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moneymagnetbabe (Nov 2011) was noticeably pleased with her pre-wedding photos by My Dream Wedding House (MDWH). The credit goes to the man behind-the-camera photographer Charles who did such an amazing job. All the photos were captivating, making the photo-selection a challenge for the bride because she liked all of them. She adored the quality of the photo album as well. Their photo shooting was done locally at Full House Sunway Giza and Port Dickson. While she loved the photography and the gorgeous European-style gowns, there was a problem where the photo-development was delayed. They got the photos only after her husband voiced his dissatisfaction demanding for speedier processing. Other options: List of Bridal Shops

With not many choices of gowns to select from, the bridal shop provides a small collection of gorgeous wedding and evening gowns. Their Swarovski crystal embellished gowns are absolutely lovely, they come with additional charges. Most of the sales assistants (SA) are gentle and not pushy. If you are looking for plus size gowns, you have found the right place! MUA Raynis is good at what she does, beautifying the clients.

wedding photography at sea
MUA: Jeron. PG: Charles. SA: Angel
trees and dry grass background
popular in hongkong
Photo-shooting on a yacht is very popular in Hong Kong (I think...)
hong kong pre wedding
advertisement for bridal shop
At Penang Fig Tree Resort, Sungai Ara
sitting posing
shooting under hot sun
Worth all the effort being soaking wet and blazing hot
pre wedding amazing
wedding shoot with horse, equesterian
You can try to pose this way
athens theme wedding shoot

cover, editing, template
Photo album
bridal house
Gorgeous gowns

MDWH partners with Mona Lisa and France Bridal Salon in Hong Kong to manage the logistics, and execute the photo-shoot there. For the most part couples are satisfied with Mona Lisa Bridal's efficiency and professionalism. Hongkies are all about speedy service delivery. The customers can request as many shots they want, the crew would patiently get the work done for a pleasurable experience. Every bride-to-be is entitled to "many" sets of gowns and hair styles. Of course this is subject to the availability of the gowns selected. A bride picked 20 gowns online but end up only getting 3 because the others have been taken. She found out the day before shooting when she was supposed to try out the dresses. Do communicate with the SA's (Nuptial Initials) in Hong Kong to go through the checklist and confirm the gowns first.

The Hong Kong package (costs about RM5888) does not include AD arrangements such as car decor, wedding day gowns/ suits, corsages, bouquet... Follow up closely with the timeline to avoid issues before your wedding. Check with them about the album posting from Hong Kong as it can be delayed.

Oct 2012
Many people complimented my pre-wedding photos. Yeap, it was from My Dream Wedding. Like any other bridal studio, their consultants are quite pushy too. But I really love the gowns that they have, they are oh-so-gorgeous! The photographer is very friendly and experimental. And I super love the make-up artist. But her charges are twice the market price because she uses high end products and I don't need to talk about her skill, OMG! If her price is not that high, I would have so totally hire her! Thank God the bridal studio provided her for my pre-wedding photos! Yippee Yai Yay! Makeup: Raynis
Various comments @ Nov 2011
I went there last month, I did not book with them because we cannot agree on several things. I find that Lasposa and Victoria are more accommodating to their clients.

I actually had a good experience with My Dream Wedding House. We went to Hong Kong with Mona Lisa for our Pre PS and had a blast. I'm still waiting for our album though.

If you want a BS that has a good selection of wedding gowns, look for another BS. My Dream Wedding House does not have a wide range of gowns to choose from.

I attended their wedding fair in Mid Valley and paid for the deposit that they required. I went to their shop to finalize PS schedule and was dismayed to know that they require us to pay the full price right then and there. From the shop, I called my bf and told him about it and he told me to tell them we will go somewhere else if they demand that we pay more than a month from the PS date. After I told them what my bf said, they said okay but that we will not get their freebies.
Aug 2010 on Mona Lisa in Hong Kong
Pre PS:
1. MDWH staff will talk to you nicely, give you that give you this, take back some if you dont sign up now.
2. Give you RM2000 vouchers & etc etc etc
3. Restrict you how many pieces you can shoot, restrict you how many hair change and make up you can take

PS in Hong Kong with Mona Lisa:
1. I really praise how the HK people work. Fast, efficiant and professional.
2. Their motto is, no matter what I do or how I do, my client must satisfied. I can shoot for you as many pics you want, from
morning till night as long you are happy.
3. You have how many clothing to change, I give you how many sets of hair change and make up (not like MDWH)
4. Every change they will ask you, like the makeup? like the hairstyle, like the accessories, want to take a sample shot?
So everything is ok? haooy? like it?
5. I even take extra shots out of their ordinary programe
6. Photo choosing session - a pleasant and nice one, you were given your own computer in workstation, you sit down and choose the whole
day, no one will disturb you.
----Thanks Mona Lisa, highly recommended---

