Registration of Marriage (ROM) Procedure by the Registration Department (NRD)

The information here is based on my own memory as well as a few websites I referred to. Any inaccuracies, kindly let me know by commenting. This is only a guideline. You may visit or call the NRD at your district for verification: NRD (JPN) Branches

The Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce) Act 1976 came in force on 1st March 1982. From that date The Malaysian law only recognizes civil marriages that are registered. This law is only applicable to non-Muslims. The purpose is to avoid cases of bigamy.

For a list of Assistant Registrars of Marriages: Click Here, if you prefer to have the registration of marriage done at temples/ associations, etc. instead of NRD. Malaysian couples who wish to register customary or religious marriages in churches, temples or associations are required to go to any National Registration Department office to confirm the information on the marriage application and to pay a fee of RM20.00 for the Marriage Register.

More info: Registration of Marriage for Non-Muslim by JPN or NRD.


Marriage solemnized upon issuance of a certificate for marriage by the National Registration Department (NRD or Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara-JPN)

(i) Application of Marriage
Application has to be made at the allocated NRD branch for the district of the address in the applicant's IC (MyKad). To avoid having to apply at different sites, the couple can alter the addresses in their IC to the same location (for example to their new residence). The ROM solemnization and signing of marriage contract ceremony can be done at either branch (bride or groom). If they wish to hold the ROM at a different branch, the application has to be sent over to that division.

a. Obtain a form (Form JPN.KC02) from the National Registration Department. The form can be obtained from*:
  • Marriage counters at state/district/sub-district NRD (National Registration Department) offices.
  • Assistant Registrars of Marriages at temples/churches/associations who have been appointed under Section 28 (3) of Act 164
*Here's a sample of the form: Borang Kahwin JPNKC02. Note: The online forms are to be used as reference only. They may not be printed and used for transaction purposes. For transactions, please use the original forms.

b. Supporting documents must be attached to Form JPN.KC02: (A detailed Checklist click here). Get the documents certified by a Commissioner of Oath.
  • Original and one photocopy of Identity Card (for citizen of Malaysia) of both parties to the marriage
  • One colored passport-size photo (32mm x 38mm) of both parties to the marriage
  • If applicant is a non-citizen:
    • Original and one photocopy of Passport
    • Original letter confirming marital status: Single Status Certificate from the applicant's country of origin or Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) completed in Malaysia
  • If applicant is 16 years of age and above but under 21 years old:
  • If applicant has been divorced:
    • Original and one photocopy of Decree Nisi Absolute
  • If applicant is a widow or widower:
    • Original and one photocopy of Death Certificate of former spouse
Note: All photocopies are to be done on A4 size paper, not cut. Use the original size. For IC, photocopy both side of the card on one side of the paper.

c. Sign the form and a statutory declaration (embodied in the form) stating that there is no lawful impediment to the marriage and that all the requirements have been complied with (eg: they are above the age of 21; if below the age of 21, the appropriate consent has been obtained, whether widower or widow) in front of the Registrar of Marriage.

d. Submit to the Registrar together with a fee of RM30.

(ii) Publication of the Notice (expires in 21 days)
a. The notice to be published by posting a copy in a conspicuous place in the registration office visible to the public.

b. Anyone with a valid reason for objecting or preventing the registration of a marriage, can enter a Caveat with the Registrar of Marriages against the issue of a certificate for the marriage in respect of a person who has applied for a certificate of marriage. 

