New Lagoon Restaurant (海港城) Melaka Raya

Wedding venue information of Malacca is scarce. Here's one. The New Lagoon Chinese Restaurant's food does not disappoint. Many are attracted to conduct their wedding reception here due to its tasty and unique Chinese dishes. The Peking Duck is a crowd favorite. Something different from KL, the Malaccans enjoy a coconut jelly (comes with the whole coconut) or two for their dessert. It appears that the restaurant Manager does not take negative feedback well. Anyone can share their wedding package? as I have no clue.

Dec 2012
Restaurant New Lagoon is located at the Kota Laksamana Melaka, and it just opened at the end of the year and we come here to try the new look of this restaurant. Wedding pre-test meal i believe most of the restaurant is free, but disappointing it does not apply in this restaurant.  Each of them taste good but not elegance enough.  This fin soup actually not that tasty enough but outlook is ok, and i felt shame for the supervisor/manager of this restaurant due to the bad attitude after received the bad comments from us.
Jan 2011
My dad surveyed around and finally picked out the restaurant, New Lagoon in Melaka Raya. I of course, trusted his taste in the food served and said yes, especially since they got us a private room that could comfortably sit 50 guests. I was selecting songs at the karaoke machine since they didn't have a player that could play my fave songs on CD. :-< I recall at one point, I even hid the microphone for fear some karaoke addict would later hog it and sing away my entire night. Much to my delight, the food turned out to be really good! Phew, what a relief especially when it comes to giving the best to your family and relatives. I like the dishes here simply coz it's unique, like this fish cooked in 2 different ways..steamed and deep fried. We even got Peking Duck! My fave... | Jul 2013
chinse restaurant melaka
The banquet hall
stage wedding
Quite a pretty (dummy) 5-tier wedding cake | Jan 2011
malaccan favorite
 A Malacca favorite, Coconut Jelly.
noodle peking duck
Clock wise: (1) The usual combination platter (entree). (2) Fish cooked in 2 different ways (steamed and deep fried) (3) Noodles (4) Peking Duck
private room fits 50
Private room (fits 50 pax) equipped with karaoke set
chinese banquet

New Lagoon Restaurant
Add: 36, 38 & 40, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia 
Tel: 06-281 9746
Fax: 06-281 9746
HP: 012-616 0091

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