Wedding Car Rentals in Malaysia – One for the Boys!

While the girls pine for the most beautiful gowns and banquet, what the groom really want for their big day are toys for big boys! So this article will take you through a vroom-vroom ride of various car rentals that provide that special ego boost during your wedding day. The prices stated below are all taken off their websites at the time of writing; so do check the sites for latest updates. early bird offer starts at RM599 and they seem to only have ONE car; a TD2000.


If you don’t fancy a the locally made TD2000 maybe you’d enjoy a Bufori instead from the prices are more expensive though; starting at RM1088
The classy Bufori

For something flashier you can try prestigelimo. The awesomely handsome cars come with chauffeured services. Considering that you are kings and queens for the day, you shouldn’t mind the handsome prices as well. Minimum period of rentals are 3 hours with 12 hour daily rentals also available.

Prices vary depending on models: What are they you might ask? (Do check their website for latest rates)

Bentley Flying Spur
Hourly Rate: RM 700
Daily Hire ( 12 Hours): RM 7000

S600 Pullman
Hourly Rate: RM 600
Daily Hire ( 12 Hours): RM6000

Porcshe Cayenne
Hourly Rate: RM 450
Daily Hire ( 12 Hours): RM 4500

Ok, so maybe you don’t like “Uncle” looking cars,  you can head-on over to and get yourself some SERIOUS wheels!

A head turning Hummer 2!
RM3600 per day with chauffeur
RM2800 half day with chauffeur
A silky smooth Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 (Matte Black)
RM7000 Per 5 hours (attended)
Ferrari f430 Scuderia (3 Units Red or Grey)
RM6000 per 8 hours (attended)
RM5000 per 5 hours (attended)
RM4000 per 3 hours (attended)

Today’s a short post, stay tune for the next post when we get very serious on those hot models and where to get the best deals (those who want to promote their hot rentals deals, do let know too!)


  1. Only RM7000 for a Murcielago? Sign me up for that. That matte black with the red trim... yes please!

    David |

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