Dewan Prima LJT

For great ambiance with decoration tastefully done by their vendor Nas Great Idea, The Prima LJT Hall has plenty to offer for your wedding celebration. The high-ceiling ballroom-like venue and the well embellished pelamin will take your breath away. Prima LJT offers a wedding package that includes everything you need such as the pelamin, good quality audio/ video systems, decorations, catering, hall rental, and other facilities like changing room, VIP waiting room. There are lots of parking spaces as it is also a pasar tani location. Comfortable, presentable hall, good food and service, I am sure couples don't mind the rather expensive price.

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karpet cantik perhiasan
Ezri & Izyan Wedding  (May 2013)

baju kahwin putih
vendor nas great idea
More modern and extensive decor by their vendor Nas Great Idea
pentas yang dihias dengan lengkap
berdoa and lihat
NADIA & NAZIR – Solemnization & Reception -Dewan Prima LJT (Apr 2012)

solemnization of marriage
The solemnization ceremony at Prima LJT
cluster of hanging white flowers
fairytale-like wedding design with a huge cluster of hanging white flowers
dewan yang cantik
perkhidmatan ok
The food was really good (buffet spread) and the service provided was acceptable.

Jul 2017
Majlis perkahwinan afiq & Sai dan juga adiknya azfar & nur ainida berlangsung dalam satu majlis yang meriah dan teratur.Semuanya tersusun indah di dewan LJT.Masa mula-mula irda menapak di dewan LJT,irda lupa irda berada di dewan,ingatkan di hotel bertaraf 5 bintang.Decoration dan meja hidangan tersusun indah.Majlis berlangsung di tingkat 6 di Dewan Prima LJT. Lighting dan pelamin semuanya bagaikan di kayangan. Tak susah manapun nak cari prima LJT ni,sebab kedudukannya di Melawati.Cuma kalau hari sabtu berhadapan prima ljt ada pasar tani,petang nya pula ada pasar malam.
Jan 2016
Handled by Gezal Minhat, they actually have 2 halls, intan and berlian. Intan is more of a contemporary theme while berlian is of garden wedding theme.
Suitable for wedding event. The best place for.weds... selesa dan nyaman.. food pon sedap..
Jul 2012
Dewan Prima LJT - Memang sgt best sebab dewan ballroom style. Dewan yg samar-samar, bila ada lighting yg power, mmg best, sgt fairytale. Vendor untuk  pelamin dan decor ialah Nas Great Idea (Wow!). Package dia mahal sikit, tapi lauk2 memang variety, then PA system semua pun mantap. All facilities cukup. Surau, toilet, bilik persalinan, ruang menunggu VIP. Parking lot juga banyak, sebab ada tapak pasar tani. Ada privacy.

Dewan Prima LJT (Permata Wajar Sdn. Bhd.)

permata wajar

FB Page:
Add: Aras 6, Wisma LJT, Lorong Perak, Pusat Bandar Melawati, 53100, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 - 4149 4440 / 016- 2441187 / 010-6602002

Wedding Package 2017: RM 32/pax (for 1000 guests)

Capacity: 1000 pax (over 9000 sf area)

Basic pelamin and decoration by Nas Great Idea
Lighting System by M.D Event
PA system by Roundhill Sound Machine

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