very bad condition that day due to not enough sleep, tired as all the brides do.. my skin is dull, and my dark cycle is pretty serious. at first i was very worried, but after 2 hours Ta~ Da~ no more sleepy bride and i am a fresh, and beautiful after her make up. :p i love the nude make up base, brighten up my skin perfectly! She also help to touch up again before i step in my hubby's house. i can always notice a girl check me from far, touch up my lipstick, tidy up my hair, my veil, and my gown.. she is a very sweet and kind MUA.
In the evening, i told her i want to be a princess (hahaha). she put a wig on top to make my face slimmer, with big romantic curl at the side and a princess tiara.. it match my dream gown (princess can-can gown) perfectly.. she also borrow me a very long lace veil, she make me truly like a princess that night! at the make up side, she make my eye bigger in the evening, smoky eye but clean and fresh..
i march in with full of confident and it was so sweet to be a once a life time princess.. haha..
She took about 20 minutes to change my hairstyle and make up for second march in which i think its pretty fast. a low bun with red roses with red color lipstick to match with my red and black cheongsum.
She gave me a lot of advices on hair style and make up to match my chubby face. She is very professional, patience and kind. I am so glad to have her as my MUA with professional service and reasonable price. =) Thank you Carmen!

flower hair, makeup necklace
Bride Grace Lim CS says "All my friends loved my makeup and hair. Thanks Carmen!"
big bow hair
Beautiful princess bridal look with a big bow as requested

Grace's Wedding Day. Makeup + hair by Carmen Wong (Carmen Makeup)

Carmen Wong Makeup


FB Page: Carmen Bridal Makeup 
Tel: 012-352 9230

2 sessions of bridal makeup and hair: from RM900


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