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Overall customers are very pleased with Aspial SS2's customer service and the handling of the entire pre-wedding photo-shoot. The crew is friendly, kind, and accommodating. The friendliness may reduce if the staff thinks you ask for too much. They offer quite an impressive shooting concept. 

Photographer (PG):
  • Eric has been described as a funny guy. Clients are pleased with the outcome of the photos he took.
  • Dylan Yong (also known as Ah Yong) is very professional. With his experience and inter-personal skills, he is able to create a light moment where everyone is comfortable during the pre-wedding shoot. You can discuss about your preference of what you want to be focused on more; the background or the people. The couples are happy with his work, as he captures nice the photos. 
Make-up artist (MUA): The amazing Ming Ai managed to create the bridal styles that suit each wedding/ evening gown brilliantly. Celine creates simple yet elegant hairstyles. While the MUAs may be talented, every client's preference is subjective. Some of the styles might not match your taste, so be open in your communication.

Gowns: Not a lot of choices but you can find some nice selections. Theirs gowns are gorgeous; The grand ones make you look a million dollars, the delicate gowns are simply original.

There is additional cost of ampoules $85 for the bride and $85 groom + eye lashes $30 = RM200, and no other hidden charges.

photographer mua consultant
The SS2, PJ Team
album framed photos
Album, and framed photos
sister jimui photos
"Sister" ("Ji-Mui") photos-
eiffel tower
In Paris, France
cap style veil
In France. The bridal style is very delicate. Love the cap style veil and vintage look.
magnificent photo
A grand dress like this make magnificent photos
Photoshoot in Italy
wedding magazine
like fashion magazine
hairband pretty bride

Aug 2013
SS2, Aspial Wedding shoot. So far, we love this bridal salon services, SA, makeup artists, photographers hostesses with everyone like family, very kind.
Jan, Mar 2011
Wedding photo very nice!! Very professional service all round, from counter sales, makeup artists, to photographers. Very pleased with their service and outcome of photos!
Combined comments @ 2010-2011
"Ask for the young photographer called AhYong. I have seen his photos, he is good."

"Had my photoshoot and am absolutely satisfied with the process. my PG (Eric) was really hilarious made the whole day for FH & me to be more enjoyable than expected. MUA (Ming Ai) was absolutely amazing [but then again this is an opinion of someone who never puts on make-up]. She manage to give diff hairstyle and a diff look for each of my dresses. The assistants who followed us on the outdoor (Xiao Yen & Aaron) are also amazing in helpin us out! :) went 2 select my pics and am quite pleased with the outcome."

"I like their PS concept, really impressive and also their services is kinda friendly and comfort. i feel warmth and peaceful every time when i walk in the BS."

"My Make up Artist is Celine..she makes all my hairstyles looks simple and elegance. ( must tell them what u want )"

"My PG is Dylan Yong, they call them ah yang too. He is very professional as i am not comfortable with taking photo, ( i feel shy and not confidence always ) i cant smile naturally in front strangers..but, he can make me and the surroundings in good and happiness mood. ( Must let them know u like the pictures more focus on u both or background or etc.) The outcome of our pre-wedding Photo is very nice. Me and my Hubby really happy with it.
And they can discuss for what ever our request and demand. I am very happy, enjoy and Appreciate with all and everything's from Aspial."

"My package is $3388 -55 poses(10 sets) + 10 MV (1set), 3 wg and 2eg for pre wedding photo shoot, 1wg and 2eg for AD. Service: overall ok.
Choice of gown: not much but managed to find to a nice one. They claimed that no VIP or Super VIP and can choose all gown in the Shop however this is not the truth. Half of the gowns there is for rent or sales. Makeup and hairdo: not very satisfied. I have 5 gowns with 5 styles but i only like 3 hairdo not all 5 hairdo. THis is very subjective. u have to communicate with the MUA. The 2 styles that I dont like is because too much of accessories and the hairdo is not nice at all. PG: overall acceptable. not as what i expected. Additional cost: ampoules $85 for bride and $85 for groom + Fake eye lashes $30 = RM200 to be paid on shooting day. Their fake eye lashes is really NOT NICE. They shoot one couple per day. only has one MUA, one asst MUA (sometimes no), one PG, one asst PG, one tailor (to alter gown). Others are SA. So far very honest no other hidden cost. Some bridal shop will penalise the customer for changing the gown that has been chosen but Aspial is not. I changed my choice of gown within 4 days and no extra charges but the SA's face abit sour and like lazy to layan me. Free one lunch for shooting day (chicken rice-yummy)"

Aspial Wedding

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The SS2 Branch

FB Page:
Add: No. 94, SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 603-7877 5323     
Fax: 603-7877 0323

Business hours: 11am-9pm, Sunday: 11am-7pm
Closed on: Monday

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  1. I recently bought a very expensive wedding dress from your kl shop and haven't had a single positive experience so far. The dress I bought on the spot was off the rack. The problems I have had:
    1. Sean, your sales assistant whom was attending to me, was told that a part of the dress needs sewing up, as the threads were coming off. He specifically told me he would ask the tailor to sew it up on the spot. Little had I known, after full payment and a few days later when I checked the dress, NOTHING had been done about the part that needs sewing. I have had to call the shop on their last day of business before they close for cny to arrange for the sewing and it caused so much trouble at my end as I was constantly traveling and had no one to send the dress to the shop. After insisting the collect the dress from my house, they sent a tailor to sew it up on the spot.
    2. I wasn't informed prior to buying that they could send the dress for dry cleaning (part of the price). It was when the tailor was at my house that this was discovered. I couldn't do anything about it as I was leaving kl in the next few days before they are open for business again.
    3. I was given a wedding dress cover for my dress, as the western culture is that the groom is not supposed to see the dress until the day of wedding. This cover was folded and packed into the paper bag along with my dress. When i took it out today, I discovered the zip is broken. How am I supposed to cover the dress with a broken zip?!!!!

    All in all, I think Sean (not necessarily all other sales assistant in that shop) was more interested in purely closing a sale rather than ensuring his customers are happy with their big purchases. We brides are spending a large amount of money on a very important dress for the biggest day of our lives... I think it is reasonable to expect a certain level of customer services and sincerity from the all bridal shops. Rest assured that my complaint would not end here as I am absolutely upset with the experience I have to go through after having spent so much on my dress.


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