(iii) Solemnization and Registration of Marriage
Note: The registration of marriage shall take place after 21 days + 1 day but not later than 6 months from the date of application, failing which the entire process will have to be repeated.

a. Arrange for a date with the Department.

b. The marriage need to be solemnized in the presence of at least two credible witness besides the Registrar. Your witnesses, who may be friends or relatives, must be citizens of Malaysia, at least 21 years of age and could understand the declarations made during the ceremony. Be decently and neatly dressed (T-shirt/jeans/flip-flops/shorts are NOT ALLOWED).

c. Both parties to the marriage and the two witnesses must produce the relevant documents to the Registrar of Marriage:
  • Original Identity Card of the two witnesses
  • Original Identity Card (for citizen of Malaysia) or Passport (for non-citizen) of both parties to the marriage
  • Birth Certificate (for those 16 years old and above but under 21 years of age)

(iv) Issuance of Certificate
If the Registrar of Marriages is satisfied that all the requirements have been complied with, he/ she shall issue a certificate for marriage.
a. After expiration of 21 days from the date of publication of the notice
b. Upon payment of the prescribed fee (RM30)

Special Licence
To be exempted from the 21-day notice and marriage declaration, they may apply for a special licence without marriage notification and declaration (Form: JPN.KC01C) from the marriage registration authority in the state concerned. Payment for this special licence on approval is RM100.00. 

External ROM Application
If you choose to request the registrar to conduct the signing ceremony at a different location, for instance hotel, your home, other venue, there are more steps to be taken.

Application for a licence to solemnise marriage in a place other than the office of the Registrar is to be made using Form JPN.KC01E (subject to the approval of the Chief Minister or Menteri Besar). A fee of RM500.00 will be charged if approved.

Fill in form and make submission within one month. During submission the form and appointment with the officer for arrangement for external ROM, bring along witnesses NRIC copy (front and back) + bride and groom ICs + passport photo + JPN.KC02 form. Approval takes approximately 1-2 week, then you will have to wait for a JPN officer to be assigned. The arrangement of the time and place has to be negotiated with the officer as some only work during office hours. You can call the particular officer if you know one.

Feb 2014
My hubby also managed to convince the JPN officer to attend and witness our signing ceremony outside of JPN. It wasn't an easy tasks. So tedious and need to go a few round to JPN office in Shah Alam (got rejected the first time and my hubby went there again to reapply), PKNS (for some signature and chop) and submit back to JPN office, waited for available officer for confirmation… One word: Mess! But it is definitely worth it..
Apr 2012
We have been thinking where to have our ROM. He suggested that we did it at Hotel rather than at JPN offices or temple or associations. Reasons being:
1) all your friends and relatives can comfortably witness in the Hotel
2) do it before or during your wedding dinner, so your guests no need to spare another day for your ROM
3) Hotel settings are nice and comfy. (Park Royal did the settings for me for 50pax Free! )
4) No need to prepare lunch or dinner after ROM as they can have their refreshment during the wedding dinner!
5) No need to incur extra costs for your ROM attire, photographer, make up artist.

There are CONS too.. there are more procedures to apply ROM outside JPN office , you must make sure they are JPN officer willing to do it on their rest days and you pay extra (RM500 ++ instead of RM30) for your ROM. But with the pros i listed out above, is worth to pay the extra RM500++.
We then call up one of the KL JPN officer which we got the contact from our friend, is an officer JPN dutamas (call the general line 03-6205 7600 ) to check whether he can do our ROM on his rest day. The officer who did for me is mr Ramani from dutamas jpn. He only can do for ROM at kl area. He is good, he will make ur ROM merrier n interesting. We then submit all the documents to him to process.

putrajaya nrd
NRD/JPN Putrajaya

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solemnization of marriage with witness
ROM at NRD Putrajaya

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  1. Hi - I plan to have my solemnisation ceremony at the venue. Does anyone know the procedure on getting the registrar to solemnise my marriage outside of JPN?

  2. You need to find the following locations that have are authorized to solemnize weddings and give out certs.
    a) Churches
    b) Temples
    c) Other religious places that are authorized by JPN.

  3. Can provide some solemnize wedding name list? beside temple and churches, i planning have my ROM in some where else....

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi there. I have a question. I have changed my name in Mykad recently due to some numerology issue but mykad Chip is still carrying my old name cz JPN told me that they can only change my name on mykad but not in the chip. So which name will appear in my Marriage Registration Certificate in future ? Is it going to be my old name or my new name ? Kindly advise. Thank you.

