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Indian bridal makeup is usually colorful, jazzy and sometimes over the top. If you get the the colors right, the make-up will go perfectly well with the wedding attire, which would consist of lots of jewelry, accessories, traditional gown with full embroidery, henna, and an extensive hair style. The bride will look very striking, it's once a lifetime affair right, so why not go all out. 

With a set of International Certificates in Cosmetology,  Hair and Beauty, Gouri Gopal has the experience and qualification to make you a stunning bride for your customary Indian Wedding as well as a contemporary or western wedding. Her strength is her ability to turn anyone into a Bollywood superstar. Just by looking at the praises she received on her Facebook page alone is enough to know how much her "fans" admire her work.

Sep 2013
Lovely, very beautiful bride look like a doll, the bride looks simple superb, nice, your makeup is really amazing, nice eyes, I like the fish eye makeup, Wow very nice hairstyle. Love your hairdo..really want to join ur class..

I think Gouri strikes the right note every time she matches the make-over to the bride's outfit. The color of the eye shadow and eye lining brightens her complexion and makes the entire appearance look lovely.

for indian wedding match blings
Eye makeup that matches the bride's saree and accessories
orange saree
indian wedding sari in pleats
Very lovely make over
punjabi wedding
Simple and nice
red flowers necklace
gouri's bridal beauty
temple procession
lashes thick and open up
Makeup and styling by Gouri's Bridal
Photos by MAG Heva Photography
full accessories in a car
Intricate hand Henna

Gouri's Bridal & Beauty Parlour
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Add: Lot 1362, Jalan Indah Permai 2/2, Kampung Ampang Indah, 68000 Ampang Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 012-252 8836
Email: gouri_fesyenhouse@yahoo.com

Provides Bridal Make Up, All kinds of Hairdo, Facial/ Hair Treatment, Henna Artwork, Make Up for any occasion, Bridal Makeup and Styling Courses


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  3. I like bridal dresses so much. They are unique and so pretty.


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