Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya

Capacity: 550 pax | The Crystal ballroom PJ has been refurbished in Feb 2013. It is one of the hotels in Klang Valley which offers lower priced wedding packages. The wedding organizers from the hotel especially Ms Thilaga handled the event professionally. Delicious food. It's a great place to have a wedding. Nice ballroom but there are pillars. Not every staff is friendly though.

Other photos:
The ballroom

before and after renovation
Left: Renovation. Right: Completed
crystal crown ballroom with pillars
Renovated Crystal Ballroom in 2013 (with pillars)
scupltures for wedding
from Crystal Crown FB: Swan ice carving sculptures

crystal crown pj, bersanding well decorated
July 2012:
before renovation, tables reception
Before renovation: The ballroom

Chinese food
wedding food in hotel
Outstanding Malaysian cuisine

Nov 2017
The best of the best wedding in this place
Dec 2016
I would like to thank the organising team, especially Ms.Thilaga for making my wedding dinner a successful event. The event management was handled professionally and the food was delicious. Thanks also to all the staff who were assisting us on the day. Thanks for making the dinner reception a memorable day for us.
Sep 2016
I just came for a wedding dinner on 19th, everything was fine till we went to the receiption to validate our car park ticket. We only received a very bad service by your front end staff. Not even a smile nor a thank you. Frontliner really represents your hotel culture.. too bad that two staffs have a very bad impression.

Crystal Crown Hotel PJ

FB Page:
Add: 12, Lorong Utara A, Off Jalan Utara, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-7958 4422
Fax : 03-7958 7223

For further enquiries, please contact the Sales team:
1)      Shamini – 016-2014185
2)      Sandy - 016-2139322
3)      Nabila - 016-2014186
4)      Thila - 016-2014183
5)      Nassier - 016-2620018

Wedding Packages 2013
Wedding Packages Chinese Set Dinner:
Menu 1 ~RM 1,100 per table
Menu 2 ~RM 1,200 per table
Menu 3 ~RM 1,500 per table

Wedding Packages Malay Set Dinner:
Menu 1 - RM610.00++ per table
Menu 2 - RM660.00++ per table

Wedding Packages South Indian Set Dinner:
Menu 1 RM600++ per table
Menu 2 RM700++ per table
Menu 3 RM850++ per table

Wedding Packages North Indian Set Dinner:
Menu 1 RM600++ per table
Menu 2 RM700++ per table
Menu 3 RM850++ per table

Seating Capacity: For sit down banquet up to 550 pax.

functio rooms in crystal crown pj
crystal crown malaysia



  1. Hi we signed up the package for next year due to :
    1. Convenient location - PJ Area
    2. Hotel - reasonable price and covered most just have to bring yourself in!
    3. Ballroom - superb like! Grand ballroom (min 30 tablets up to max 50 tablets) with high ciling, big stage and staircase upper level (can use as dance floor)!
    4. Service - Speedy response PIC, not calculative
    5. Foods - Halal, new menu for new year but yet to be rate after the food testing

    Hehe willing to share details to all BTB...just leave a msg here if you want any info! :)

  2. skylove,

    Can you email me your quotation and details please? my email is Thanks.

  3. Hi skylove, can you share with me as well?

  4. Hi Iris and Esther...okie will sent to your email! :)

  5. Hi just a quite update for the dinner set...
    Wedding Packages Chinese Set Dinner:
    Menu 1 ~RM 1,100 per table
    Menu 2 ~RM 1,200 per table
    Menu 3 ~RM 1,500 per table

    Their grand ballroom and foyer just refurbished and can check their FB for latest photos. Hope these are helpful and pleased to share with all BTBs here :)

    1. thanks skylove, I've modified the package price. the details on their website is not updated.

  6. Hi,

    I am interested as well. Can you email to pls? TQ

  7. I'm having my reception there this November. :)

    So far my communication with Nabila (Crystal Crown Hotel) has been pleasant. Quite concerned about the parking though. Apart from the food (have not reached food tasting yet), I am loving the new refurbished ballroom. :)

  8. Hi i just want to check on the ballroom rental...please email me to

  9. Hi I intend to have a Chinese wedding dinner at the restaurant with capacity for 22 tables. How was the food? Was parking a problem? Any useful comments you think will help? Thanks for your help.

  10. hi im interested in north indian wedding package...can you please send me the quotation to

  11. The Chinese Menu for wedding is good. I would like to know whether anyone has tasted their dishes? Any input on the chinese cuisine taste as well as the services of the hotel staff is greatly appreciated.

  12. can u pls email me the quatation. for indian wedding menu 1


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