  6. Hi, the borang kahwin link is not working =)

  7. Ah, I saw the website. Here's why :

    "Makluman: Borang dalam portal ini hanya untuk panduan. Tidak digalakkan untuk mencetak dan menggunakan borang tersebut untuk berurusan . Bagi urusan , sila gunakan borang asal "

    Maybe you can update this wonderful website with this information as well.

    1. Thanks Ray for pointing that out. I have added the Note. as well as corrected the broken link.

  8. Hi , I am in the planning to get register in Putrajaya, I have a quick question here. If the registration done in Putrajaya, is that mean don't have to have the commision of oath approval which required by the other solemnize weddings places like temples?

  9. Ya, Can make it at home instead? Prefer to do it at my villa so I can invite my friend to join. Is it possible?

  10. Hi, is there nay specific DAY that the register marriage open for?
    I heard Putrajaya only will have register on Wedsnesday. Any inputs for this?

  11. Hello, anyone went to JPN Shah Alam for ROM before? i just wonder how it looked like. As far i know i went there for IC department and always full of people , open concept. i plan next year for ROM around March /April and i checked with the JPN they said i must go JPN Shah Alam due to our IC add... I cannot find any photo of ROM Shah Alam. Putra Jaya one seem fine. If you have experience in Shah Alam could you please share. thank you

  12. can anyone tell me what's the operating hours?Thanks.

    1. Jenny, NRD operating hours:

  13. I have done my ROM in Australia as my husband is Australian. I am a Malaysian wanted to get a legal marriage certificate/document in Malaysia using the same date i married in australia. Please advise what are the proceduce? What are the documents we need to prepare?

    1. Am marrying in korea. As far as i am concerned i'll just have to bring my korean marriage cert to malaysian embassy in korea. So maybe u'll have to call malaysian embassy in australia does it too. Doing it in malaysia is more complicated.

  14. Hi, I have applied for wedding registration for next month, can i change the date after one week from given date?? or i have to wait till 6 months, to re-apply for new date? Can anyone update on this ASAP... :(

  15. A Man from USA holding green card and A lady from Myanmar who is working in Singapore want to officially marry in Malaysia. Is that possible?? And what things or documents are needed??
    Thank you.

  16. Hi.. does anyone have contact of any JPN officer (shah alam) who is willing to do registration outside office hours during weekend? Please let me know

    1. Hi, i just called up JPN Shah Alam today. They told me there is someone willing to do ROM for me at my hotel. so they ask me to pick up a form from the JPN, fill up the form, send to commissioner of oath, submit back to the counter and make payment. Im not sure yet if we need to contact the officer by ourselve or there will be someone assigned to us. shall keep u posted. thks

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hi I wanted to confirm about the special licence, if we do this we don’t have to stick it in the notice board for 21 days? I’m in a bit of trouble as my wedding date is coming close and I was not aware of this ����

  18. Hi, are we allowed to take photo during the process ?

    1. Yes, there is usually a photography backdrop with an arch of something for you to take photos. You can take photos inside the registrar office as well, but try not to be too distracting.

  19. Hi, I need some advice on interstate marriage and I understand that there is a loophole to this. However, if I were to go through the hassle, (1) can I submit my form to the nearest JPN branch (KL) and inform that the ROM shall take place in Putrajaya? and the same for my partner (JPN Selangor) (2) Do we need to submit the forms together in each state? (3) Can I submit my form in UTC Pudu? Thank you in advance :)

    1. Application has to be made at the JPN branch in the state of the address in the applicant's IC (MyKad). To avoid having to apply at different states, you can alter the addresses in your IC at JPN to the same location (for example to your new home address). The ROM solemnization and signing of marriage contract ceremony can be done at either branch (bride or groom). If you wish to hold the ROM at a different branch, the application has to be sent over to that division.


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