Planning and Choosing Your Pre-Wedding Packages

There is good and bad in engaging a bridal shop. The good scenario: You get a hassle-free pre-wedding photoshoot, a set of nice wedding and evening gowns, and other special arrangements. The bad: There is a chance if luck is not on your side, the service turns sour after full payment, the shop doesn't deliver what has been promised. Most of the time you need to bargain for a better deal. You can read about each shop's reviews to get a rough idea about their reputation, take them at your own discretion of course my advice as always.

Pre-wedding photography Malaysia
The photography style of this bridal shop is natural, artistically rustic & lifestyle-themed. You can feel the mood and story created by the photographer/ art director. The studio is run by a proficient photographer and experienced makeup artist, hence more effective. PACKAGES 
pre-wedding package Malaysia
Most bridal shops in Klang Valley are located in SS2. Bridal trends are moving towards naturalistic and rustic with influences from other cultures like European vintage, Korean concept gowns and photography style.
gown type bodice ballgown
The art of choosing the right gown is by understanding your body and what would you look good in. The gown [Silhouette] can disguise the unflattering part and enhance the figure harmoniously. Pick the [Neckline] that balances your shoulder-neck-chest and is appropriate for the venue. Do your homework before visiting a BS.
photo album hug
When negotiating the best deal, focus on the things you really need. Select the BS with the best reviews if possible, photos, makeup, gowns that you like. Get a sample checklist for shopping and negotiating a bridal package HERE!
A List of bridal shops/ houses with reviews for you to compare and decide the one most suitable in terms of location, offering.  
DIY: Select from a [List: Photographer], [List: MUA], the [List: Wedding/ Traditional Gown/Suitof your dreams, with a unique photography style at a gorgeous [List: Photography Location)
All-in-one package: You get a big part of your wedding planning “settled” by paying a lump sum and live with what the Bridal House offers.

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