Preparation for AD - choose MDWH:
1. Album from HK was late, said 3 months, but not arrive in time, SA dilly daily, so i got fed up and start scolding.
Promise 3 months, but already reached 3 months but no follow up, still blur that the time is up.
2. SA dont entertain you anymore. you want you come if possible you dont come.
3. E-mail no reply
4. Use 2000 bucks voucher choose gown. SA pick the wrong gown
5. Not many gowns to choose
etc etc etc etc

Conclusion : If you are thinking of not going to have wedding banquet, no need decoration for cars no need corsarge, yes, you are on the right track, Mona Lisa is the place for you, you want those after sale service, forget it, engage Malaysian BS or freelancer.
Various comments @ Dec 2010 – Aug 2012
My hubby totally into the france bridal by angela baby but we end up chose the Mona Lisa coz they say the studio for that is much more modern. We'll be going for our pre-wedding shoot on 1st april 2011. 

They have a RM2888 package for 2 gowns and 1 tuxedo.

i had sign the package for RM5888 , i had paid RM2000 for deposit, goin to take my wedding pic on March 2012..and the SA told me i had to made full payment b4 im going to HK...

i just had my pre-wedding shoot there well their service is good and people there are friendly. Maybe the package price is slightly higher than other BS but so far i have compare to many other BS their quality is better so is fair enough to pay for the amount.

i have been there and look at their gown. it is very nice and they even show me their Swarovski collection but ofcourse there is additional charges for that. but i kinda like their gown so i decided to sign their package by next week.

Photos - I didn't go to Hong Kong for it, just in KL. The photos turned out really nice. On the day of choosing photos, we weren't very happy with their staff pressuring us. They keep pushing from behind. In the end, my hubby suckered into buying 40 more photos costing us an extra RM4000++ because he thought I wanted them. My advice is for you and your partner to actually fixed an amount of photos to take before you choose so you won't be affected by these people. RM4000+ can be used for a nice trip!!

Wedding Gowns - On the day I went in to choose gown for actual day, I only realized there weren't many choices. I ended getting the two gowns I tried on before signing up their packages. My advice is for you to try the gowns and find one you like before signing up. Some of the colorful gowns are like curtains. Also, by the time I chose my gowns, most of the hair accessories were already taken. Choose early...

Other than these two, I think their service is quite good. They are quite honest in giving least my SA is.

They only have 2 photographer and for my info they trained in Hong Kong so dont worried bout their skill. My make up artist was Raynis she did a fabulous job. Like her make up very much. As long as u communicate with them what you want and i believe everything will come out perfectly. :D

i would like to share some experience here with My Dream Wedding. Actually im kinda fat and i have look through alot of bridal house in Pj and Loke Yew but can't find a gown that suits me. Im glad that My dream wedding can solve my problem . There is alot of choices for bigger size gown so my advise if anyone who is bigger size you can take a look at My dream wedding.
Comments @ Apr 2010
i asked for the package for local is around 3888 (after deduct cash voucher 500). not include the gown for actual day but they will provide a 1500 cash voucher for gown rental. i have checked the gown rental with them is around 800~2000. it's quite expensive for me..

i have signed up my dream wedding La Mer package. We made our way all along to Hong Kong for photoshooting and the outcome is very disappointing. A lot of thing they claim is not truth. They told me their Hong Kong make up artist is very professional. They will provide the checklist for you to check on before bringing you out for photoshooting but this was not done in our case. We only try out the wedding gown one day before photoshooting in Hong Kong. Before that we can go online to make selection of 20 gowns. However, they only gave 3 gowns out of my selection to try out cause the rest already taken. I am having a hard time to choose gowns. They claimed transport is provided but we actually took bus for outdoor shooting. Can you imagine you are wearing bridal gown and taking bus. Our package is La Mer package so the essence is on photoshooting on yatch but most of the photos turned out badly as our eyes look akward (one line due to half opening). Stiff body posing as well. I wonder how could this photographer being so unprofessional! He should tell us and not jz quick shooting to finish his job. I am totally disappointed. The worst is when we ask my dream wedding on what else they can do, they told me there is nothing they can do. Again, this is upsetting me. When things go wrong, we need a propose solution and not just "NO" to "entertain" us. The package finally took me about 10k. Is not worth at all. Though you are not going overboard for the photoshooting but my advice is NOT. They also have very limited gowns for us to choose. Hence, you can get better from any bridal house and for more things like actual day make up, car deco and etc.

My Dream Wedding House

pj kl

FB Page:
Add: Unit B-1-01, Neo Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdanan, 47820 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03-7726 0998

Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 8pm
Sunday and Public Holiday: 11am - 6pm
Closed on Monday

Partners in Hong Kong:
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