Planning Your Wedding Invitation and Stationery

fairy tale carriage theme invite
Custom made invites and stationery can be truly unique, they bring richness to your special occasion matching your theme, color and personality. Find a vendor that will handcraft the design you want; vintage, floral, classic, elegant, simple...
diy scissors wedding invites
Depending on the design of your choice, grab the required glossy paper, ribbon, transparent card, craft punchers/ scissors, etc. from a stationery shop nearby. Hand crafting your own invites adds a personal touch to your wedding, however it's not without great amount of effort and time. For inspirational ideas on the DIY wedding invitations, continue reading... 
3 wordings
Can make whatever font or artwork in polyfoam (or EPS Foam) according to the customer's request or customization. Very convenient. The ready-made decoration materials in the market might not suit every individual's needs.
There are one million things to handle before your wedding. Let the experts take care of the invites & stationery for you. Be thrilled by the amazing invitations design and creativity of the vendors in the following list.
purple cards
Purple Cards specializes in Hand Crafted Cards & Wedding Invitation Cards. To custom make your wedding or any invitation cards, feel free to contact and inform them your requirements to design one for you. Evelyn, the PIC will respond fast to your queries.

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